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How to Get More Participants for Your Study

Ok now that Christmas is out the way and the New Year is well and truly underway, many Psych Students are starting to think about that scary dissertation project. 775 more words


Psychologists disagree about what psychology is.

By David Joel Miller.

Psychology does not mean the same thing to everyone.

There appears to be a lot of disagreement about what psychology is and what psychologists do. 1,951 more words


Equality and Justice in America

Presentation starts slow, but very important explanation here.


Time On The Virtual Couch

Disclaimer:  I personally think that shrinks are a waste of time and money….a good bartender is more accurate and profound than any shrink I have ever met.  740 more words


Effective Treatment and General Overview of PTSD

After years of research, we have barely even scratched the surface on effective treatments and information on Post-Traumatic Self Disorder or “PTSD.” Three of the most common causes for PTSD are exposure to sexual or physical abuse, and soldiers who have come home from combat. 609 more words

About a boy

Hello everyone, welcome to my website,
I am a free-lance writer that goes by the name of Charlie.

I am 24 and engaged to a very wonderful woman, I live at a group home in North Texas. 80 more words

How Has Social Media Helped In Reducing Suicide Attempts In India?

In 2005, a man from Delhi was searching the net for ways to commit suicide. Relationship issues, false criminal cases, atrocities from police and above all a social boycott by relatives and friends had hit him hard. 516 more words

Social Cause