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Selecting The Wrong Leader. . . Again

Fighting an insidious attack on my immune system, I’ve opted to lean in to the sickness by reading the Atlantic’s God’s Plan for Mike Pence… 504 more words

Social Sciences

Who Am I? Part Twenty Nine

We were now approaching the end of 2005 and there had been yet more adjustments to my living situation. For various reasons Sue had to sell her house, so she moved into her son, Shaun’s, house, and he went to live with his girlfriend. 1,189 more words

From The Heart

South Bucks Hospice opens day centre with pioneering model of care

Source: ehospice

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Date of publication: September 2017

Publication type: News Item

In a nutshell: South Bucks Community Hospice in High Wycombe has opened a day hospice that is operating a new model of care. 46 more words

Patient Centred Care

Happy at Work - Seven Myths - Debunked

Myth# 1:

Happiness is people’s private matter. None of our business.

If you let misery affect your people, it affects your work and others around them. 552 more words

Psychological Well-Being

Suicidal Prevention


To avoid individual and family tragedy, by raising public awareness via education.


Workshop, presentation, poster, etc.

Content Structure:

  1. Introduction (stat & story)
  2. Common causes…
  3. 10 more words

Psychological diversity - The future solution to inclusiveness!

All ‘inclusive’ conversations focus on advantages organizations can gain from diversity of background, culture & gender. ‘Psychological diversity’ is the idea which is inclusive of all kinds of diversity! 375 more words

Psychological Well-Being

Businesses today need psychologists! Period!

In a world where productivity & efficiency hinges on the quality of employee’s thinking, managing emotional health and demonstrating sustainable behavior, psychological factors are no longer secondary! 454 more words

Psychological Well-Being