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A Week in the Life of... Louise

When we started this blog we wanted to give a feel of what it’s actually like to be a Clinical Psychologist. We tried making a list of all our responsibilities but discovered this was far too long and dry, plus you can find all of that by doing research. 1,457 more words

Vinnie's Mom Takes Rupert With Her to See the Psychologist - LOL


Vinnie’s mom sits in a comfortable, leather covered chair in Doctor Samatha Samuels office. She picks a stack of magazines off the table next to her chair. 974 more words


Being stuck in the thick of transference

(Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso)

Can we just all agree that being stuck in the thick of transference sucks? There you are in a swamp of muddled, gloopy feelings. 428 more words


What is Psychology?

The moment you say “I am a Psychologist”, people think that you have the capacity to tell what’s going in their mind. Just to make it clear that Psychologists are not mind readers but they can make a calculative guess and try to understand the cause of a particular behaviour. 482 more words

Working with Professionals – Part 2: How are you feeling right now?

For the majority of my life I was self-managed in the mental health department. Deaths, failures, depression, divorce and trauma were in all in my wheelhouse. 1,869 more words

"Fear" of Society

β€œAnxiety is our biggest enemy, which never make us do things in our way”. Here in this blog, the word anxiety means the fear of facing problems or hiding our self from the world. 804 more words

Helpful parenting tips for a meltdown

You can learn a lot from your children, and your children can learn a lot from you. Children are navigating their world and learning how to deal with situations and their emotions. 114 more words