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Expand Your Mind

Humans are special. We have a mind that can imagine. With imagination we can, without moving, travel through space and time, conjure up situations that do not exist in reality. 389 more words

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Madness, mental problem, Masses' mockery and the Media

Ms. Rebillious! has written about two mental health stigmas namely: Depression and Schizophrenia in the recent past. Still, she feels responsible to raise more awareness regarding the same; when she sees people in today’s medically advanced era labeling mentally ill individuals as… 968 more words

Crowing A Queen: American hero 103 year old Dr. Olivia Hooker legacy lives on

american hero and civil rights leader Dr. Olivia J. Hooker died on november 21st 2018 at 103 years old.  her long and trailblazing life has been written about and honored by many these last few weeks, including receiving her very own  385 more words

Lisa Berzins Specialized Treatments

Lisa Berzins specializes in the treatment of patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders and trauma-related conditions.

Lisa Berzins

Guidelines to Become a Clinical Psychologist

Are you wondering what it requires to become a psychologist? If yes, then you have come the right place. In this article, Dr Tim Fogliano… 486 more words

Clinical Psychologist

Lisa Berzins’ Private Practice

Dr. Lisa Berzins maintains a private practice in West Hartford, CT. She opened the practice back in 1993 in conjunction with her work at the local hospitals and universities. 222 more words

Lisa Berzins

Psychotherapy - Why you need to shop around

Ever walk out of a psychotherapy session feeling as though you achieved very little, or worse, nothing? That you just sat there and rehashed all the crap, all the pain, all the past experiences that have plagued your very existence for as long as you can remember and then once your allocated minutes had ended, you walk out feeling, well, fragile and exposed? 953 more words