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Break the breakers

There’s no way to escape the truth

Even when we lie to ourselves

Our truths linger in the precipice

Our lies bleed onto our conscious… 87 more words


The Way.

Like ocean waves.

Like Gravity.

Like cosmic music.

Like a jackhammer.

Be free.
Like no one else.

Just feel and feed
off the response.

Voluntary Amnesia (6/28/08 Dream).

Walking alone in what appears to be the front yard of my parent’s house, it is a dark, clear, warm summer’s night. I’m watching something in the sky that at first looks like a plane in the distance but suddenly it quickly accelerates forward, and in the end what I’m looking at is a saucer-shaped object with lights all over it in neon-like colors. 598 more words

A Synesthesia Of Sorts

For a long time now, perhaps as long as I can remember, letters and numbers have had colors and personalities and aesthetic grades. Here are the ways in which they do, for me: 683 more words


The wannabe queen bee hates me for my shoes

There are many people that like me. That’s great I am happy and comforted by that. Even many animals take to me. This weekend, about three dogs feel in love with me within seconds. 724 more words


The Highway to Heaven Is a Two-Way Street

Balance yin and yang approaches to solving your problems. It gets better results.

Jordan B. Peterson gives a good example. Early in their marriage, when conflicts arose, he wanted to argue. 1,929 more words


Meat Machines and Planned Obsolecence.

Hair grays then falls
away from the only place
you happen to want it to stay.

Stomach distends,
muscles ache. Thought I’d
be dead by now, 29 more words