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Revulsion is Tom’s basic programmed emotion.



The parking lot syndrome and my rat problem

I will tell you right off the bat, that as a New Yorker I look at parking lots with disdain. I see the empty space and think about how we can build out housing complexes. 495 more words


Revolt in Quarantine.

Singled out, poked
with a sharpened, eager finger,

(so thin skinned)

a bubble pops. A bud
finally blossoms. A star implodes,
in a beautifully violent supernova. 85 more words

Insomnia and a Strange Mood.

After a few hours of intoxicated sleep, I awoke sober and restless like usual, so I ate a bit and watched Better Call Saul on Netflix. 437 more words

The Mockingjay

Those that are familiar with The Hunger Games series of books and films will know of the Mockingjay; a fictional bird created by the author Suzanne Collins. 388 more words


Old Battles, Still Waged: Accepting 'Defeat' In Self-Improvement

Over the past couple of days, I have engaged in a time-honored academic ritual: the cleaning of one’s office. Old books, journal articles, student papers and blue books, random handouts from academic talks, conference badges–all fodder for the recycling bin. 474 more words


Opposing Views

A difference of opinion

An opposing view

We all must protect our rights

Even the radical few

Freedom of speech

Endangered by rule

Attack on our liberties… 118 more words

On A Personal Note