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Find a talent scout and/or natural networker

Some people have it in their veins to connect people. They bring you in touch with others as if they were put on this earth to do just that. 226 more words


He's only afraid of zombies: Not a bad way to be

Dear friend, permit me a small ramble. Permit me a stream of consciousness about my son. If you wnat to know my conclusion up front, well here it is. 486 more words


Facing Fears

I want to write about something that is very difficult for me. In fact, I don’t even know if I fully understand it enough to communicate it yet, but I’m going to write anyway because that’s how I deal with things. 845 more words


Research Assisting.... Me :)

If any psychology friends have any students with an interest in memory and cognitive ageing who have just graduated from a BSc pass on this link to them… It’s for an RA job working with me.  20 more words


Alex in Wonderland and the Tarts

He always wondered what had been so special about Alice. Why her? What did she have that others didn’t? Namely him? He had always been friends with white rabbits. 283 more words


The Influence of Religion on the Sexuality of Women

by Lillian Pao (’18)

Religion and spiritual beliefs may influence pregnant and postpartum women’s sexuality. Professor Sagrario Gomez Cantarino, from the University of Castilla la Mancha in Toledo, Spain, and his team of researchers wanted to understand a woman’s perspective on this issue as a result of her interactions with others as well as influential cultural and historical ideals. 259 more words