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So many types of fantasy worlds out there but where do we find ourselves?

I am a little behind on my movie viewing. I made it to the movie theatre three times this past year which was a lot more than my average viewing experience lately. 862 more words


Smart kids more likely to smoke weed & drink alcohol as teens

Children who do well in school are more likely to smoke weed and drink alcohol as teens and adults, but less likely to smoke cigarettes, according to a new study. 176 more words


Amidst Bipolar Politics.

Post truth. Fake news.
Alt Right and Regressive Left:

growing influence
of the bipolar,

Would you rather go
central, rest on the faultline, 44 more words

War, Hope and Love.

Rise up, engage, fight,
Don’t take it lying down.

can raise a middle finger
for all of you
when your hands are tied. … 92 more words

Heart, Head: Deadset.

Stare out
into nothing
till it gazes
back again:

till you lock eyes
with the abyss
he warned about,

determined now
more than ever
to pierce the void, 39 more words


Faking a diet so that I am left alone

Ever since I was a little girl, I liked being a contrarian. I liked talking. I was a chatterbox. And I liked countering people.  Thus, I was maybe a bit much to take as a kid but my mother managed to turn my chatterbox nature into a plus.   477 more words