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Thank You Very Much

It has been brought to my attention lately that I have difficulty taking compliments.

I’m not really sure when this began, but at some point in life I developed a talent for dismissing nice things that were said about me. 669 more words

Archetype of the UFO - DVD review

Title: Archetype of the UFO
Genre: UFO, Paranormal, Metaphysics
Production Company: Reality Films

The depth psychologist Carl Jung once said that UFOs could be real but a good percentage of eyewitness accounts are likely… 402 more words


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Check out this excellent review. Good docos on UFO's are hard to come by. This is one of the much better ones by the sounds of it.

Kriya, Anima & the Rabbit Hole.

If I remember correctly, it first came to my attention while watching the Haylee videos on YouTube, back when I was still living in the old apartment. 1,016 more words

Staying Present in the Classroom: Practicing Mindful Teaching

How am I going to transition to the next lesson? What’s that smell? What am I going to have the kids who finish early do until the bell rings? 591 more words


Fluid Intelligence / Asperger Kids Superior?

Superior fluid intelligence (abstract reasoning ability) in children with Asperger’s disorder


Asperger’s disorder is one of autistic spectrum disorders; sharing clinical features with autism, but without developmental delay in language acquisition. 537 more words


Female serial killers......there are more than you think!

A recent article by the British Psychological Society research blog has highlighted the sudden rise, 150% since 1975, of Female serial killers with hedonistic (financial, lust) reasons cited as a strong motivational factor as well as power seeking.

Read it here. 


Clever Hans.......horses for courses......

The Clever Hans effect is wonderful example of how important it is for psychological research to be double blind if it is to truly minimise any bias from researcher or participant.  111 more words