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From the Belly of the Whale.

Everything is fucked,
you feel damned certain,
despite having endured
countess former trials,

hoping like hell
that you’ve now been
to the belly of the whale… 28 more words

Silence has a duality to it that is challenging us

Recently someone asked me what are my favorite bands or rather what do I listen to. I told him that I listen to mostly everything. My tastes are eclectic. 241 more words


Loners Are the Most Loyal and Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet. Here’s Why

Most of us find loners baffling because they don’t seem to take any interest in the company of others or anything that involves being part of society. 381 more words


The reputation game: how to control the way we appear in the eyes of others

Two recent nature documentaries suggest that saving species from extinction means looking more closely at ourselves.

What is it that we’re after when we watch animals on film? 1,132 more words


He missed out on the fireworks: Rooted and rotted

He missed out on the fireworks

He missed out on the dizziness

He missed out on the two-step

He missed out on life

Buried in tediousness… 42 more words



“If you can cultivate the right attitude, your enemies are your best spiritual teachers because their presence provides you with the opportunity to enhance and develop tolerance, patience and understanding.” — Dalai Lama XIV… 329 more words


Gunpoint Walkabout.

Into the dark
again, falling away
from the world

I’ve come to know
and define
myself within,

all I’ve come to obsess
about. All my ties… 46 more words