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Second session

I went.

Not being an intake, it wasn’t quite so overwhelming. The same kind of thing came up in the beginning: Tell me some good things about your childhood. 232 more words

Autobiographical Writing

Fingernails Aren't Just For Great Back Scratching

Pickle Person wrote:I’m a guy with a sexual fetish for long fingernails (not too long, usually the length that people get when they get their nails done). 260 more words


Happy birthday Dirty Dancing: It's still cool after 30 years

When Dirty Dancing first came out I was young. I didn’t see the thrill or allure of the movie. First off, people danced all the time on my South Bronx neighborhood block. 374 more words


The Indifferent 'Pain Of The World'

In All the Pretty Horses (Vintage International, New York, 1993, pp. 256-257), Cormac McCarthy writes:

He imagined the pain of the world to be like some formless parasitic being seeking out the warmth of human souls wherein to incubate and he thought he knew what made one liable to its visitations. 460 more words


I sneezed myself into a nap

Today I had to get up right at 6am so that I could work out. Let me tell you that working out that early on a weekend is a brutal way to live. 599 more words


Anomalies Amidst Mindfulness Meditation.

8/19/17, 1:15 AM:

I sat in my chair and decided to set the alarm on my old iPhone for 21 minutes his time. For the past two or three weeks, since I picked up mindfulness meditation as a daily practice again, I had been doing 11 minutes a day, and the last few days 16. 692 more words

Bye bye apartment living

Well, the time has come for me to say goodbye. The time has come for me to have my final moments with my apartment. After nine years of house living, we gave apartment living a try. 353 more words