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I feel alive beneath the rubble

The rocks rolled down the hill onto my body

The marbles served as a pillow

The stones are coming down fast and furious

It’s a deluge and no way to stop them… 51 more words


Waves of Man-Hate and Fears of Intimacy.

During work, I’d gone out into the dining room and passed by a table where the wife of one of the managers sat solemnly, head down, lost in her phone. 679 more words

In Bad Company.

As stupid as we all too often seem to be as a civilization — particularly when you try and take the wide-angle lens, third person perspective — perhaps our path of self-destruction is not an uncommon one. 372 more words

You can't do epic things with basic people

A long, long time ago in the mimiverse, I visited potential graduate programs across the country. I visited about six of them that I was giving careful consideration. 256 more words


Not everything needs a reaction

My son loves playing video games. Not a big shock considering he is ten years old. Minecraft. Fortnite. Name it. Actually, that’s all I can name. 271 more words