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I dodged a bullet, but I shot the gun...

There is a song I have been continously humming this past week. Actually I have been humming it for a month or so as my life was starting to feel a bit chaotic.   562 more words


My own short-term strategic plan for life

I love making to-do lists. Everyday in the morning I grab my yellow pad and bright blue pen and start making my daily to-do list. 1,366 more words


One year in Los Angeles...but will I be playing musical chairs?

This coming week marks one year that I will have been living in Los Angeles. This is huge for me. This is huge for my family. 972 more words


Solely Polarities.

There’s a split in you.
Urge for sex changes you.

Like the full disc
of the moon to a werewolf,
like David Banner
angry, from Jekyll to Hyde.  14 more words

Semiotics, Language, Meaning, & Politics

Words do have meaning.  They have value.  I do not think it is trivial that in the Judaeo-Christian tradition we have been presented with the notion of Jesus being “the Word made flesh” though this notion is much deeper and more meaningful than I understood as a child.  698 more words


Solution Focus Coaching - A Positive Approach to Change


Last September I was having breakfast while scrolling through my twitter I came across a tweet from a well-known consultant that caught my attention. 2,791 more words


Shifts in the Identity Crisis.

I am afraid of losing myself.

Yet what evidence
do I have that I am
who I was and what
evidence could I procure
in the future to confirm… 39 more words