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Die of embarrassment or willingly lose the bad memories?

When I was a tween I suffered through embarrassment after embarrassment. Some incidents truly mortifying. As a young girl, we go through very painful events in our lives that just make us cringe. 445 more words


Fall in Love is not real

Bandung, Feb 20th 2017


Today suddenly I’m feeling so random. I don’t know why. I feel lonely and sad. And today suddenly I think about love. 759 more words


Morgan & the Art of War and Peace.

What you are holding onto
is not already gone,
it is only slipping,

akin to the grip of Rick,
who clearly resides
on the opposing extreme… 107 more words


Trump Campaign Rallies And Presidential Imagery

Donald Trump kicked off the 2020 election season with a campaign rally in Florida last night. These campaign rallies enable Trump to keep lines of communication–besides his Twitter account–open to his faithful; they rejuvenate his ego, one presumably battered by the endless ridicule heaped on him by his political opponents; they enable him to switch from his usual self-pitying moaning to his preferred mode of narcissistic boasting; they allow him to send out a message that will be faithfully amplified by a media eager for ‘newsworthy events’; he is, after all, the President. 637 more words


What happens when the next plague hits

Maybe I watch too much television. Actually, it’s not a maybe. I watch a lot of television shows at off hours and in binge spurts as I records all my shows of interest. 424 more words


Buy High and Sell Low? by Robert Gore

Review of The Socionomic Theory of Finance, by Robert R. Prechter

Socionomic theory predicts it will be at its least popular when it’s most useful, implying that right now, few will read… 1,987 more words

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Forensics in Focus -Bias in Jury Decision Making; Hoe does an accent infer guilt?

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