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Sex, Drugs and Weirdness.

As I’ve been antisocial in general for quite some time and honestly missed the guy, I finally hung out with my friend, Moe. I had just had my profound psilocybin experience the previous night but wasn’t prepared to say too much about it, as I had not had the time to process it to any length, but as we hung out and shot the shit in my apartment much of what we spoke of seemed to resonate with my trip. 1,098 more words

Violence With a Side of Fries.

Within the first half hour of my shift on Monday, as I’m changing trash in the dining room, a newly-Christened manager hails me from behind the counter and asks if I’ll take this order of fries out to a waiting car. 711 more words

To mime is a crime so sing a song for the masses

Clock ticking waiting for you

Waiting, the heart is in a race

Confusion in wanting more time

Furrowed brow with tapping shoes

The six inch heels glistening with fibered souls… 93 more words


The Neglected Wild.

Know your monster
and tame him, mark

or one day,
the right conditions
will surely be met,
his season
have come, and he will… 82 more words

Power and Paranoia.

Paranoia never sleeps.
Judgments never cease,
not for a moment:

endless whispers
of self-critique echo
on inside my skull:

I’m so damned
pretentious sometimes,
and the realization in the wake… 205 more words

I would love to live in Cabot Cove despite all the murders she wrote

I love watching all sorts of television shows.  Well, except for short comedy shows. Otherwise, I like science fiction. I like drama, action, teeny bopper shows. 594 more words


Redundant, Endless Melody.

Sick submission
to these enormous, thick
walls of fear.

Within the confines,
an untended garden gone wild
carved all over, in depth,
with your well-worn… 99 more words