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-30-: The Psychology of 30 Days in the Workplace

Back in the mid 2000s, the documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock who rose rapidly in fame due to “Super-Size Me”, created a show named 30 Days… 738 more words


Nice guys win - Study reports women repulsed by liars and cheats


Once a cheat, always a cheat.

Who’d wanna invest in a relationship with that? Would they lend money to a druggie?

But it turns out that women do actually prefer kind, considerate and charitable men over rivals who may be better looking but have lower moral standards.

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(SOS From Deep in) Lila.

Do you rely
on lies for the preservation
of a tender truth, all as fragile
facts proceed to bleed
from it like a sieve, betraying, 122 more words

Falling Stars and a Cold, Unblinking Insect.

Just face it.

You shall die
again, worthless,
shameless, defeated,
leave a world

reduced to a cinder,
a wasteland, so fucking
far behind,

crying falling stars… 71 more words

Over the Edge of the Earth.

Legs bent
at the knees, feet dangling
over the edge of the earth,
not foolish enough to jump

but dreamy
enough to try and stretch… 29 more words

changes in vulnerabilities

The little hand vulnerable from birth

Gets less and less so

The big hand supportive from birth

becomes more and more vulnerable

Time doesn’t stop… 61 more words