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Unusual Allies

Hello there! Today’s psychology post is another article written for a newsletter and talks about the alternative, constructive uses of psychoactive (recreational) drugs – I was given a word of warning about the topic picked but did try to write it up without poking at the giant three-headed dog that is controversy. 733 more words


Hand in glove in the golden fields

The land is as golden as your heart

Your heart is as soft as the summer field

Your smile gives me a kick start

With you by my side I am healed… 54 more words


Readers Are Leaders ~ Lesley Adams

Parents do not rely on the school system to educate your kids. I know life is busy and we get caught up in the hum drum.   384 more words

Redpill woman: Style Archetypes


I require a whole book on this. Looking back, most of my worst missteps involve taking on a Look totally unsuited to me e.g. tomboy, punk or boyish prep. 156 more words


How It Works

“It is thought and feeling which guides the
universe, not deeds.”
– Edgar Cayce


Bathing in moonlight

The future is here

I will give it my all now

Bathing in moonlight

Happy 4th of July!


Book: The Man Who Would Be Queen (transgender psychology)


Link thanks to SuperMisdreavus. Whole book.

Autogynephilic and Homosexual Transsexuals: How To Tell Them Apart at pp.192

I don’t count the homosexual ones as you well know because they just come under a queer type of gay really, but good luck getting that back into the DSM when it’s more political than the literal Bible. 425 more words