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In the End.

Hide in a haze
inside an armor of noise,
cool, draped
in the shadow of a culture

to self-destruction,
just taking
their precious time… 31 more words


I miss
the rocks and the trees
and the areas

where there were not
the vaguest hints
of civilization. I miss

the open sky,
unobstructed by city lights, 9 more words

Outer Space.

towards one another,
as is natural
among a populace sprinkled

with old, lost souls,
each a fish out of water,
square pegs
thrust into a swiss cheese… 88 more words


Ever get the feeling
that this is all ultimately fantasy,

that life
may be more than a dream
but only

because there’s more
than one dreamer… 24 more words


Flooding me:
this sense of urgency,

as if the world
as we know it is on the brink
of collapse,

as if all that they hold sacred… 18 more words

Self-Awareness, Empathy, and Reason.

Selling yourself short.

Buying the lie
held up by the tripod
of tradition,
popularity and faith.

Equating love with fear.

Finding meaning
in your suffering… 93 more words

Fly high little bird

Fly high little bird

Fly high

For you were sent to show me the way

You I will follow

You will lead me onto the right path… 62 more words