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Meds & the Weather.

Sitting in the small, relatively populated waiting room, I can feel my cheek twitching. As I type with my thumb on the touchscreen, using it as an excuse to avoid eye contact, I clear my throat and wonder if they’re judging me based on my shoes, which has quite a ventilation system going on. 315 more words

To Conform

Welcome back to another new week, readers – hope your weekend was a good one!

Here’s today’s psychology post, so let’s get right to it! 1,039 more words


Sober Sleep and Dreams of Shameless Anger (5/2/15).

When I awoke from a long, sober sleep on Friday, I remembered an enduring dream that I failed to write down. As a consequence, I forgot most of the details but I remembered the essence of it, the message it seemed to contain. 259 more words


Psychological Disorders

There are a lot of reasons people behave oddly, but most put it down to attitude. 1,783 more words



You’re not Superman!
I know, but I was once and
It’s hard to grow old.


Why you should walk out of a bad movie: Sunk cost fallacy explained

At the end of last year, the seafood chain Fish & Co opened its first ever outlet in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I went to check out the hype with my friends – and guess how long we had to wait in queue just to get in. 562 more words