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What if?

By rahkyt

Source: Sacred Space in Time

What if, every moment were meaningful? Every thought no matter how banal, ever word no matter how mundane. Every action, no matter its intention sends reverberations of meaning out into time and space. 283 more words


The Lost Art Of Navigation And The Making Of New Selves

Giving, and following, driving directions was an art. A cartographic communication, conveyed and conducted by spoken description, verbal transcription, and subsequent decipherment. You asked for a route to a destination, and your partner in navigation issued a list of waypoints, landmarks, and driving instructions; you wrote these down (or bravely, committed them to memory); then, as you drove, you compared those descriptions with actual, physical reality, checking to see if a useful correspondence obtained; then, ideally, you glided ‘home.’ A successful navigation was occasion for celebration by both direction-giver and direction-follower; hermeneutical encounters like theirs deserved no less; before, there was the unknown space, forbidding and inscrutable; afterwards, there was a destination, magically clarified, made visible, and arrived at.   389 more words


The Seven Words - seventh prayer

Today’s Bible passage and an excerpt 

Read Luke 23:44-49

Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit.

More thoughts for meditation

We have come to the end of a week’s journey of praying through what is known as The Seven Words or The Way of the Cross. 706 more words


The most precious thing I own was $5

I have a nice jewelry collection. All of the expensive nice pieces not bought by me. And that’s fine by me. I have a nice art collection that was started off by someone else. 262 more words



Recovering from a shock that knocks one into an unforgiving depressive state, where everything seems dulled, including ones motivations.

No matter the level of denial, or the complex intricately woven delusion, eventually you realize no matter how you might not like it, you can survive in the new reality. 54 more words

Opinion Pieces

A new era of the Gene Jeanie.....

Has the Nature Vs Nurture debate finally been settled in regards to Schizophrenia?   In 2016 mainstream national newspapers ran the story;

‘Schizophrenia breakthrough as genetic study reveals link to brain changes’ 307 more words


Her tears had an odd taste today: Was it Ammonia?

Her hands were bleeding profusely. She drank from them to stay hydrated. She was so thirsty but she had to keep moving. The sun was about to set and she couldn’t let herself be caught. 64 more words