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The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series and my son still believes in Santa Claus

This past year of 2016 has been rough, wacky and surreal. Sometimes all three at once. Actually, almost always all three at once. Its been so odd, that I feel there must be 100 more adjectives one can use to describe this year.   742 more words


Massive Open Online Courses

MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses run via distance learning and are completely web based.  They are usually free to complete and are offered by some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world such as MIT, Univeristy of California Berkley and Stanford University. 68 more words


Trigger for the Slaughter. 

Cut my way
to the front of the line
so that they might
slit my pulsating throat
before turning
to the rest of the cattle. 62 more words

Love and War.

Universe shifts
as it tends to do,
still she embraces me.

Headed towards collision,
though I know
she is my insulation 
for the impact due. 83 more words

Black Mirror's Third Season Nosedives In The First Episode

Black Mirror used to be the real deal: a television show that brought us clever, scary satire about the brave new dystopic, over-technologized world that we are already living in. 502 more words


Open the Door of Love

Love is such a journey. Loving God, loving oneself, loving others. How does one open the doors of love. When one has been traumatized or wounded it is not easy. 284 more words

Alex Colvin


Current Song: Elastic Heart (Acoustic) – Sia, quickly followed by Last Kiss – Taylor Swift as I type this.

So many changes in my life, it’s crazy! 638 more words