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the reset button

i sit and watch a self destructive thought enter my head space and have no rocket launchers to make it disappear; even words don’t help; only the wind-ruach-breath-inhale in through my nostrils and exhale out my nostrils does function me yes i feel better.


The Journey of "metoo" to Healing and Empowerment

Some of you came to this page without an external link coming from another blog post, while some of you did.  For the newcomers, this serves as a Content Warning but not a Trigger Warning, for there is NO graphic imagery here.  7,580 more words

Empathy for a Brachiosaurus and a teeny tiny post-credit scene in Jurassic World

Summer has officially started. And, I normally would not have started it off with a dinosaur movie.  I believe that I watched the original Jurassic Park in the movie theaters years ago. 422 more words


Esther 8:17, Question 3. What is “fear of the Yehudim?”

  • In a simple explanation, the Alshich writes that the fear felt by the gentiles was the fear of being killed. This is the reason for the verse using the word nafal (“fell”).

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I feel especially bad this morning.

I asked The Boy’s sister to come to the house to study for a few hours, because actually she’s going to fail in a unsalvageable way. 813 more words

A girl in the murky waters

She kicked up her heels and chased the pigeons laughingly.  She was giddy.   This was her fourth time in Venice and each time was more magical than the ones before. 133 more words