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The "F" Word

In 2016 we like to think that we can say or do anything we like. We pride ourselves on being tolerant, progressive and open minded.  Yet even now there is still one word that is certain to make everyone in a room shift awkwardly in their chairs or sigh deeply and roll their eyes, “here we go!” 309 more words

Mental Happiness


I’d like to tell you about a technique I use when I’m feeling overwhelmed with emotion, which I call ‘anchoring’.

Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the  266 more words

Mental Happiness

Parent, adult or child?

What we can learn from transactional analysis?

Eric Berne’s theory of transactional analysis posits that we all assume the role, or ego state, of either parent, adult or child in relationships. 203 more words

Mental Happiness

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

In my late teens I decided that I wanted to find a non-prescription way to tackle my depression. After discussing my options with my GP, we mutually decided that the best treatment available was CBT, or… 626 more words

Mental Happiness

The Age of 'One'liness

In January 2016 the BBC aired ‘The Age of Loneliness’, a documentary that exposed an epidemic of unhappiness affecting all ages, class backgrounds and cultures. I watched this during a difficult time – my much loved dog had just died, then two weeks later the man I thought I would spend my life with ended our four year relationship and I had to move back into my childhood home. 539 more words

Mental Happiness

Baby steps towards a bigger cause.

I still remember the day when my Professor of Psychiatry  told me, that it took him quite a while to find a bride who was willing to accept a “mental” doctor for a husband! 1,279 more words


Omnipotent moral busybodies

My last post talked about the persecution of some believers by others.

This need not involve violence or physical suffering, and it happily rarely does (in the west, at least). 711 more words