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"Our Destiny is Written in the Stars"

ASTROLOGY is unscientific superstition most modern scientists believe. Yet, true philosophy seeks “rather to solve than to deny” says Theosophy.

“It is an axiom of the philosophic student,” … 1,627 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Our Heart's Field Effect: Spiritual, Psychic and Physical

THE Cheyenne say that “our first teacher is our own heart,” but mainstream science offers few apples to that master teacher.

To our Western medical mainstream the heart is no more than a mechanical blood pumping device. 2,630 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Opening the Spiritual Eye: Piercing the Illusion of Reality

STUDENTS of Theosophy are sometimes called to task by some for being overly metaphysical or ‘intellectual.’

It may be true that some students of Theosophy prefer to use the force of their intellect to hammer out meanings, and have a purely intellectual discussion. 1,599 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Beyond Death: Spiritual Holy Love is Immortal

THE occultist and spiritual co-founder of the Theosophical Movement, Helena Blavatsky, was a tireless advocate of a wide range of social justice issues that are still conflicting society today. 904 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

The Extraordinary Life and Influence of H. P. Blavatsky

EVERY year on May 8th, on what they call White Lotus Day, theosophists all over the world celebrate the anniversary of the passing of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society. 1,687 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

The Mysteries of Reincarnation - A Hidden World

WHAT thousands of honest employees in the Enron scandal revealed back in 2001 is they paid by association dearly for the misdeeds at the top of their corporate leadership. 1,631 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Synesthesia: The Boy with the Incredible Brain

THERE is an incredible story of an out of the ordinary human being Daniel Tammet.  A thirty-something with extraordinary mental abilities!

Tammet is one of fewer than a hundred “prodigious savants” according to Dr. 515 more words

Psychology & Human Nature