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What is self-expression with accountability?

Self expression is vital to our happiness, yet it is not taught. We are expected to just know how to capture in words what we are feeling and thinking. 3,224 more words

How to stop being a pushover and get your life back

July 31, 2017

Is someone consistently taking advantage of you? Your romantic partner or your boss? Do you rush around trying to do things for them but they never seem to have your back? 2,986 more words

The Sudden Glimpse of His Soul — A Drowning Man's Vision

THE Myth of Er is a legend that concludes Plato‘s Republic (10.614 – 10.621). The story includes an account of the cosmos and the afterlife, Wikipedia notes, … 1,190 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Taming the Beast: Choosing the Mind We Want

WHEN acting through the physical filter of our human brains and bodies, our minds clearly manifest a complex double nature — and this is a critical and pivotal tenet of Theosophical psychology. 1,845 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Not Instinctual Machines: Animals Feel and Think

ANIMALS are just instinctual machines, many people believe. But this is not the conclusion of some new controlled scientific studies.

Such studies suggest there are powerful spiritual and intellectual forces embedded in all the kingdoms of nature, as Theosophy maintains. 3,543 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

"Our Destiny is Written in the Stars"

ASTROLOGY is unscientific superstition most modern scientists believe. Yet, true philosophy seeks “rather to solve than to deny” says Theosophy.

“It is an axiom of the philosophic student,” … 1,627 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Our Heart's Field Effect: Spiritual, Psychic and Physical

THE Cheyenne say that “our first teacher is our own heart,” but mainstream science offers few apples to that master teacher.

To our Western medical mainstream the heart is no more than a mechanical blood pumping device. 2,630 more words

Psychology & Human Nature