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How do my moods swing to low

How do my moods swing to low gear ???

A rational approach …

So have you ever wondered what goes through people’s heads sometimes ? … 444 more words

How to make mountains turn into molehills. The magic of making habit change simple and pleasurable.

Everything worth having requires work. I know, it’s a harsh reality and I ally with your frustration. However, I urge you to persevere. Changing your perception of that “work” is half the battle. 761 more words

Physical Health

Reinvent Yourself - Article from Psychology Today

Many of us dream of a future that’s very different from our present…But getting from here to there is hard, largely because some powerful psychological forces align against reinvention.

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How to Make Changes Stick

Have you ever tried to change a behavior but been unable to really change and make it stick? If you are tired of being wherever it is that you are but haven’t known what to do to change then this post is for you. 1,303 more words