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Full Circle

This course has been simultaneously inspiring and unnerving. It has been an eye-opening experience studying and discussing many different aspects of the science of learning. I can’t say that my worldview has become more optimistic over the past semester. 571 more words

Psychology Of Education

Passion is a Master: The importance of unimportant research

Jesse Martin is conceited and arrogant. Like any good scholar, he thinks a bit too highly of himself, and a bit too little of others. He has a tendency to dismiss you before you’ve made your point, lacks empathy for your naivety. 1,382 more words

Psychology Of Education

Why I can't be assed to study for class

“Why am I learning this?”

“This is so boring.”

Sometimes school can be boring. Like, really boring. And that’s okay. Everything gets boring sometimes. Even your favourite activities get a little boring on occasion. 771 more words

Psychology Of Education

Play With Your Brain Food

What happened to fun? Where did it go?

Play is one of the most important aspects of childhood. So important that the United Nations recognizes it as a right of all children (The United Nations, 1989). 386 more words

Psychology Of Education

Why Video Games are Good Teachers

Uh oh, its that time of the year. That fricken guy who NEEDS to talk about video games. Ugh.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is a game released this year for Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles. 745 more words

Psychology Of Education

Are SMART Boards really that Smart?

I would like to introduce you to the Juicero.

Wow, that seems awesome, I can’t wait to get this into my home so I can have juice anytime I want! 581 more words

Psychology Of Education