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Will Virtual Reality one day be the new way to search?

If you want to understand the virtual reality “landscape”, you could hardly do better than have a read of  a very interesting (and quite long) feature in… 278 more words

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What's happening to the way we search for news?

In short, it’s changed and still changing. The excellent and informative haven for enthusiastic information professionals, otherwise known as FreePint, is busy investigating this topic at present… 88 more words

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Trouble digesting all that information?

Recently, Sage kindly made freely available an interesting paper from 2012 entitled Coping with information obesity: A diet for information professionals, by Scott Brown.

Although this is aimed at the info. 556 more words

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An interview with the Google founders - worth a read

Disruptive Searcher’s in the middle of many things at the moment, but I’d like to pause for a brief moment from the frenetic world of work to slurp tea and highlight this article from The Guardian: … 147 more words

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"Pearls" of wisdom from Phil: take a break from Google

I’ve mentioned before that there are other search engines apart from Google, which most everyone knows anyway. But that doesn’t mean that we actually bother to try them very often. 360 more words

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Oy, don't make my life so searchable! Who said that? Um, I've forgotten

Disruptive Searcher’s been rather too quiet. Odd, since there are so many topics she could/should be covering at present.

To start with there’s the high profile more-than-somewhat disruptive debate around the recent “right to be forgotten”  ruling and what Google has been told it must do, the implications and whether it really solves a problem at all…and what that problem might be exactly. 249 more words

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