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How much do our genes restrict free will (with illustrative 2 minute "classic" video)

Social media algorithms, artificial intelligence, and our own genetics are among the factors influencing us beyond our awareness. This raises an ancient question: do we have control over our own lives? 524 more words

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Nerve cell activity shows how confident we are

Study on decision-making behavior published by the University of Bonn

From the October 9, 2020 EurekAlert news item

“Every day we have to make decisions, and we are much more confident about some of them than others. 224 more words

Psychology Research News

In Pain? Try reducing it by counting backwards from 1,000 in steps of 7

To keep pain in check, count down
From the September 18, 2020 news release from the Ludwig-Maximillians University Munchen

“In the study, 20 experimental subjects were exposed to a painful cold stimulus. 185 more words

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