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R <- 90.5

You might recall in my first blog post about performing statistical analyses in R that my views may have been, shall we say, lukewarm. I have to say, it didn’t get much easier from then, in fact, completing the first assignment may have taken years off my life! 311 more words

Analyze This (Thematically)

Alongside my MRes degree I’m also a demonstrator assisting with teaching undergraduate research methods lab classes. I have groups of students who I help with various tasks in class, I assist them in writing reports and I mark their oral presentations and lab reports. 300 more words

99 Problems...

I love designing studies. From the initial idea generation all the way to receiving that shiny ethical approval email. The thing is, for me, is that it is a long process. 575 more words

Black Holes and Google Scholar Citations

We’ve all been there. At least I hope we have. That moment when you realise you’re Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. Only instead of infinite dream states obscuring your perception of reality, endless reference black holes are the culprit. 488 more words

Job Crafting Improves Employee Satisfaction- Central Michigan University

How happy would you be if you got to write your own job description?

According to Central Michigan University graduate student Minseo Kim and her adviser Terry Beehr, you’d be pretty darn happy. 198 more words


For the love of R

I’ve always been ‘good’ at stats. By that I mean I’ve always been able to remember enough to achieve good grades and use them confidently; not that I understand all of the intricate underpinnings of each statistical test in absolute detail.  465 more words

Abstract of the Summer

Sharon Chen
C. P. Davis Scholar, 2019
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

This summer zoomed by fast! Without a doubt, that’s because I enjoyed it so much. 370 more words

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