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The Need for Choice in Custody Battles

Knowledge is power

This is a quote by Madonna in her custody battle with Guy Ritchie to have custody of her son Rocco.  The judge has requested Madonna and Guy to settle quickly as the case is proceeding now for five days.  

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Mad Max Fury Wins An Oscar

This was a film that really struck a chord in me.  Set in some futuristic time, the end of days had occurred and small groups of people were fighting for their survival. 462 more words


The Power Of Love

What is the single greatest power in the world? I think it is love.  It is said love heals and I think it does. Love forgives, no matter what harm was done. 377 more words


Research Digest

As an aspiring Health psychologist, not to mention a “forever student” :)

I have to keep myself updated on what’s happening within the fields of research. 191 more words

Book Reviews/Psychology Articles

psychology research

the website PsyPost reported is a psychology news website dedicated to reporting research related to human behavior, cognition and society.

Psychology Research

Can't code, won't code?

Sorry, psychologists, it ain’t optional.

That was the realization that first prompted me to take a step back from churning out papers and try to actually learn to use coding to analyse data and write experiments. 533 more words


Pre-birthday craze | Ginger spiced herbal tea!

A bit late posting today, sorry about that, I do however have a pretty good reason as it is my birthday tomorrow (yey!) thus I have been a busy bee sorting out todays gym session, done laundry, cleaned up in general and also been reading up on the latest and very interesting… 248 more words