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Don't Drive and Talk (on the phone at least)

New research published by the University of Iowa  adds to the growing body of research that reveal why talking on your cell phone while driving is dangerous. 215 more words


Do Video Game Ratings Labels Work?

Yes, according to Iowa State University marketing professor Russell Laczniak.

In an excellent article posted by writer Angie Hunt, Laczniak states, “Parents must actually mediate kids purchase and play of video games, which requires effort and time.” 545 more words

Trump Isn't the First Psychopath in the Oval Office (and He Probably Won't Be the Last)

Today is January 20th, 2017. The first day of Donald Trump’s presidency and for most, the first day of the end of the world. We’ve constantly seen him belittle others on Twitter, condone sexual assault, and exert such grandiose assertions about multiple things (having the most diverse cabinet, bringing back jobs that have nothing to do with his position, and declaring himself so charming, that Mexico will listen to him to build a wall costing billions for no good reason, to name a few instances) that it is no wonder most label the “politician” as a psychopath. 856 more words

Study Spotlight: It is Even Easier to Make Our Kids Prejudiced Than We Thought

When cable network A&E announced that they were airing a documentary featuring members of the Klu Klux Klan passing down racist traditions to their children (aptly titled… 957 more words

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Scientists explore what makes introverts and extroverts tick

We’ve all heard the terms “introvert”and “extrovert.” But what, scientifically speaking, makes introverts and extroverts the way they are?

Is it genetics?

Environmental factors? 299 more words


“Introvert” and “extrovert” aren’t just trendy buzzwords we use to describe ourselves on social media. They’re widely researched psychological terms in the scientific community.

Psychology professor Don Ryujin of Cal Poly says, “Introversion and extroversion are definitely traits, and probably universal.” 129 more words