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Natalie Gallagher (COL '13) and T Chase Meacham (COL '14)

Natalie Gallagher, Lab Manager, Georgetown University

T Chase Meacham, Communications Fellow, Arena Stage

When: Sunday, April 12, 2015

Location: Home (location given to student RSVPs) 260 more words

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Why Being Put on Hold Drives You Crazy

Waiting on hold with an airline, cable provider or credit card company is a reliably irritating experience. So reliable, in fact, that researchers decided to study it—and might have come up with a fix. 401 more words

5th time lucky - I finally get an Assistant Psychologist post!

Since I started my undergraduate degree in September 2009, I have been desperate to get a job working as an Assistant Psychologist. My career ambitions have been pretty steady over the last 5 or 6 years, knowing that I want to work in mental health, and become a Clinical Psychologist. 764 more words


The importance of being a research participant.

Picture this scene. You report to a psychology lab at 8.30am, having fasted since 10pm the previous night. You are sat down, and told to fasten a heart rate monitor around your chest for the day, before then being weighed, and then given a ‘shot’ of tea or coffee, and a few spoons of porridge, seemingly to keep you from perishing throughout the experiment. 597 more words


Sitting another selection exam for the Clinical Psychology doctorate

Yesterday I sat another selection exam for the Clinical Psychology doctorate in the UK, and given how it was slightly different to my previous exam that I have previously blogged about here… 525 more words


My experience of sitting a selection exam for the Clinical Psychology doctorate programme in UK

Last weekend I attended my first selection exam for a Clinical Psychology doctorate programme in the UK, and thought it would be valuable to share my experiences of this with other aspiring Clinical Psychologists who are still studying, or who are yet to apply for this doctorate programme. 631 more words