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Social Psych Snapshot: Recent Research

We’re excited to announce our first guest post by our colleague, Hannah! In her posts, Hannah will compile a short list of recent links to interesting articles and news in the world of psychology for your perusing pleasure. 110 more words

Social Psychology

Psychology Tomorrow

Psychology more than any other science has had its pseudo-scientific no less than its scientific period. — James Baldwin

As I sit here reading a paperback copy of Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy by Tomasz Witkowski and Maciej Zatonski (not the accordion duo), I can’t help but notice myself agreeing with many aspects of this polemic work. 895 more words

Participating in brain-imaging studies: What is it like?

Having worked and studied within Psychology for several years now, I have read many, many research articles that utilise neuro-imaging techniques including fMRI, PET, MEG and EEG. 886 more words


Research Study Shows the Power of Yoga for PTSD and Brain Function

I’ve spent quite a few posts on this blog talking about the profound change yoga and meditation has had on my well being.  I certainly notice a difference when I miss a yoga practice or meditation.   481 more words


Natalie Gallagher (COL '13) and T Chase Meacham (COL '14)

Natalie Gallagher, Lab Manager, Georgetown University

T Chase Meacham, Communications Fellow, Arena Stage

When: Sunday, April 12, 2015

Location: Home (location given to student RSVPs) 260 more words

Health Care

Why Being Put on Hold Drives You Crazy

Waiting on hold with an airline, cable provider or credit card company is a reliably irritating experience. So reliable, in fact, that researchers decided to study it—and might have come up with a fix. 401 more words

5th time lucky - I finally get an Assistant Psychologist post!

Since I started my undergraduate degree in September 2009, I have been desperate to get a job working as an Assistant Psychologist. My career ambitions have been pretty steady over the last 5 or 6 years, knowing that I want to work in mental health, and become a Clinical Psychologist. 764 more words