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Guy #89 - Divide and conquer...

When I lived in Suriname, South America I wasn’t the only white Guy in town.

I befriended a Guy who was like me in many ways: He was a hunter, attracted to Latinos as I was, he made sure sex played an important role in his life, he used sex to cope with his insecurity, he was educated, around my age and enjoyed the perks of being white. 641 more words

Trump trumps politicians

There was a violent clash between pro- and anti-Trump supporters after his campaign speech in San Diego. His rigid, inflammatory views on immigration was at the heart of the clash. 816 more words

Life Philosophy

How Rape can Mangle You

Every time you are with someone new, you wonder if you can trust them. Every time a man even looks at you in that way, you have shivers and jitters, and flashbacks of that night/day. 308 more words

All the world's a stage...

“All the world’s a stage,” wrote William Shakespeare in “As You Like It.”  That stage, too, is the mind and the perceptions of (and “as”) the mind.   532 more words


The Transformational Power of Taking Responsibility

From inanimate phenomena like

– “I cannot for once be on time because of this wretched traffic!”

– “Thanks to this exponential inflation I can never have enough of what I need!” 1,374 more words

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