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The Mountain Where I Make My Stand

This script took almost 2 weeks to work out, and the last 2 panels weren’t resolved at all until tonight. It’s hard to talk about. So this is a source of contention in some of my relationships, i.e. 96 more words


When doing Good is Bad

What do you do when you find out that something seems so positive for someone on the surface is at the same time, devouring them on inside?


On being a 'veteran author'

A couple of years ago I had the good fortune to teach someone on an Arvon course who, it turned out, was a branding and marketing expert. 616 more words


Do you have a high working memory?

The Reason Smart People Sometimes Struggle with “Aha” Moments

I’m increasingly jealous of people with fantastic working memories — as psychologists define it, the ability to ”hold and manipulate information in a temporary active state.” These people can get where they’re going without constantly staring at the GPS, can remember new people’s names from the beginning to the end of the conversation, and don’t have to re-read the recipe between every added teaspoon. 67 more words

Behavioral Economics

Discipline vs Punishment: Trauma free correction

The first time your little angel does something not so angelic catches every doting parent off guard. “Children today are said to be more rebellious and disobedient.” Carol Njeri Gitari, a leading psychologist based at The Karen Hospital and Hermitage Garden notes. 650 more words