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Sixth Perspective

Love “Thought-Feelings” in Prose & Verse

2:7 Of Love I write in accents deep
as inward bond of unity.
Love it binds all things as one… 685 more words



is a wedding

your target
and associated

(does Self ever
come into play?)

define it
in those simple words
of your native language… 49 more words

The Psychology Power of Satan

Disclaimer: This post in no way intends to promote any satanic activities or any negativity. It is written with the pure intention of just write-up. 695 more words

Psychology is a science of mind-behaviour and its conversion int to many sub-fields of conscious and sub-conscious to synthesise human character. In simple terms, it’s exactly what the definition of Law of attraction is.

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Not realizing our own hypocrisy is worldly.
Realizing our hypocrisy and monetizing it is heavenly.
– KravMaga SreeRam posted in FB on 4th Aug 20

Lessons learned about the importance of maternal wellbeing

… which can delay access to beneficial and effective treatment (https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/finding-balance-postpartum/202005/why-we …

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2000 Words

I’m revising an interesting chapter in my memoir/outreach book this week.

In the chapter, I’m 44 years old and in rehab (again) for painkiller and sleeping pill addiction. 140 more words