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Terima Kasih Semut

Anak bukanlah orang dewasa dalam ukuran mini.

Begitu katanya.

Menjadi orang berlatar pendidikan psikologi yang berprofesi sebagai guru, menuntut saya (atau saya yang menuntut diri sendiri) sebisa mungkin memahami pola berpikir anak.

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Daily Thought

There's nothing you can't do...

The lights will inspire you…Big dreams all looking pretty- Jay-Z

Today’s All About Me writing prompt, found here, is about our five greatest accomplishments. Don’t worry, I’m not going to mom out and say something stupid like my three kids. 610 more words


A letter to those who do not call themselves feminists

So ‘Hi Guys’, I’m a bit late writing my blog post, and it isn’t exactly about psychology today. There is something that needs to be said. 889 more words

Dating Fails: Jaala Shares Some Juicy Stuff

Jaala B.

Current City: Austin, Texas

Jaala hit us up and said she had some pretty bad relationship experiences…. she wasn’t lying!

Can you tell us what crummiest thing a BF has ever done? 908 more words


Being Real

The thing that is so crazy about Narcissists is the way they can turn off their feelings for someone just like that, and never look back.

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Heart Hope

‘Every great love starts with a great story’ is what Nicholas Sparks gets us to believe, that one day when we’re not looking we will find that person who completes our story. 248 more words