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Why Are Replications Hot in Psychology But Not So Much in Economics?

In a recent blog at Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science, ANDREW GELMAN asks the question: “Why is so much of the discussion about psychology research?  181 more words

In what Kind of Crisis are we Immersed? (2/26/14)

For the sake of argument, let us suppose that we are in the midst of a crisis. It is not the sort of crisis that you hear about on the evening news—like the current crisis in Syria or the one mounting in Ukraine. 1,109 more words

The Last Lullaby.

Slow flows the river

Of life to the sea

Where the arms of

Jesus waits for me,

To tuck me in                                  

Under his wings.

He rocks me to sleep… 106 more words


Some more nuggets of wisdom from Paul Bloom’s How Pleasure Works.


“If you stick with me for my intelligence, wealth or beauty — as opposed to for me, myself — then our relationship is fragile.

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A dreamer & healer

Suka kepo soal tipe kepribadian saya, selalu ikut tes psikologi apa aja lah hahah tapi ujung-ujungnya saya masuk kategori INFP. The Healer (Penyembuh) & Dreamer (Pemimpi). 1,241 more words


Objectivity vs. Freedom & Why's It Always About Sex?

 “I would say any behavior that is not the status quo is interpreted as insanity, when, in fact, it might actually be enlightenment.  Insanity is sorta in the eye of the beholder.”

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