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OpenSesame How-To: Creating a visual-search experiment using horizontal shuffling

In this 15 minutes short tutorial you’ll learn how to create a Visual Search experiment using the free, open-source, and Python based experimental builder OpenSesame (see my review of the application here).


This is your brain. This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

A mind fed on words such as heaven, earth, dew, essence, cinnabar, moonlight, stillness, jade, pearl, cedar, and winter plum is likely to have a serenity not to be found in minds ringing with the vocabulary of the present age–computer, tractor, jumbo jet, speedball, pop, dollar, liquidation, napalm, overkill! 86 more words


Confessions of a White American

A few years ago, I was curious about my ancestry and I had my DNA tested.  The results, I am:

Self-esteem is your best follower

How many times you take a look of yourself at the mirror, as your worst enemy?  So you said something like this: “I am fat. My skin is wrinkled . 553 more words


Inner and Outer Realms of Experience (5/13/11)

I have been watching episodes from the BBC series, ‘The Human Planet.’ It has prompted some speculation about the possibility of a new direction in psychological theorizing. 1,052 more words


Unsettling thoughts consume the mind 

Begins with submission to follow or a choice to be alone

Weaknesses rattle the constitution

Sleight of minds permeates contemptuous sentiments… 47 more words


Record-scratchin' on the go

Any random moment during the day, ask yourself:

—Do I wish to engage fully exposed or do I wish to contract instead?

Answer Yes or… 8 more words