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Although not my own, wisdom nonetheless:

“The decisive question for every human is: Is he or she related to something infinite or not? That is the telling question of . 165 more words


Dignity within Therapy for Collective Culture Clients 

Being an American Muslim therapist, I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the lack of cultural understanding within the therapeutic process with clients from collective cultures. It is important to examine the cultural taboos of seeking helping and how that can be an obstacle for building a therapeutic alliance with your client. 455 more words


Guerilla comments

by A.E. Malmer © 2015

“Hey, new results! We have reached almost quadruple the revenue of the target commercials.” Doug was waving his printout, striding across the warehouse floor. 259 more words

Scientists are at the mercy of cognitive bias, too

Guess what? Cognitive bias also influences researchers. Important to bear in mind with research in education.

So here’s another few cognitive biases we can add to… 21 more words


Steps I Take To Be A Stigma Free Psychiatrist

It’s a busy week for raising mental health awareness.  Today is World Mental Health Day (October 10th), which is a day observed for discussing issues, garnering support, and mobilizing efforts to improve the treatment and public attitudes towards people living with mental illness worldwide (this year’s theme is “Dignity In Mental Health).”  Today is also the final day of  1,272 more words


Everest Psychology

The headline is about deaths on Everest, but a BBC article by Rachel Nuwer (follow her on Twitter) also covers psychological theories of risk taking and needs satisfaction.  196 more words


From Doors To Clouds

I’ve had countless intense and vivid dreams as of late that I no longer care to write them down as I awoke from them. Even my initial 20-minute nap breaks during the daytime stretches to an hour at the most and deep sleep hasn’t been rare during this period. 199 more words