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5 Nasty Things That Toxic People Will Do To You (And How To Stop Them)

Everyone will have the misfortune of being around someone toxic at some point in their lives. They bombard you with their poisonous behavior and negativity, doing everything in their power to rob you of your happiness. 454 more words


Are Early Memories Stronger Than Later Memories in Dogs?

As in the case of humans, aging in dogs seems to have an effect on the strength of memories. Earlier memories seem to grow stronger in comparison to more recent ones. 9 more words


Problems with "A God Problem"

There is no incoherence in the notion of a perfect God. When understood with sufficient precision and detail, “the idea of God that most Westerners accept” is coherent. 9 more words


Why Drugs Can Be So Appealing to Some People?

The self-medication theory of addiction provides a useful tool for understanding how and why some individuals are vulnerable to addition.

source https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/science-choice/201903/why-drugs-can-be-so-appealing-some-people