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Does Biblical Evidence Present God as Evil?

by Waking Times

Video – In this video, the narrator argues that the God, as presented by the Bible, is inherently evil, and offers Biblical evidence of how God condones and even orders acts of rape, slavery, torture, child abuse and other heinous crimes. 42 more words


Holocaust vs. Paedophilia - in UK one matters more than the other

by Gilad Atzmon

Allison Pearson wrote in The Telegraph two days ago, “As Oskar Groening, the so-called Accountant of Auschwitz, goes on trial at the age of 93 for his complicity in war crimes, the 86-year-old Labour peer Greville Janner is excused prosecution for 22 alleged sexual offences against nine boys in his Leicestershire constituency, from the 1960s to the 1980s, because he is suffering from ‘severe dementia’.” 346 more words


The Goals of a Gene: Should We Help Our Selfish Genes?

You’ve probably heard that genes want to make copies of themselves, and try to ensure survival and reproduction of their host so they make it into the next generation. 635 more words


What`s going on here?

Hi! I have no clue how you find this blog but if you are just a little curious, then keep on reading :)

You are probably not here to hear a boring story about my life or about this blog so I will just say that I`m Andra and I`m a teenager, just like you. 140 more words

First Aid

Dear Dad, Im going to say what I never got to say, and you will listen.

Written 24/8/2014

Hi Dad,

It’s been a while. I hope the other side is treating you well? Have you been looking down on us? I know you have been, because I feel you every now and then. 599 more words

7 books that will change how you see the world

I found this post on stumbleupon, and wanted to share it here. I have just read one of the books (antifragile), but heard about three of them before. 1,901 more words