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How, no more and Where'd you hear that?

How: Find employment in the city I want to work out of so I can get a vehical. I put in goggle Praire du Chien Wisconsin.I want to live in Allamakee County. 179 more words


Star Trek: Outpost – Episode 15 – Ambush

The Chimera must abandon its search for Lt. Exler when it is diverted to the Glaminfo, a spacegoing entertainment oasis, to rendezvous with a Ferengi transport. 37 more words


Does one bad apple ruin the bunch?

Ever walk into a room and immediately feel weird?

Some people just give off a bad vibe.

One that you do not want to be around long. 269 more words


What if PMs had job interviews?

Leadership has been splashed all over the papers this long weekend, in various contexts, one of them being the ever-increasing numbers putting their hand up to be considered in the running for leader of the Tory party and the top job in government. 700 more words


How can a biological body achieve perfect peace?

Maintaining balance in the mind is an interesting discipline.

Often, we seem to be naturally off-balance, always going somewhere.

Trying to meditate can put us face to face with this desire to be always going somewhere.  1,260 more words




A nameless shadow flits across the face of Science.

The Theory of Evolution has not been proven.

The ‘missing links’ for each species have not come forth from the fossil record. 29 more words