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Wrestling with Freud and Jung on God and Religion

According to Freud, religion is nothing but the manifestation of repressed materials known as neurosis. It is an illusion, he’d say; the only reason why a man submits to this idea of a higher self – this mysterious power called God is because he is probably feeling that powerful feeling called guilt that he’d been experiencing (or is going through). 231 more words


His foreign tuition fee in his carry on luggage

One of the bizarre thing that I’ve seen at an airport.

I was dropping off a friend at the airport. He was going back to UK for uni.His a foreign student, so he pays the big bucks, close to 10000 pounds (at the time). 99 more words

Hong Kong

Mahatma Gandhi Quote

My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet. 8 more words


Damaged Enough

I had my first session of a new therapy group/”skills class” earlier this week. I caught myself doing this weird but familiar thing as I walked in the room; assessing my mood and the current state of my life, worrying that I was too well to be there. 155 more words

Being Crazy

Paradise #1

God is not dead.

I know this because he sent me his messenger. He spoke to my soul. It hurts me to turn away from the religion of my youth.   151 more words


Here’s What Your Voice Tells Others About You

People judge you by your voice in many ways.

Via Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior:

The result: speakers with higher-pitched voices were judged to be less truthful, less emphatic, less potent, and more nervous than speakers with lower-pitched voices.

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Privacy Block Put on Certain Post

Just wanted to make everyone aware that I put a privacy block on some of my past post due to the potential they hold. I have a password on them and if you would like the password ask me. 19 more words