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Others Mirror Self

“I feel heard”
“I feel appreciated”
“I feel understood”

“I feel felt”

“I feel light”
“I feel bright”
“I feel at peace”

“expanding.. at ease..” 29 more words

Simple Pages for Simple Mindfulness: Coloring book

We have made a coloring book called: Simple Patterns for Simple Mindfulness. Simple Patterns for Simple Mindfulness is a collection of simple stress free coloring pages anyone and everyone can enjoy. 31 more words



I find people colouring their hairs
Getting surgeries done
To get face lift
To remove wrinkles
Get rid of double chin
Remove fat from stomach ,thighs… 68 more words


Growing up in an emotionally abusive home

I’d like to think of my self as a pretty good person. Righteous, equal and just good overall. My mom had a habit of treating me like crap for no reason but solely because she felt like it. 612 more words

What is Machoness?

The birth of “machoness” is probably yet another example of how rules laid down by the society has almost literally made genetic changes in human beings! 165 more words

Human Race