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Say what you mean!

Rescuing the Essence of Egyptian Dance and sharing it with the world has been one of the central points of my career and life.

Knowing, and moving, from that Essence doesn´t mean we´re stuck in the past; it means we know we cannot move forward with an empty set of movements made to impress. 96 more words

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Beginners Mind

We all have our demons. For some, it’s thoughts that cycle endlessly. Others are awash in images moving rapidly across the inner vision like a series of frames. 329 more words

Borrowed words you speak

Borrowed words
You speak
Let go your
Fell in love
With the freedom
You did not have
The depths
You always lacked
Saw someone else
Inside you


Wednesday Wanderings: Camping in Churches, Exoplanets Discovered, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Trailer, and Why We Think Things Are Cute

Now this might actually make me want to go camping (or champing):

Camp in Medieval Churches

Astronomers have discovered seven new planets that may have Earth-like properties: 376 more words

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Upper body circuit.

Perform 15 reps of each exercise, all in a row, lighter weight or band, without stopping. Rest two minutes. Repeat entire circuit 1-2   more times. 34 more words

Fit Psychology

KFM-NLP Practitioner Course

Kung fu Mind  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (KFM-NLP) Practitioner Course is NOT a typical NLP Practitioner Course. It’s more of a combination from a variety of related fields. 320 more words


Psychology as Mystical Symbolism

reposted from Outside the Reality Machine

by Jon Rappoport
March 1, 2017

Every time I re-publish this piece, I find another angle to emphasize.

This time, it’s reductionism, the strategy of making the truth, whatever it is, into something overly simple and, therefore, deceptive and false. 1,370 more words

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