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Redefine success (inspired by meditation) A lot of people...

Redefine success (inspired by meditation)

A lot of people struggle with “falling off the wagon” when they try to start some new habit (like going to the gym), and get discouraged and give up.

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Day Twenty Eight: On Mind over Muscle

P.T. Steve continues to surprise me, proving to be an epic source of fitness knowledge.

Again, in true stereotyping manner, I still can’t help but think P.T. 561 more words


Honesty, such a rare thing!

People like to say they care bout me when I’m down. Why don’t they be truthful with me when I’m up? I don’t need their praise, that’s never been the deal for me. 25 more words

Introvert, Ambivert or Extrovert?

It’s always interested me how people can be so different. How two people that come from the same upbringing can result in two completely different personalities. 810 more words


Hive consciousness

Illustration by Richard Wilkinson

New research places us on the cusp of brain-to-brain communication. Could the next step spell the end of individual minds?

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St. Louis Wars: The Spirit Awakens

Each individual and every collective group goes through what Joseph Campbell calls ‘The Hero’s Journey.’ It is a ‘monomyth’ that can be found in almost every myth, our most popular  movies, and our favorite books: … 567 more words