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Opinion: Guilt Based Faith

What’s a Guilt Based Faith?

Guilt Based Faith is when faith, a strong belief in God or a certain doctrine, is built based upon guilt or hatred towards oneself and their inability to become perfect, to become an angle, to feel the obligation to discard entertainment or joy in life for not being related directly back to a good deed in plain text or worship. 531 more words

Movies/Shorts Showing Internal Parts

The most popular movie entertainingly depicting multiplicity of inner psychological systems is, of course, Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out”. Here are some other less well known options if you’re hungry for more! 119 more words


Why we need psychologists not economists

It is easier to believe in an independent Wales if you weren’t born here (or perhaps schooled is the important part). It just is. When I express my belief in an independent Wales to people who grew up here and are not of an indy leaning disposition, they usually look fairly despondent and say something like ‘I just don’t believe that Wales could ever manage on its own…’ 1,775 more words


burn and glow

i’m starting to think that maybe we are from the same star.

it would explain why,
each night,
our dust
wants to burn
together again
and go home.


Bad Blood

You know we used  be mad love, so take a look at what you’ve done,cuz baby now we got bad blood…… Its so sad to think about the good times, you and I. 514 more words

Marriage And Relationships

I WON! SO DID YOU! - Liebster Award

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my emails today and saw that I was nominated for a LIEBSTER AWARD by two of my favorited bloggers! 1,201 more words