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Don't Waste My Time!

“Just as theft of money is theft, so is theft of time.”

                        (Mesillat Yesharim, ch. 11)

Yesterday, I was cranky.  I’m not usually that way.  But by morning’s end, I was in a sour frame of mind.  334 more words


Attentive and sensitive parenting benefits children's temperaments 

A new study indicates that a child’s temperament may be influenced by maternal postpartum depression, maternal sensitivity, and family functioning. Maternal depression was associated with difficult temperaments in infants when maternal sensitivity was low, but not when maternal sensitivity was high. 144 more words

Everyday Science

Link: Inferiority: the opposite of genius


I don’t expect those who pretend to care about the IQ dearth to read around.
I post these things for the intellectually honest.

Hating women…

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Intuitive Counseling & Story Tender

I am finally embracing who I am. It’s been a long road! This is a huge goal in my life. I dislike labels but I accept that society needs them to understand who and what we are. 520 more words


Why I prefer socionics over MBTI

It covers more

Socionics covers a lot more than what MBTI does, I doubt that’s still a secret for anyone. There are descriptions of each different group you can think of, there’s the intertype relationships, subtypes, they have expanded on what each function does in each position. 646 more words

How do you control your anger ? If it's controlling you I can bet it's not a pretty sight

Anger, when not understood, can be a real big problem. Take someone to mind who always blows a fuse. Their problem is they have no clue they are even reacting it has just became a normal occurrence so they keep doing it when their buttons are pushed. 561 more words