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What are you thinking? 5 ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Seriously, what are you thinking about right now? Because whatever you are thinking is becoming your reality, present and future. If you are thinking about the argument you had with your spouse last night, then more of that is what you are bringing upon yourself. 568 more words


Oliver Sacks

One of Oliver Sack’s great unnoticed achievements was helping to bury Freud. By displaying in clear prose how behaviors and thinking and observations are shaped by neurological processes, and not by subconscious fears and desires and the misdirected horniness that cannot be named, he undermined for millions of readers the entire basis of so called… 253 more words

Think Pieces

Author and Neurologist Oliver Sacks died yesterday morning at 82 - Rest in Peace

A sad day for neuroscientists everywhere. Rest In Peace Oliver Sacks! Read the New York Times article summarizing Dr. Sacks impressive life here!

Oliver Sacks died early this morning at his home in Greenwich Village, surrounded by his close friends and family.

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Steadying the Soul

Ah, autumn. Falling leaves and racing moms. Your nights and weekends are devoted to sports, homework, and other activities. You’d seriously consider voting for a congress rep who’d give your middle-schooler a driver’s license, so you could take a hot bath and work on your own goals. 456 more words


Imaginary Comix - Are They All In Your Head?

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My Luck Journal

I decided to purchase Richard Wiseman’s book, 59 Seconds, after I listened to him have a conversation on one of my favorite podcasts, Smart People Podcast… 382 more words

59 Seconds - Richard Wiseman

Thoughts around my experience of Emotional Abuse (Trigger: Family Violence)

Since Friday, I have been pondering how my father learned it was acceptable to bully, threaten and physically harm women, especially ones he says he loves. 473 more words