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[127] This Song

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This Song

Ten Leechaiyapornkul (NCT) with You | Psychology, Creepy | G | Drabble

“Fell yourself in this deeper music.”

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NCTFFI's Fanfiction

Art, Entertainment, Escapism

In a dark and twisted world too much of pleasant and cheerful aesthetics is escapism.

Last time I talked about happiness-seeking and how it relates to apathy toward societies.   1,783 more words

The Dream Quadrant

Donald Trump memes are the cure for anxiety


I’m not a fan of Hilary but damn, sir, she went in there with that look in her eyes… 373 more words

Mental Health

Is This That Empath Crap?

What’s an Empath?  Well, my general understanding is that it’s a person who is greatly affected by the energy and emotions of others.  Empaths tend to be somewhat introverted.   496 more words

Big Pharma Mafia & FDA Exposed by insider & whistleblower Gwen Olsen! [women4truth] - YouTube

Published on Feb 23, 2016

~subscribe: Big Pharma Exposed by insider & whistleblower Gwen Olsen! This is the story of Gwen Olsen. Once a very successful pharmaceutical sales rep., now her mission is to stop the over-medication of our children. 25 more words

Hidden History

The Shattered Heart.

People say a heart

Can’t be broken

More than once,

And then repaired.

But I have had                            

My heart-broken

Many times

Until the cracks

Crisscrossed, 68 more words


Hurt or Happy?

Nobody writes a ‘self-hurt’ book and becomes a worldwide best seller. Everyone is cashing in on ‘self-help’, ways to find happiness, bliss, pleasure, and all the good stuff. 262 more words

Everything Else In Between