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Kaleen's Story - Part 2

Is there hope for the neurotic? Click here for Pt 2 of Kaleen’s story. 17 more words


My desire to be well-informed is at odds with..

Ha ha. Just a little humor for today folks. Happy Monday! I’m feeling like a giant cup of coffee. Day 3 without coffee and the cravings are BAD!!! 7 more words

Mental Health

Fear is never as bad as it seems

Most fears are irrational.

When we let what we’re scared of drive our decision-making, we seek safety which mostly means inaction. Like algae, we prefer to stay out. 78 more words


How worthy is our obsession for knowledge?

It’s never-ending. Every scroll, every click makes you consume another fascinating story, another interesting article. Even this very post, is probably a part of this information overload. 195 more words

Human Race

Puppy Love

Never underestimate the simple unadulterated joy to be had from holding a puppy.

If you feel sad hug a baby animal.

This is Ali, or Alley, or Allie.  12 more words


Dr. Angi's 1st Law of Empowerment

“When you decide that everything is going to turn out for the BEST, it WILL!”
~ Dr. Angi (aka Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko)

The outcomes we receive are directly linked to the decisions we make and how we choose act or react in any given circumstance and challenge in our lives. 286 more words

Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Relationship Risk

Delightful dalliances long past,
Amazing friendships sometimes don’t last.
Victory’s inherent when a bird flies fast.
Indignant parents will often lambaste, 8 more words