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A man who wants you will make it clear

Women like to analyze things. They will meet to drink a coffee and talk about men, with many questions in the air. The popular topic is: “What he was thinking when he said this?” Such an interesting quiz is the field for a discussion, but therefore wasting a time, because a man is not the mysterious creature. 475 more words


Fear of presentation

The fear of public speaking is termed as among the top most fears of the world where some of the surveys rank it more than the fear of death. 1,060 more words


FROM SELF TO SELFIE. Is it time for Selfie-Psychology? - Elena Bezzubova.

For homo digital, whose life is developing on social platforms, defined by virtual likes and measured by numbers of virtual friends, visits and comments, Selfie replaces Self. 689 more words


Reciprocity (Influence)

Everything turns gray when I don’t have at least one mark on the horizon. Life then seems empty and depressing. I cannot understand honest men. They lead desperate lives, full of boredom.

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Tlön, Uqbar, and the girl in the moon

Having fallen ill on the last day of teaching, the accumulated tensions of the  semester finally erupting in an onslaught of snot, fever, and a hideous, raucous cough, I take to my bed in the hope that rest and warmth, accompanied by mugs of hot lemon and honey, will heal me. 1,407 more words


Why is so hard to find a common language with certain people?

Did you ever wonder why is so hard to find a common language with some people? Here is a nice quote: “We are not in the same movie.” It is hard to explain from your point of view about how you felt in some situations, and which were reasons why you did what you did.   416 more words


It's not me... it's you

Not so long ago, I was driving through an unfamiliar part of town.

Sitting in the left hand lane as I approached an intersection, I realised the lane would be ending as soon as I passed over the road. 684 more words