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Another Baby Niece

Kristin and Jacob had a baby girl. They handed her to me and she looked like Kristin as a baby, but with lighter eyes like Jacob’s. 154 more words

Dream Journal

The look of a liar

The other day my seven-year-old told me a blatant lie. He wasn’t trying to hide the lie but instead immediately asked ‘did you notice the twinkle in my eye?’ Somewhere along the way he’d heard that twinkling eyes are a good indication of lying and he wanted to test me out. 849 more words


Good Mental Attitude, Good Behavior, and Reality

Sometimes reality can be painful but it is not a medical diagnosis.  However, using drugs as a solution is a behavioral response that can lead to mental disorder diagnosis.  110 more words


“If you want the present to be different from
the past, study the past.”
— Baruch Spinoza


The Empty Chair #3

Father, in the first and second episodes of this series I have talked about quite a few issues. Issues I feel conflicted about, issues I will need clarifications on. 547 more words


It's Pure Madness: And I Love It

So I’ve just gone over my syllabi for the semester: I’m cramming 4 months of classes into 6 weeks. That alone is madness.

My work for this week constitutes the following: 68 more words

Seeing Faces

It has been argued that faces are a special type of stimuli, which we are able to process easier than other items in the environment. For example, young infants prefer to look at features forming a face, rather than scrambled features (e.g., Johnson & Morton, 1991), which suggests that we have this enhanced ability to process faces from birth. 320 more words

The Brain And Functions