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Phonological Illusions by thelingspace: Why do we sometimes...

Phonological Illusions

by thelingspace:

Why do we sometimes hear things that aren’t there? When does the way we process language leave cracks for illusions to appear?

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Diving into the Deep to Find Colour

Needless is the reason for your cowardice;

Seduced are those whose mind can surrender.

One recalls this as a virgin’s first kiss:

The ghost that masks itself in great splendor. 58 more words

Getting in the Flow of Things

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Today is the day I finally get internet. I accept my addiction.
But today I would like muse upon that mysterious and ecstatic thing called Flow. 893 more words


A few new quotes bases upon the current book I am writing.

The Way of the Natural Warrior

“Crazy is standing before a mighty enemy because you want to win. Brave is standing there because you have to. 276 more words


Politiphobia Part III

… once I had a peek into my manager’s handbook …

… I was not supposed to had a peek there, it was not mine … 210 more words

Burn Out, and How I Got Over It

Good afternoon Internet. I know it’s been a looonnngggg time, and I’m here to tell you about the decidedly unexpected hiatus.

The reason?  Burn out. 884 more words

Fashion Blogger

The Science of ‘#Inside Out’ #neuroscience

Two esteemed psychologists (not neuroscientists) who consulted on the film give their take on Pixar’s wonderfully smart new movie.

“Inside Out” offers a new approach to sadness. 51 more words