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There is nothing romantic at baseline.
There is no baseline, at least in the sense many think of it.
It is a point of reference characterised by absense… 512 more words

Don't Become an Information Junkie: A Balance Between Learning And Taking Action

One big trap in self improvement is becoming an “information junkie.” This is when we spend more time learning new information than putting it into action. 919 more words


Well...Here I go.

Hey all, so this is my first blog post on my coping ( well, attempting to cope) with Persistent Depressive Disorder. It used to be called Dysthymia , but since the DSM V lumped it together with Chronic depression . 258 more words


159. A much needed gym boost.

I braved the gym today. I’ve not gone much lately but I’m glad I forced myself today. It had it’s usual effect, of temporarily boosting my mood. 70 more words

The crisis of the third date. Why we fail at relationships?

Why it is so difficult for us to be with someone? Why so often we fail at relationships? The contemporary times are not the times of our grandparents, when all was kept simple. 820 more words

You can only sprint so far...

If I told you to run as fast as you can, I can guarantee that after 1 minute you will be running slower than you were after 10 seconds (assuming you’re giving max effort through out). 402 more words


The Fear Languages 🥺

If you’re educated in personal development and self awareness there’s a good chance you’ve heard about or read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman- perhaps you’ve even taken an online quiz to determine what your specific love languages are- I have—I’m primarily quality time and physical touch- just hang out with me and give me a hug, you’ll have a friend for life- BUT… 427 more words