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How To Talk To A Trans Person

The world we live in sometimes takes a very long time to come around to new ideas, but can also progress very rapidly. Unfortunately, people aren’t usually great with change. 667 more words


On letting the moments of life flow through us... like a duck

In what ways should we imitate a duck – and are you a psychic hoarder?

Our brains are computers. Our brains process the data gathered by our eyes, our ears, our skin. 790 more words


Your Solution to Waking Up Too Early

For those who hit the snooze button three times before starting the day, waking up too early might seem like a luxury. But to some, the problem is very real. 9 more words


13 Ways We Justify, Rationalize, or Ignore Negative Feedback

Since feedback often uncovers our blind spots, it’s especially jarring because, in many cases, we thought we were doing a good job. So we don’t immediately agree with it. 9 more words