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Marilou Erb

Title: Investigative Psychologist, Attorney, College Professor, Consultant, Forensic Psychologist

Company: York College of Pennsylvania

Location: Hanover, PA, United States

Hanover, PA, United States, August 24, 2016, Marilou Erb, Investigative Psychologist, Attorney, College Professor, Consultant, Forensic Psychologist of York College of Pennsylvania, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide, for dedication, achievement and leadership in higher education. 210 more words


About Me

My name is Marissa Sebastian. I have two children and I have an undergraduate degree in psychology. I am new to the blogging experience but have always wanted to share my views, experiences, and knowledge with others. 9 more words

House, J.S., G.A. Fine, and K.S. Cook. 1995. Reply: The Promise of Sociological Social Psychology.

House, James S., Gary A. Fine, and Karen S. Cook. 1995. “Reply: The Promise of Sociological Social Psychology.” Social Psychology Quarterly 58(4): 336-338.

Social psychology is necessary for understanding the link between social structure and social action, uniting macro structures with the agencies and experiences of the individual. 84 more words

That lonesome feeling can pass by

I am very blessed. I get to work as a freelancer journalist. I have great clients which pay me enough money to live. Friends granted me a free office space in their dance school. 463 more words


In every bad there is good
& the other way around & this is only
the consequence of living in an universe
drowned & drenched in dualism & of being…
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House, James S. 1977. The Three Faces of Social Psychology.

House, James S. 1977. “The Three Faces of Social Psychology.” Sociometry 40(2): 161-177.

Presents a “crisis” of SP marked by a division into three camps: 1) psychological SP — “individual psychological processes in relation to social stimuli using laboratory experiments” (161) ; 2) symbolic interactionism — studying “face-to-face interaction processes using naturalistic observations” (161) ; and, 3) psychological sociology (aka social structure and personality) — “the relation of macrosocial structures and processes to individual psychology and behavior, most often using survey methods” (161) – quantitative, but non-experimental. 361 more words


Positive judgmentalism is a power mindset to develop

Positive judgmentalism is a power mindset to develop.

Positive Judgmentalism

The word judgmental has a bad name. Even though the original meaning of this word was neutral because judgments can be both negative and positive, judgmental is almost one-sidedly used for negative judgments today. 856 more words