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Why Men and Women Fight, Part 2

If you take how men and women view the world and how they arrive at what they know (see blog post titled: Why Men and Women Fight, Part 1) into relationship, you get some hotly contested battles. 578 more words



…the choices you choose
are chosen by memories
of things that chose you

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Woman in offside

It is hard to be woman these days. If you support men, feminists could label you as supporter of slavery. If you support equality between genders in every area of life, men will draw you mustaches. 795 more words


Hi Everyone! It certainly has been a while. We have new stories to share and new plans in the works. I have not been blogging as much but have been working  and posting on my social media pages.

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Free Your Pen: Mind Training for Writers

Have you ever sat down to write and found that your mind has gone totally blank? Or you know what you want to say, but there are so many words bouncing around inside your head that you don’t know where to start? 977 more words


On 'Quietness'

Society hates quiet people. People like me. Then again there are a lot of people society hates. But when we feel oppressed, we feel like the only one, the pariah. 735 more words


Got word at 5.30pm last fucking night that someone high up the chain has pulled the plug on tomorrow’s move for some ill explained financial reason that even the girl explaining it didn’t seem to understand. 27 more words