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Job vs Career: The Basics That We All Should Know

So a couple days ago, I joined a Career Couching Workshop by the amazing yet very humble man, Kang Maulana Rezi, a teenager psychologist, 1,298 more words


My negative experience with being positive.

Not that long ago someone told me about the positivity challenge. The point of it is to only have positive thoughts for an entire week. As soon as you start having any negative feelings or thoughts, you will either have to twist them into something positive or try to think of something else instead. 494 more words


9 successful quick ways to get rich

The ways to be rich by quick ways are not secret. After analysis on some successful person I came to know that toil and some other things are key to be rich in quick ways. 358 more words

Diagnosis? Nonsuicidal Self-Injury  Nonsuicidal self-injury...

Diagnosis? Nonsuicidal Self-Injury 

Nonsuicidal self-injury actually falls under “conditions for further study” within the DSM. Therefore, it’s not an actual diagnosis yet, but is something that they hope more scientists will study so that they can add it in.

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Availability Heuristic

“How was your day, darling?” asked Olivia.

Stuart groaned. “Three bipolar, two PTSD and one so batty I don’t even know what to call it,” he said. 283 more words

Saturday Hooptedoodle

The nuance of nudges

Subtle psychological manipulations help people make smarter financial decisions

Over the past 5 years, on behalf of state governments, nearly 100,000 Americans were gently manipulated by a team of social scientists. 67 more words

Behavioral Economics