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Here are some age appropriate considerations for parents.

By Genevieve Yang, MD and Timothy Rice, MD,

When COVID-19 forced schools to go virtual this past spring, reported declines in learning performance were not surprising. 715 more words


Research exposes the many biases Black people face in American society

Six months after Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician, was fatally shot by police in her own Louisville, Kentucky home, a grand jury decided not to indict any of the officers involved in her death. 897 more words


Four for Pondering

Rory has some great questions for us today as he continues his Friday Four prompt…

**What is more important to you – to be ‘Liked’ or to be Respected?’** What do you believe to be the difference between admiration and respect or do you find them to be the same?** Likability and friendship are two different things. 437 more words


The Perfectionist

A perfectionist is someone who is against anything that is short of perfection to their eyes. There are a few perfectionism types such as socially oriented, others oriented or self oriented. 336 more words

We need...

It won’t matter much if we have women’s rights to their own bodies or bans on abortions, gay rights or no gay rights, equal pay for women, if we finally rid our country of racial discrimination, looser or tighter immigration laws, prayer in schools or no prayer in schools, a lot of today’s social issues just won’t matter much if the legalized piracy, and that’s what it is, piracy, of inordinate amounts of the capital in the world by the ruling elite continues along the pattern it has been the past few decades. 553 more words


2020-09-25 - Solitary Greed

the death of fantasy
stings like

fine stitched

apologies, but i really must
get to collapsing the
circus tent,

not sure it’s truly been… 35 more words


'Finding Yourself' Is Overrated

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