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Dissociative thinking


This post will probably sound a bit odd and vague, but bare with me. I can safely say that I do not have “Dissociative Identity Disorder”, thank god. 368 more words


The Insidious Nature of Worry

Everyone worries. However, anyone who suffers with anxiety understands just how all consuming worry can become. Worry itself is insidious by nature; we often only realize what a hold it has on us until it has already rooted itself firmly into our minds. 296 more words


On Regrets

Most of us spend too much time in the past. Perhaps we’re unhappy with our present and so escape to the “Glory Days” for comfort. Perhaps we’re wracked with guilt over impulsive acts. 300 more words


Molly Crockett: Beware neuro-bunk - YouTube

Because I am a neurogroupie a friend suggested I check out “NIA, Neuromuscular-Integrative Action”.  “It all about integrating the brain and body and all the stuff you’re studying” says my friend. 19 more words


Those of you who cry inequality the loudest, are the least equal.

So it’s 2015 and you wonder to yourself why is there still racial and sexual tension and resentment, how could this be with all the strides forward we’ve made, with regards to equal treatment for all. 215 more words

Sociopolitical America

Ini-Itu Sendiri, Jangan Sampai Ada ”Emosi”

“Umi, aku bisa sendiri kok”, pinta Humaidah saat ingin memakai sepatunya sendiri. Sejak usianya memasuki 3 tahun, Humaidah sudah mulai minta melakukan segalanya sendiri. Ia pun sudah tidak mau diajari ketika saya mengajaknya “bikin-bikin”. 564 more words