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10 Pieces of Advice Not to Live By

We follow certain rules of thumb without ever questioning their validity. However, not everything we learn from popular psychology courses and self-help literature is useful. Some phrases are nothing but phrases. 28 more words


Some years back, before we cut the cable cord, I was an avid watcher of James Lipton’s Actors Studio on Bravo.  I’m not sure why.  

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Inspiring Others

Scanning Your Mind For Viruses.

A while ago, I read an interesting article about two fishes put in a big pond with a glass barrier between them. Instinctively, the predator fish tried to attack the littler fish, but to no avail. 346 more words

Changing Your Mind

Monstrous Tsunami

This was originally going to be the end of a longer post about manipulation but it occurred to me that it deserves a shorter treatment all its own. 516 more words

Evolutionary Theory of Consciousness: why, how and what

After pre publishing the Evolutionary Theory of Consciousness (ETC) paper, it’s time to provide a little context, along with a tl;dr version (below… 2,294 more words