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How a Weeping Buddha Works

Many of us have seen wooden carvings of weeping men curled up in a ball carved from a single piece of wood. They can be any size but are often around the size of a fist. 368 more words

Breaking Habits

I wanted to talk about something which I can’t entirely remember very clearly (great way to start I know.) 215 more words


It's complicated.

Today, I went to a come out workshop, I mean a workshop for LGBT people to learn about the process of coming out with sharing session. 390 more words


Attending To The Needs Of Others

Attending To The Needs Of Others

Following on from my previous post, some folks may be wondering just how to go about “attending to folks’ needs”. 721 more words


Is it possible that digital natives (millennials) will be better multitaskers?

I almost jammed a pencil right in my cornea before I wrote another article talking about assumptions regarding millennials, because by now I think most of us realize… 421 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Fifty Shades of Weirdness

Ahh… I just love a good bait and switch blog post title! I bet some of you were all primed to read a titillating commentary on… 622 more words


Focus less on your ambitions, and more on your self-confidence and humility

I like it when I find random new professors/thought people in the management/leadership space because it’s always interesting to see new and differing perspectives. I then like it even more if they say similar things to how I feel about those topics, and that appears to be the case with Harry Kraemer of Northwestern and the Kellogg School. 494 more words

Fundamental Explainers