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Her forced smiles,


Forged lips,

enslaved by her thoughts.

Hollow cheeks,

strained by continuous contractions.

Deep dimples.

As if two bullets,

 had left eternal wounds,

 on her mellow face. 86 more words

#43 Online Cults: The Three Steps to Gaining Control Part 16

How can the four components of mind control (behavior, thought, emotion, and information control) be used to change group behavior? Generally through a three-step process… 2,152 more words


If you see this, let me know.

Seen – a word now crushingly associated with an accompanied time and date. Sounds like a crime scene, doesn’t it? An embedded white outline surrounding the message you’ve sent to someone, forever lost in a cyber world with no idea as to what killed the conversation. 524 more words

Radical honesty at work

While driving to work this morning, I listened to a podcast by Adam Grant on learning how to love criticism (great podcast, by the way, highly recommend). 572 more words


This Is How A Procrastinatinator Looks Like

You wake up in the morning, which is usually around 13.00’o clock. Your day starts by checking Facebook. After a quick check of 40 minutes, you go and wash up, then you go on Facebook again to see if there are any changes. 263 more words


Wellness Wednesday

My own computer was not cooperating, so I am writing this brief post at school. I think over the past week I have come to recognize and value simplicity in my life. 452 more words