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The black butterfly

The butterfly, once again, mystified by the actors of the night; awaiting the sun to put a shadow on their perpetual fights.

Source: The black butterfly

Human Mind

Thought 0.11

The worst thing someone can do is break another person’s trust. This is what we rely on in our daily lives, we trust our parents, our friends and most of all our judgement. 169 more words


We close our eyes to open our Minds

When the average person first attempts at going to sleep he/she usually thinks about the last thing that he/she focused on. That could mean a book to a tv show to a conversation to a purchase or even a call. 71 more words


Why You’ll Never Get the Job You Want

Every day, we make thousands of crucial decisions in a matter of seconds. What loaf of bread looks the most healthy? Does this neighborhood look safe? 634 more words

I Want You But I Don't Need You

Romanticism is the state or quality of being romantic. Being Romantic is defined as the idealized view of reality. Therefore can we conclude that thinking romantically is a fantasy that escapes reality? 566 more words

Does He Even Realize? 

Truth is, probably not. Men are not mind readers. If there has been anything I’ve learned about relationships is that men cannot read between the lines. 336 more words


The Two-Sided Coin of Depression

One of the leading causes of illness and death, depression is yet to be understood by a good percentage of the general population and doctors even among the first world. 492 more words