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Alone together!

I read a wonderful article that was published in the hindu newpaper’s editorial section based on an article from the guardian;  that really drove home the point how we shouldn’t be so bogged down by loneliness and how it is nothing to be afraid off! 780 more words


We need to accept differency and love it.

People often fight each other because nobody can truly live up to someone else’s expectations. We are so different from each other. Think about every situation that has happened in your life and has somehow made you into a person you are today. 487 more words


When being alive is a privilege

Our state of mind determines how we interact with our world. Imagine being so grateful, that you see life as a privilege. How would that look like and how would you be? 376 more words

Personal Evolution

Teen chaos

One day we all have come to this part in our life where we either choose to be among the majority or going against the majority to do something new or better for us. 244 more words


they used to live inside

they used to live inside
this suit of human steak
where do old selves abide
after new selves I make

each time I moved away… 104 more words


The week that was / La semana que era

How the news of recent momentous world events is received, depends on one’s point of view…click on the following link:

Dharma Talk Robert K Hall 06-28-15… 61 more words