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Looking backward can help you move forward: Research suggests nostalgia improves mental and emotional health

 by: Zoey Sky

(Natural News) Indulging in nostalgia helps people remember happier times in their lives. According to several studies, reminiscing about the past also offers several  681 more words


S is for Splash [A2Z]

Splash is a fun, fantasy romcom starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in the lead romantic roles, and it also has the ever-hilarious John Candy (RIP) and Eugene Levy. 461 more words


'Fear of Failure' Is More Than Merely Emotional Worry

“Fear of failure” sounds straightforward. I’m afraid that if I ask this person on a date, they will reject me, and so I won’t ask. I’m afraid that if I submit this idea to my boss, they will say no, so I won’t bother. 434 more words


Saline Sweet

Beneath your gaze

And yours alone…

I unfolded. Blossomed

As never before.

Transfixed. Transformed

Into something unrecognizable

And yet, so familiar.

But, all of this had to go. 168 more words


Family Reunion Triggers Self-Judgment

As I look forward to seeing many of my beloved relatives, I am NOT looking forward to the inevitable psychological backlash.

When I see these relatives (basically, all of them) I am reminded of the person who I used to be, the young woman they saw blossoming and were so excited for what was to come! 274 more words

Episode 056 - Darcia Narvaez on the (other) tragedy of the commons and moral/economic disengagement in civilized society


Today we present the second half of the interview with Darcia Narvaez, social scientist at Notre Dame and a specialist in childhood inculturation, attachment, and bonding issues. 334 more words


How to kill time?

Totally bored, this is how I describe today. I was in this new place for an important work assignment, instead I was asked to wait the entire day. 500 more words

Life Experience