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Andragogy: How to Teach Adult Learners

Andragogy is a fancy word for adult learning theory, as it specifically identifies how and under what circumstances adults learn and separates this idea from pedagogy–the process by which children learn. 89 more words


Day 1678, distorted.

I like to look

at the reflection

of a blue sky

in one of the large structures


my horizon


the reflection adds

a much needed… 7 more words


2020-10-26 - Pet Store Lady

“treat a lion like
a kitty, he’ll
bite you
i quip..

to pet store

and she refutes, with
loaded tongue..

“treat a bear cave… 27 more words


Otherworldly October: 'The Curse' by Anonymous

Photo by Tom Verdoot on Pexels.com

‘The Curse’ (1832) by Anonymous
Collected in The Vampyre and Other Tales of the Macabre
by John Polidori and Others,Oxford World’s Classics, 1997, 2008, (pgs 113-27). 1,483 more words

TWENTY: Say Noes to Squashed Toes

I never used to enjoy peer pressure. But then my friends got me into it

Albert Einstein (probably)(not)

My psychologist asked only one thing of me when we first started our sessions together.

1,076 more words

Carl Jung: How The Media // Internet Reinforces Shadow Projection

The Shadow, probably one of the most important aspects of the human psychology due to its ramifications if not properly dealt with. You could very well say that the most atrocious acts in human history relate to the shadow, where the projection of the shadow onto others has caused extreme amounts of harm and suffering. 1,791 more words


The Landscapes of Fear

I’m learning the term on an episode of NOVA , “Nature’s Fear Factor.”

I’d heard the story of how it was first studied, the wolves in Yellowstone took some prey, but changed all the prey’s behaviour and protected some of the plants the prey eats, restoring the habitats in Yellowstone in a way that surprised us all, but I hadn’t heard any theory around it. 833 more words