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Dear Friends,

My word of the year for 2018 was ‘Giving’ and I truly lived by it. I never said no to a single friend, not once. 1,034 more words


Modules and Social Contact

I’m starting to think that my term 1 disillusionment was a result of city stress and my dislike of the core ethnoblah module (which made up 50% of my taught time). 986 more words

What Do You Believe?

For thousands of years people believed in magic.  They were simple folk – often afraid and confused – unable to grasp the scientific world around them. 286 more words


Hyphenated American identity groups are mistrusted by the ‘majority’, study

Members of a majority group tend to hold negative views of minority-group individuals who claim more than one identity, according to new Yale-led research. The negative bias is driven by fear that dual-identity individuals will be disloyal to the majority, the researchers said. 426 more words

Everyday Science

Self Portrait (12) - Emotions (2)

Trying to get myself feel more deeply during a photography session
is not something that can just come straight to you.
Especially when your mode of shooting wasn’t quite like that before. 131 more words

Finding Myself - A Conversation

Conformists are Free-riders

It’s mildly pleasurable to be widely agreeable, and vice versa.

Not being agreeable could also lead you to be punished by those around you, through jeers and scowls and boos. 1,004 more words


Under My Skin

Under My Skin by Lisa Unger

Reading a book is like going on a journey into the life of another.

Have you ever felt a feeling of loneliness when you turn that last page of a novel? 4,658 more words