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Holiday weight gain fears? Consider this:

Food has no power. Perhaps I should expand on that. Food has no power except the power you give it, just like everything and every… 844 more words


Principles of memory (III)

I have added a few observations from the last part of the book below. This is a short post, but I was getting tired of the lack of (front-page) updates – I do apologize to the (… 1,153 more words


Monkey Girl

You were drawn
to the photo
of the laughing child;
chubby little face
with ears sticking out.
“Monkey Girl,” you called her.
The grin upon that baby’s face… 31 more words

Human Interest

'Our pupils would have been on the scrapheap': the school for bullied children

Every year, 16,000 children leave school because of bullying. Hannah Letters was one of them. She talks about how she got back on track

The bullying started when Hannah Letters was 11. 229 more words

Mental Health

The patient’s flat-lining. Conflict—STAT!

NaNoWriMo. Sounds great for some. But the courtship is over. The thrill—disgusting word—is gone. No write-in, no word-sprint can revive the magic. The patient is bleeding out and pulling the plug is the only mercy. 780 more words


Anxiety Management

This morning I deliberately slept as late as I could. Until around 8:30.  The later I wake up, I figure, the less time I have to worry about my interview at 1 p.m. 560 more words