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Sworn Testimony

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.”

~ Saint Augustine

Truth is a property which I have been wrestling with in the last week.

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Psychological Facts About Love

-The one who cries with you in your pain can never leave you.

-Most of the single person in teens are secret lovers or maybe one side lover as well. 551 more words

Not the Fall of Troy

2020 has been, without exaggeration, ‘sub-optimal’. It’s been very easy, and logical, to look at news on a national scale and feel hopeless. Coronavirus provides the kind of complex existential threat that our minds are least evolved to deal with. 1,088 more words

Love yourself appropriately

Self love refers to greater and deeper understanding of yourself, the kind of personality you posses where you form a bond with yourself by developing a self analytical attitude where solitude feels friendly, slightly it nurtures you and push you towards growth. 282 more words

COVID-19: From Stories to a Study

Before I start, please help me with my research about COVID-10, coping strategies and Psychological problem symptoms that are more likely to arise during this pandemic. 949 more words


Gale Warning

The British Meteorological Office Gale Warning Service was introduced in 1860. It was in response to the great storm of Oct 26th 1959. In that storm over 800 people lost their lives from the sinking of 133 ships and damage to 90 more. 284 more words


2020-10-26 - Brittle Branches

cut me off, i’ll just
grow back

so, put the rusty
shears back,

for they squeak so
hungry when
you work

and though night… 17 more words