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The First Post From Down There

And a new phase, again, has started now that I am reunited with my family and we are all together on our way to become Aussies in a couple of years hopefully. 274 more words


Know More about Tests on Psychometric Assessments

In order to understand the necessity of psychometric assessments for you, first you need to understand what exactly it is and how it benefits you. These are a set of tests that can ably gauge your mental abilities and behavioural peculiarities. 308 more words

Psychometric Assessments

The Benefits of Psychometric Tests in Recruitment

It is extremely important for any company to hire the right person for the right job. And the personality and mindset of the person affect his or her approach towards the job. 274 more words

Psychometric Assessments

The most efficient use of Psychometric assessments in hiring

That the human resource is the most essential for efficient operation of an organisation, has for ages been a direction truism. That this resource is also a group hard and demanding to handle, is a stranger, yet universally accepted notion at the same time! 426 more words

Talent Aquisition

3 Common Types of Psychometric Personality Tests

Personality Tests are important for assessing the behavioral traits which are required in specific careers. This type of assessment falls under the scope of Psychometric assessment and is important for finding out whether a candidate has the aptitude and skills for a particular job. 455 more words

8 Common Psychometric Tests Used for Screening Employees

Psychometric tests are being increasingly relied on to test or assess the personality of individuals, often conducted in the pre-hiring process. These are standard instruments for determining the characteristics, attitude and intelligence of individuals. 473 more words