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MGTOW: It's Feminism for Men

(I originally posted this in the answer section of Quora.)

To begin, the whole idea of using the word MGTOW is a joke. We have a word for men who want to be single – bachelor. 676 more words

Psychopathy in politics, finance and military

This is also relevant for the military – military is the extension of society, and war in general brings out the best and the worst in the people. 303 more words

New American Dictatorship

“The truth shall set you free,” says the ancient, timeless wisdom quote. And indeed it shall. To begin with, let’s unpack this statement in the context of the Post-Trump world. 1,515 more words


Reality Check

Reality Winner Who are You?

I have been following this story with interest, as has much of the MSM and New Media.   She somehow gained top secret security clearance as a contractor for the NSA  while openly pledging her allegiance to Iran and the Taliban on social media.  870 more words

Arousal as intoxication, and the infinite regress of reciprocal meta-desire; diabolical theorems

It’s time to write this shit down. I have not totally clarified these thoughts in my mind, and I doubt that I can communicate them in an optimal manner here and now, but I’ll begin my attempt anyway. 1,552 more words


Of the general population:

  • 1% are psychopaths (almost all men)
  • 4% are sadists (non-sexual)
  • 6% are narcissists
  • 10% have Machiavellian personalities
Dark Tetrad

Language = Understanding

You probably use these mental illness terms incorrectly, promoting misunderstanding:

(Correct word choice encourages you and society to understand how our loved ones are suffering… 259 more words