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I was raped by a psychopath

This is going to be a very hard post to write. Trigger warning: it’s about me being raped by a psychopath for 4 months.

I’ve come to the realization that Patrick isn’t naively cruel after all: he’s a conscientious and strategic psychopath. 1,135 more words


Your Last Victim

(Open Letter to the Abusive Ones)

If you laid all the trauma you’ve caused your victims end to end, it would make up more years than there will be in your lifetime, but thinking that makes you the ultimate victor is flawed logic: as individuals, your victims recover. 376 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla

New Counselor

Howdy Ladies and Gents! I’m glad to say I’ve started seeing a new counselor because I literally got tired of feeling comfortable rejecting potential relationships on the basis I feel extreme fear whenever someone starts getting closer than the average person. 1,034 more words

Recovering From Abuse

Psychopaths actually do feel regret, new research finds—they just don't change

The theory that psychopaths don’t feel regret is so strong that evaluating such emotions is a key way of diagnosing the condition. Psychopaths are known as callous, unfeeling people, with the diagnostic Psychopathy checklist… 384 more words

Kleptofascism and You

                                             HuffPo’s front page last week. Sigh.

“It is beyond our power to fathom,
Which way the word we utter resonates,
Thus, like a sudden grace that comes upon us,
3,192 more words

Chicoine's hopeless delusion

In the dark recesses of his morbid mind Chicoine still thinks this will never reach public knowledge! Uncanny really. Some would call him an optimist. I’ll say Chicoine… 328 more words

Chicoine's Zoophilia

I’m taking a bit of a poetic license here. It’s not like Chicoine likes to screw animals or lets himself be screwed by them. To my knowledge… 638 more words