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Could There Be Negative Levels of Development?

Though many of you look to me as someone who understands Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD) pretty well, I’m still not an expert.  I want to be clear about that, because today I’m tossing out an idea that popped into my head a couple hours before I started typing this.  1,699 more words


WOW! Thank you - Understanding Psychopathic Behaviour book for you


I had no idea this would be so popular and thank you for the feedback – it means a lot to me – I will endeavour to release more books like this – again, thank you. 21 more words

Canberra Psychologist


Are investigators in tune with the differences between the personalities of a psychopathic spy and a nonpsychopathic spy? If not, who else might be in tune with these types of spies? 385 more words

Academic Writing

Writer's Block

There comes a point when a person who has worked on something for so long, and also a little inconsistently, realizes they actually have a burning desire to print out every single page and toss it from the 8th floor window. 364 more words


Decline and Fall of the American Empire and the Coming of Age?

In the soon to be published Angel of Redemption, next volume in The Freedom Cycle, the inevitable alienation of a degenerate, fast fading empire is faced with a grim reality – extinction or the move to something akin to adulthood, sanity and true participation into a determined exploration into real humanity and positive evolution. 783 more words

State Of The World

New issue: Social History of Medicine

The new issue of Social History of Medicine includes at least two articles that could be of interest to H-Madness readers:

Katariina Parhi and Petteri Pietikainen, … 311 more words


9/11 Never Forget

Nothing is more dangerous to the Deep State and Globalist Swamp than a President who questions 9/11, as has Donald Trump.  The fact that he has also indicated support for the restoration of Glass- Steagall and auditing the Fed only makes him more radioactive to TPTB. 50 more words