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6 Months of the Expose

After nearly 6 months of this blog I found out a number of things. First off: Chicoine is truly unknown and seldom searched in general. He made a grand effort to keep his name and activities under the radar. 246 more words

Tuesday Reads: Civil Rights Legend vs. Shameless Racist Demagogue? No Contest.

Good Morning!!

As we approach the dark day when tRump will take the oath of office, my feeling of living in an apocalyptic scifi novel grows ever stronger. 1,814 more words

Morning Reads

Chicoine's Internet Circle-Jerk

 Chicoine has his own internet circle jerk: http://somathread.ning.com/ 

At some point, years ago, I went there to tell Chicoine to STOP HARASSING ME. Of course Chicoine was all pissed and not long after I had a group harassment by his minions with a message going among the lines of “everything goes in love and war”, many of them (if not… 259 more words

Going through conversations in my head

Like all the time. Possible and impossible alike. Just now I went through one in which I was in a restaurant in France and called a waiter to me to ask him if he spoke English, and then in English I asked what this particular dish was. 277 more words

Chicoine's answer

Yesterday it wasn’t a good day for Gary Bernard Chicoine-Piper. It was the beginning of the end of his anonymity. Of him being unknown.

So to show his appreciation for what I did yesterday he took more time than usual in his personal harassment towards me. 170 more words

Data drive: Psychopaths don't have high IQ

They’re lying, idiot.
Narcissism is illusory superiority, delusions of grandeur.

“Narcissists and, to a lesser extent, psychopaths exhibited self-enhancement on two objectively scored indexes” – Paulhus and Williams, below.

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Could psychopathy be behind the history of white greatness?

I find it funny there are Europeans in Canada who…. idolize Europe….
but stay in Canada…..

unless you’re setting up an Empire, no. [1]

http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2017/01/source-of-faustian-west.html… 798 more words