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I'm A Psychopath: True Story

I used to run two blogs – one to talk about psychopathy and this one to talk about more “acceptable” things. I did this because most people are intimidated and uneducated about psychopathy, and the psychopathy blog was more of an experiment. 658 more words


Protective Mothers Alliance International

Protective Mothers Alliance International
March 17

“We are Unstoppable Protective Mothers, whose children have been ripped from our arms and lives. We are joining our voices as one, to share our stories about family court abuse and corruption.

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Hervey Cleckley Quotes #2

Renowned critics and some professors in our best universities reverently acclaim as the superlative expression of genius James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, a 628-page collection of erudite gibberish indistinguishable to most people from the familiar word-salad produced by hebephrenic patients on the back wards of any State Hospital.

The Mask of Sanity


Hervey Cleckley Quotes #1

I’m currently reading Cleckley’s ‘The Mask of Sanity’, and I feel compelled to share some of his thoughts as I go. Even though this is something of a classic for psychiatric literature, I still laugh out loud at what must be Cleckley’s sense of humor. 95 more words


Revelation Abuse

I spend a lot of time managing fear and anger – not my own, but the fear and anger that people project into me. One of the principal reasons for writing… 411 more words