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Monstrous Tsunami

This was originally going to be the end of a longer post about manipulation but it occurred to me that it deserves a shorter treatment all its own. 516 more words

I can't relate to narcissists who love their disorder.

I read this post at Psychforums written by a person who sees their narcissism as a huge advantage.

I spent all my life trying to figure out why I felt so different from other people. 1,155 more words

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Can a psychopath ever be cured?

Originally posted on Lucky Otter’s Haven on November 5, 2014

I watched a fascinating documentary, about a 6 year old girl (Beth Thomas) who had been severely sexually abused and neglected and was diagnosed with… 146 more words


"From the little spark may burst a mighty flame"

I was a lively 17 year old longing to belong and on the hunt to be regarded. I sat in my history class anxiously awaiting the preview class led by the man who could potentially spend the remaining years of my high school life as my history and homeroom teacher. 888 more words



I notice things other people don’t see.


calm as a hindu cow.

when I speak and I haven’t been drinking

people say, ” I am intense” and “I need to calm down” 93 more words