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A narcissist, a psychopath, and a hypocrite walk into a bar...


Put in a position where I must act either like a social hypocrite or a ruthless bitch without feelings, I don’t even choose the latter—I… 805 more words

Those Conversations

The Worlds 20 Worst Crimes (Book Review part 1)

I bought the book  ”The worlds 20 worst crimes”  because it caught my eye, the fact that it was made as a must read  for a devotee of True Crime, THE Serial Killer book. 345 more words


Quote of the Day, by Erich Fromm

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The highly narcissistic group is eager to have a leader with whom it can identify itself. The leader is then admired by the group which projects its narcissism onto him.

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Blogging my thoughts

Im fascinated by morals, personalities&personality disorders, social norms, psychopathy and narcissism.

Like many people I don’t have a large group of friends, out of choice of my own and for their well being (I’ll get into that another time). 143 more words


Long Time, No Talk.

Hi, how are you? You wanna Cuddle :)?….. Sorry habit. Am I the only one who feels like shooting his self in the head after spending an hour interacting with the people available through online dating? 1,469 more words


The Leader of the World Meets a Petulant Antisocial Toddler, Embarrassment Ensues

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So this happened after today’s meeting between this cool, classy and composed adult woman who is one of the few non-psychopathic leaders of the world left, and our so-called president: 414 more words

By Their Budgets You Shall Know Them

Trump released his budget proposal that elicited praise from other psychopaths and gasps of horror from normal people, proving that Trump/ism remains as reliable a test of a person’s character as it ever was. 569 more words