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Musings over Online Encounters: Part I

This diatribe is an attempt to organize thought in the aftermath of experience dissonance in online encounters. This dissonance involves witnessing conflict even more than participating in it. 1,168 more words


On Evil.

We so often speak of “human evil.”  Really, that is an oxymoron.  Those few humans whom I have met that are truly evil, have detached themselves from any claim to “humanity” which might define them as members of our species, in a sense.  659 more words


Spin, Projection, and Blame Shifting

They Spin our Reality  

Disordered people can’t deal with the reality of their behaviors. On some level they may realize how hurtful they are or how inappropriately they behave, yet they are unable to accept any kind of major flaw in themselves. 175 more words


Out with The Old Trump, In with The Old Trump

Trump in Lousiana, pretending to look presidential. Max Becherer / AP photo

Much excitement is being had in the media and whereabouts about the New Trump… 894 more words

What happens when we first learn about Narcissism?

Or Gaslighting? Or Psychopathy? Or Rabies? Or Ebola? Or Bipolar Disorder?

Obviously, I cannot speak for anyone else on this one – but, with such disorders, diseases and behaviours increasingly well-known, and widely written about, it is, I think, a valid question and certainly contains hampers full of food for thought. 946 more words

Creative Writing

Sam Vaknin's damaging "definition" of NPD.

I used to be a big fan of Sam Vaknin. His book, “Malignant Self Love” and his Youtube videos were very helpful to me when I was going No Contact and for a time after that. 2,257 more words

Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Twenty-four years had passed since the last casualty at the marsh. During the day, the wetlands surrounding the boardwalk looked idyllic; after dark, dense fog hovered relentlessly over the area. 92 more words

Short Stories