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Psychopathicuriosity: Changing perspectives and developments in psychopathy

With the recent release of the Netflix hit ‘Mindhunter’, the even more recent death of killer-cult leader, Charles Manson, and the continuing popularity of books like Jon Ronson’s ‘ 1,503 more words


Pathological Narcissism and Sociopathy in Political Leaders Are More Pervasive Than You Think

The text below is a rejected op-ed submission to The Washington Post from October 17, 2016 — one of several on the subject which met the same fate that year. 822 more words

Social Pathology

Critical thinking or empathy?

Another thought experiment, inspired by a conversation with this blogger*.

If you had to live in a world where, compared to this one, people had… 603 more words


For teen boys at risk of psychopathy, laughter isn't catching

By guest blogger Lucy Foulkes

When you see someone laughing hysterically, do you often find yourself laughing too? Laughter is usually extremely contagious. In fact, we are up to 30 times more likely to laugh with someone else than when alone. 748 more words


Where Is My Mind?

In every story there is a pivotal moment.  A turning point impacting the course of events yet to unfold.  This event allows the character in question to grow, re-evaluate their life, or even alter their destiny.  948 more words