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2. Young Napolean

  • Grandiose Sense of Self: Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.” Craves adulation and attendance. Must be the center of attention with their own fantasies as the “spokesman for God,” “enlightened,” “leader of humankind,” etc.
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Borderline Personality

Ep. 3: Bad Seeds

In this episode, Jack and J. J. delve into the dark heart of sociopathic kids.  From the famously violent Mary Bell to lesser-known case studies, this episode shares true horror stories and theories about children who lack any notion of empathy.   215 more words


The Outsiders

From a young age, I was drawn to outsiders, to those who did not seem to ‘fit’ with the rest of society. 889 more words


1. Hiding in Plain Site

My mother was crying while looking through a photo album. I must have been in middle school at this time, far enough along to know myself pretty well. 623 more words

Borderline Personality


That was the title of the article that got me started on this- the ten ways to spot a sociopath. I’ve seen variations on this before, but this one was shared by someone I know on Facebook. 346 more words

Borderline Personality

The Predatory Aggressive Personality


By Dr George Simon, PhD

Predatory Aggressive Personalities (i.e., psychopaths or sociopaths) consider themselves superior to the rest of the human race. They view individuals with inhibitions rooted in emotional bonding to others as inferior creatures and, therefore, their rightful prey.

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7 Warning Signs Of Child Psychopathy

Newspaper Headlines:
3 Teens accused of killing a student “because they were bored”.
A Mexican boy on trial for killing his father- boy is ten.
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