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Understanding Psychopathic Behaviour – A Psychologist’s View


This ebook is 25 pages in length, is sourced form 32 scientific references, and contains 51 footnotes and 15 illustrations. It is 10,723 words in length and the file is 1.3 MB in size. 21 more words

Canberra Psychologist

A Narcissist, a Psychopath, and a Machiavellian Walk into a Bar…

The bartender asks, ‘who has the darkest personality out of you three?’ The Narcissist says ‘me’, the Psychopath says, ‘I don’t care’ and the Mach says ‘it’s whoever I want it to be’. 1,312 more words

Psychopathic Control Of Society

War = Economic Dinosaurs Peace = People's Prosperity

It has always been that war is the ultimate stauncher to a failed system. It never mends it just feeds the greed of the top pile allowing piles of people to be slaughtered and incinerated below. 910 more words

State Of The World


I’ve noticed that not many Hollywood celebrities (or champagne lefties in general) have been very vocal about feminism or rape culture recently. 2 of their favourite topics have suddenly been pushed to the back of their agenda. 115 more words

A Psychopathic Friend Indeed, Part 2

To continue our experiment, I just left another mean message on a Facebook advert for Tina’s fundraising initiative. We’re testing to see if “abusive messages” by a known psychopath are enough to sway potential sponsors into rebelling against the abuse and pledging money to the No Psychos cause. 128 more words

Psychopathic Control Of Society

A Psychopathic Friend Indeed

Some people can NEVER be trusted. There are roughly 12 million psychopaths in the U.S. alone – could be your family, friends, coworkers, or politicians. They do not belong in policymaking positions. 116 more words

Psychopathic Control Of Society

Connecting The Dots - The Game For Critical Thinkers

In a world under the cosh of ever greater active and surreptitious propagandised agendas and outright censorship connecting the dots of truths, facts and alternative narratives becomes an essential and life saving credential. 1,249 more words

State Of The World