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Beat and Set Fire to Ex-Wife

Man beat and set fire to ex-wife to avoid paying child support.

David Morgan appears in court to await his sentencing. (KOMO Photo)

April 13th 2016… 258 more words



This blog is about the surreal world of a woman who, many years ago, had a relationship with a man suffering from psychopathy.

It starts out as a seemingly sweet romance between a woman and a man, but slowly and gradually the man, together with his parents, turned her life into a nightmare of psychological abuse, lies and insecurity. 744 more words


Here, Hayley. Have a Cookie.

Everything was a dirty trick
Every last thing was a joke.
“Here’s a cookie,” he said –
“that I’ve tainted with arsenic.
Oh, just kidding! 147 more words


What Lies Beneath

Post #15

The creepy kind.

There are occurrences which one shall never understand. The mystery of thought and what can drive an individual are wonders to behold. 96 more words


Crazy Folks


Does it make me a bad person trying to figure out the Barbarian. I think, that God even uses these people., I know He does. 588 more words

ii. Sirens

All calls to peace

and danger

Friends on the


pointing and


‘They’re coming

for you.’

At least half

of them were


Though drinking… 45 more words


Sick & Gruesome German Children Songs

Evil, brutal, twisted, sick, absolutetly common German Children Songs

Did you ever wonder why the German citizens have never been known as particular peace-loving or mentally healthy people? 17 more words