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Understand Your Hot Buttons and Weak Spots [Snakes in Suits]

We all have hot buttons and weak spots. Hot buttons are those things that provoke an automatic—often emotional—reaction from you, get you excited, or set you off. 1,377 more words

Psychopathic Control Of Society

Why violent psychopaths don't 'get' punishment

By Nick Haslam, University of Melbourne

The psychologist David Lykken once wrote that most violent crime could be prevented by cryogenically freezing all males aged 12 to 28. 812 more words


Do psychopaths suffer?

Are psychopaths victims of their own condition? Do they experience emotional pain? Is this even possible? Read on and find out…

I am not asking whether psychopaths are capable of suffering; clearly a psychopath with cancer would suffer just as much as anyone else. 523 more words

Psychopathic Traits

Why am I constantly attracted to narcissists?

Perhaps it’s an aspiration
To push what I feel aside
But empathy is a burden I carry
And pain tells me that I’m alive

So attraction to polar opposite… 20 more words


Do Psychopaths Have Any Values?

When people hear the term “psychopath” they generally think “criminal”. This is understandable, as many criminals are psychopaths. However, not all psychopaths are criminals. As I said in my first post, not all psychopaths are the same. 807 more words


Do Psychopaths Know Right From Wrong?

I recently read an article by a doctor who claimed that psychopaths know right from wrong, they just don’t care. Is this true? It’s a complicated question, because it is a flawed question. 365 more words

A Psychopath And A Scholar

Intro + What A Psychopath Really Is

My name is Slade, and I’m a psychopath. Writing is often how I vent, because the people around me generally lack the logic required to hold a decent conversation. 942 more words