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The Psycho Psyche | Robert D. Hare's Psychopath Checklist

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The Psychopath Checklist (PCL-R) is a diagnostic tool which aids in determining a psychopathic mind. This is a two-part assessment – an interview and a case history on the subject’s records to do with their personal life, work, education, criminal and medical background. 1,714 more words


How Psychopaths See the World

(Source: www.theatlantic.com)

It’s a rare person who goes out of their way to spend time with psychopaths, and a rarer one still who repeatedly calls a prison to do so. 1,469 more words


Mobbing, lynching & hysteria

I shall keep a record here of Critica posts on the topics of social justice mobbing, vigilantism, lynching and hysteria:

[1] How lynch mobs operate, 1… 25 more words

False Accusation Cases

Stop Trusting Megalomaniacs ~ Lisa Renee

I would like to expand on untrustworthy behaviors modeled in people with weak moral character, to better comprehend the relationship between low moral character and the Negative Ego, through its main filters; Egotism, Narcissism and Psychopathy. 2,612 more words


Growing Up With a Narcissistic Parents: My Story

I’ve debated on sharing my story for quite some time. Each time I ended up walking away without publishing a word. I did this for weeks. 6,315 more words

I, Psychopath

Hello, I’m James. I’m 24. I’m a psychopath.

You might be wondering to yourself “what’s a psychopath?”, and if so, you’re in luck because I’m about to explain. 340 more words


False accusers: Nichole Richess

Girl who cried rape after threesome with two soldiers has been jailed. Nicole Richess, 20, had a drunken threesome with the two servicemen at a friend’s house and then her own home at the end of a night out. 736 more words

False Accusation Cases