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Sense of Entitlement

A sense of entitlement is one of the characteristics of antisocial, narcissistic, and borderline personality disorders and a natural extension of grandiosity; considering oneself superior to others. 53 more words


Perfectly Polished

As I read her words
tears streamed down my face
I couldn’t stop crying

It touched
an untouched part of me
the part confused
and hidden… 567 more words

A Broken Blue Sky

The Biggest Lie of the Last Debate


One of the biggest lies in the last debate came from Trump, obviously, in a slew of his other lies, which are so habitual for the man that lawyers dealing with him… 1,350 more words


Right now I am researching the effects of not having proper treatment in psychopaths leading to violent crime.  I am doing an interview, my research questions will be: 202 more words

The Elusive Trump Voter

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As we are stocking on Purelle and popcorn in preparation for tonight’s debate, Trumpists continue to baffle the non-Trumpists world over. 914 more words

Advice for artistic people

London 2.0 – What should you do when you paint, write, draw but think logically and want to obtain a degree with what you could get a decent job but still pursue your artistic dreams? 394 more words

The Authoritarian Personality

Research shows that authoritarians are far more likely to exhibit sloppy reasoning, highly compartmentalized beliefs, double standards, hypocrisy, self-blindness, a profound ethnocentrism, and—to top it all off—a ferocious dogmatism that makes it unlikely anyone could ever change their minds with evidence or logic. 9 more words

Sociopathic Tactics