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I Fuck You Not.

In his latest post, Mr H says (of my writing and the writings of others with ASPD):

One thing that’s striking is the commitment to honesty – of course, there’s a lack of self-consciousness that probably makes it easier to give unvarnished truths and (as far as Mrs W is concerned ‘cos she says so) the results are perhaps more a work-in-progress than graven in stone, but nonetheless the pervasive odour of frankness is unmistakable.

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Average-Human Powers

Mrs  Wife speaking.

I was reading a few abuse victims websites (yes, I do that, no, I don’t eat pop-corn and giggle the whole time.) and I came across a few mentions of us being “Soulless”, quite a number of posts calling us “Evil”, some people wishing we would all die in a fire, of course, because that is obviously what a Nice and Normal person should wish on another human being, and interestingly enough, quite a few things that implied that we have super-powers. 574 more words


Unnamed feelings

I have been talking about feelings a lot in this blog. You’d think this line introduces a post that is “not about feelings” wouldn’t you? Well, pocket your assumptions. 873 more words


The ending moves faster towards me, gaining in intensity as I cannot contain my excitement, so that I am all weird and twitchy, spooking out the proletariat instead of having any meaningful impact. 738 more words

Primary edgelady

Mrs Wife speaking.

I read an interesting article yesterday, on a website that is mainly dedicated to abuse recovery (here it is! Luckyottershaven.). The title is “Psychopathy may not be what you think” and I thought “haha, yeah”. 848 more words


Nuff said

“We often attribute financial problems to bad life decisions: Why didn’t that person stay in college? Why didn’t they pick a more lucrative career? Why did they have so many kids? 473 more words

Evil as a Lack of Empathy

It is hard to define evil due to the complexity of the phenomenon. In order to be understood better, it could be separated into smaller subparts that, as the result of interaction create the right context and motivation for harmful actions. 968 more words