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Are you my next target?

by James

“Are you lonely, popular, caring, confident, laid back, anxious, adventurous, bored, traumatised, naïve, competitive, depressed, sentimental, accepting, argumentative, compassionate, impulsive or shy?”

“If so, then boy have I got just the trick for you! 78 more words


"Reclaiming My Life"-- Michelle Mallon's Story of Healing

The following is a followup article to the one I linked to in my post After Narcissistic Abuse, in which Michelle Mallon talked about how her psychopathic therapist almost destroyed her life and stole her soul. 2,538 more words


Bursting Your Dream Bubble (The Red Flags) Part III

So you got through the first two posts and are probably wondering what red flags were waving in front of you ? The red flags could have appeared immediately or gradually depending on you and how comfortable your partner was with you. 1,601 more words

Coming this fall: Lovefraud online education about sociopaths

By Donna Andersen May 12, 2015

Millions of sociopaths live among us, and no one seems to know it. Because as a society we are so unaware, we are vulnerable to sociopathic exploitation.  58 more words


My son's father turned from a loving dad into a monster.

My son at about 9 months. His dad doted on him then.

Turning on a child who was initially loved and doted on is not unusual for malignant narcissist parents. 1,249 more words


Creator Of Psychopathy Test Worries About Its Use

Psychologist Robert Hare created a test that measures whether someone is a psychopath. The test is used extensively in our criminal justice system to help decide whether inmates should get parole — and even to determine whether or not someone should be put to death. 21 more words

Psychopathic Control Of Society