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the bhavana case - or should it be called the sunil case?

On the night of February 17th a young actor from Kerala, Bhavana, was raped by six men. She was in her car, being driven from Kochi to Thrissur. 835 more words

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Uber Narcissists at Work

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Susan J. Fowler, a former Uber engineer, wrote a blog post that’s making a news splash for its description of sexual harassment she and other women were subjected to at the company — a problem that, in a classically abusive fashion, was repeatedly minimized, ignored, and eventually blamed on her. 650 more words


All The King's Experts, Part 1

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It is Saturday, Day 679 of Our Great Leader’s Ascension to The Throne, which means it is time for another fairy tale*: 569 more words


Friday’s 5 cognitive curiosities journal club

A weekly trail mix of thought-provoking essays and research.

1. I Asked a Psychopath How to Stop Caring About Rejection

From Vice

This brilliant article summarises the feelings of a psychopath with insight. 497 more words

Cognitive Curiosities

Back From The Solicitor

Visiting a fantasy destination as I began a fantasy relationship (if I’d only realised it) 

Monday 5th February 2007

Just got back from the solicitor. She tells me that my husband cannot stop me divorcing, or even delay it, as the marriage has broken down so long as I think it has. 711 more words

Change of tactics

Chicoine is not gone. He just changed tactics. He wanted to go back to the previous arrangement, where he could say truly horrible shit.

When harassing me directly he couldn’t be nasty. 61 more words

Donny vs. Scottish (and not) Resistance

Today is the “Day Without Immigrants” nation-wide boycott, and the National General Strike is planned for tomorrow:

Alexandria Neason’s very good piece  80 more words