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4 weeks till top surgery

About 10 days ago, my breast tissue started to feel inflamed and tender.  It wasn’t in line with my menstrual cycle, and it hurt way more than that would, anyway.  661 more words


Under pressure

I don’t remember if I have already talked about this in my blog, but I have some sort of digestive disorder. I have finally talked to a doctor about this problem around three months ago and my physician prescribed some medication to calm down my spasms. 405 more words


Experts weigh in on Suzanne O’Sullivan’s commentary on imaginary illness in The Lancet

Google Suzanne O’Sullivan and you will find lots of coverage of her book that won the Wellcome Book Prize, but you will not find peer-reviewed articles that she authored. 1,527 more words


Guest blog reviewing Suzanne O’Sullivan’s It’s All in Your Head With an Introduction

Suzanne O’Sullivan’s It’s All in Your Head may have won the Wellcome Book Prize, but mental health professionals like Simon Wessely are notably silent – despite O’Sullivan advocating the same policies they promote. 2,037 more words


I Convinced Myself That I Was HIV-Positive

My sex life is nothing to brag about. Although I do have some good stories about a Turkish Airlines flight attendant whose name means “dolphin” and a guy who literally ran out of my house pre-hookup, my sexy times aren’t great. 785 more words

How to Heal part 1 5/6

So it is, by not fastening my faith to a person, I’m fastening my faith to God appearing through or as a person, I can never be disappointed.  1,111 more words


Mr Blue Chair and the Shepherds Chameleon 

I’m with Dr R. We loiter on a street near the airport with our luggage. We have time to kill. I ask him what he wants to do. 403 more words