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Mind over matter

 The mind is a beautiful gift given to us by nature. It is medically defined as “The seat of consciousness that originates in the brain which directs and influences mental health and behavior“. 742 more words

Behind the Boarded-up Window - Portrait Art: Hat No. 3

Hats that Women Wear – Hat # 3

(Chapter 1)

I looked out of my window. The house across the park that was directly opposite mine, gleamed in the afternoon summer sun.  628 more words


My teenage-hood Part 1 ~Psychosomatic history~

Yes, I admit that I was a big kid (taller, more weight, growing breast earlier than other girls and so forth), shy and self-conscious when I was a child. 518 more words

My Healing Journey

Grieving for My Suicidal Teen

I have intractable epilepsy so it wasn’t a big surprise when I realized I was having a pretty big partial complex seizure while flipping pancakes this morning. 1,257 more words


What am I thinking?

“What are you thinking?” I hate that question. People always ask it and most of the time when they ask it I don’t have an answer for it, I usually just mumble “nothing important” and move on. 763 more words


Psychosomatic Information Search

I have almost got my trauma licked and I want to learn more about some things that happened during therapy where I physically re-experienced some of the physical injuries of my trauma. 65 more words

Andreas Lubitz - Surfing gay porn websites in days leading up to crash ... and previously deemed 'suicidal' -- as its revealed bullied co-pilot 'Tomato Andy' had been living 'on the edge'

Telegraph: The killer co-pilot who deliberately crashed his Germanwings plane into the French Alps killing 150 people had been treated for ‘suicidal tendencies’ several years before becoming a pilot and trawled gay porn websites in the days before his death, it has been revealed. 111 more words