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Have felt too crappy to write lately. Not sure yet if it even helps.

I withdrew from the class I started 2 weeks ago. Thats basically $800 down the drain because I can’t function. 185 more words

#edbookfest: Suzanne O'Sullivan: "Ruling out disease is not the same as ruling out illness."

Suzanne O’Sullivan – How To Feel Better Within – 18th August 2015.

Feeling physically ill when the problem is an emotional one is a genuine issue – it’s said up to a third of people visiting a doctor may have psychosomatic illness. 460 more words


The link between mental illness and the perception of physical pain

The connection between the physical and mental well-being has been discussed since the appearance of ancient medicine (Subbarayappa, 2001) until the modern times, where it is well described in the scientific literature (Kradin, 2011). 1,707 more words

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Are You Just Not Feeling Well? Homeopathy Heals

A man asked me recently if I see people in my homeopathic practice who have psychosomatic illnesses. I interpreted his question as being –

Classical Homeopathy

Mind over matter

 The mind is a beautiful gift given to us by nature. It is medically defined as “The seat of consciousness that originates in the brain which directs and influences mental health and behavior“. 742 more words

Behind the Boarded-up Window - Portrait Art: Hat No. 3

Hats that Women Wear – Hat # 3

(Chapter 1)

I looked out of my window. The house across the park that was directly opposite mine, gleamed in the afternoon summer sun.  628 more words


My teenage-hood Part 1 ~Psychosomatic history~

Yes, I admit that I was a big kid (taller, more weight, growing breast earlier than other girls and so forth), shy and self-conscious when I was a child. 518 more words

My Healing Journey