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When Soul Meets Body

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Psychosomatic union is a necessary concept in Christian theology that is severely downplayed or altogether disregarded with crippling consequences. What is psychosomatic union? 2,166 more words


I'm Vibrating!

Psychosomatic disorder: A disorder characterized by physical symptoms resulting from psychological factors, usually involving a system of the body such as the gastrointestinal orgenitourinary system. (dictionary.com) 883 more words



I just recently went to the walk in clinic to see a Doctor because for the last 3 wk’s I’ve been dealing with mega Ulna Nerve Pain, the one that goes down the arm and makes your pinky,ring finger and middle finger numb and pins and needles, the pain between my shoulders was excruciating  Years ago I had surgery on my right… 465 more words


Mi Amigo Placebo.

It works!  I’m fixed!  No interest in food…less obsession… even-keeled mood.  This is awesome!  The only problem is the drug needs at least a week to work. 548 more words

Alternative Perspective on Mild Depression

I have struggled with mild depression on and off in my life and have noticed something interesting within the last ten years. I find that there are time periods, especially in the colder months, where my body and my mind slow down. 354 more words


Psychosomatic Reactions To Stress, Anyone?

Generally asking for advice on that, and other peoples stories. I ve had psychosomatic reactions to stresd for about 5-6 years. Whenever I m stressed, I get diarrhea, which means that 80% of time I get diarrhea. 61 more words

15 Uniquely German Maladies

You may be German if you suffer from Ostalgie (nostalgia for the old way of life in East Germany (“ost” means East). If you miss your old Trabant and those weekly visits from the secret police, you may have… 15 more words