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Nick Schendzielos (Job For A Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage) Joins Havok, Band Announces North American Tour

Nick Schendzielos (Job For A Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage) has joined Havok, as their new bassist. He is taking over for Mike Leon. who recently joined Soulfly. 355 more words


NEWS: Havok Announce November And December Headlining Tour

Colorado-based thrash metal band Havok has announced their headlining tour for November and December. Joining them on select dates will beĀ Black Breath, Witchaven… 19 more words

WiFi Disease!

The newest Industrial Disease appears to be folks who believe they are affected by Wifi waves…

Now, never mind the output power of WiFi devices is typically 100 Milliwatts, or about 1100 times less than the 11 watts your cell phone is capable of putting out, and depending on which of the PCS frequencies it is using – near the same 2 MHz frequency range… 762 more words


A painful attitude

Last week I mentioned Dr Sarno’s work in the context of my auto-immune disease and the intermittent flare-ups of pain and stiffness it brings.

My experience matches others’ accounts of the link between their pain and their broader psychological state: my pain seems to be associated with a self-imposed pressure to perform, to go faster, to get more done, or to be more responsible, more in control. 324 more words



Have felt too crappy to write lately. Not sure yet if it even helps.

I withdrew from the class I started 2 weeks ago. Thats basically $800 down the drain because I can’t function. 185 more words

#edbookfest: Suzanne O'Sullivan: "Ruling out disease is not the same as ruling out illness."

Suzanne O’Sullivan – How To Feel Better Within – 18th August 2015.

Feeling physically ill when the problem is an emotional one is a genuine issue – it’s said up to a third of people visiting a doctor may have psychosomatic illness. 460 more words


The link between mental illness and the perception of physical pain

The connection between the physical and mental well-being has been discussed since the appearance of ancient medicine (Subbarayappa, 2001) until the modern times, where it is well described in the scientific literature (Kradin, 2011). 1,707 more words

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