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It's all in your head

I’ve just finished a book called “It’s all in your head: Stories from the frontline of psychosomatic illness”, by Suzanne O’Sullivan. I picked it up because it is relevant to my PhD, but it turned out to be a very interesting read and one that’s made me think a lot about my own health. 1,318 more words

Chronic Illness

Quality of health is what you need

Having a perfect health is the first happiness and that is the reason you should not compromise with your health. You will be able to live more happily and peacefully if you are in good health. 130 more words

Mind Body Therapy Training

Reluctant Learner

Three people have been needlessly, disproportionately vicious to me today. I’m choosing to take it as a lesson. A lesson in what?

Is it possible that I’ve been as reckless and feckless in my actions and words in the past? 584 more words

Chronic Thinker

Your Mind Is Making You Sick! Mantras & Psychosomatic Disorders

Did you know that your mind can cause physiological changes to occur within your body & alter your health? Yes, in real life! Psychosomatic Disorders, also known as mind (psyche) & body (soma) diseases, are characterized by symptoms of physical illness that are initiated & intensified by mental triggers. 473 more words

Spiritual Knowledge

Genetic denialism and claims about locked wards and suicide from non-RCT designs

Some things I’m saying in social media in the week ending July 31, 2016 and will probably follow up on.

This post is a bit of an experiment. 1,097 more words

wasted month

i technically lost the month of July to “illness” and inpatient stays.

medical hospital -> psychiatric hospital -> home -> medical hospital -> home
-> medical hospital -> home… 642 more words


Running Amok & Man Tiger - Reflection on two books.

Did you know the phrase ‘Running Amok’ meaning a person is out of control, usually in a specific space or environment, creating chaos, came from the word Amuk or Mengamuk in Indonesian/Malay? 1,290 more words