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Adventures in Openness #7: The Quotable 'Fraggle's Journal'

Wrote this in my journal yesterday and felt impressed to share it here, for whatever it’s worth:

I understand the appeal of giving up.  There’s a certain finality to it, which when you’re in the middle of something that as far as you know will…

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Psychosomatic Disorder?

Hey guys! For the last 6 six months I ve been struggling with the weirdest neurological symptoms. It all started very mildly with some kind of numbness in my forehead. 72 more words

Sascha and the Psychosomatic Blood Vessel

I have started seeing a therapist again a couple of weeks ago. With winter just around the corner and my body all messed up from all the medication I sometimes feel sick and tired of being… well sick and tired. 223 more words


This Above All...

I wonder how many of us have ever questioned ourselves as to why we have reacted –or overreacted – to a particular non-event or external circumstance, that otherwise would not have had so much of an effect, but irrationally or unexpectedly does so. 958 more words

Thoughts & Observations

Why develop our interior life is so important now a days?

Duality physiology and homeostasis
Physiologically, the body’s internal systems have the ability to quickly adjust the imbalances caused by variations of the environment and maintain internal balance that the body needs to ensure their health: every cell, every organ and every system of the body needs a stable environment for function properly; this balance was named… 806 more words


Are You a “Black-Hole,” “Heart-Sink” Patient with SSD?

Doctors have some pretty obnoxious names for difficult patients. “Difficult” comes in many forms. I discuss several in my book, such as the noncompliant, litigious, and seductive patient. 620 more words

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Nick Schendzielos (Job For A Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage) Joins Havok, Band Announces North American Tour

Nick Schendzielos (Job For A Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage) has joined Havok, as their new bassist. He is taking over for Mike Leon. who recently joined Soulfly. 355 more words