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Since the disease pattern of CFS, FMS and GWI affect all major body systems (cardio vascular invasion involving the left ventricle, neurological damage ranging from mild cognitive problems to bi-polar depression or schizophrenia, genitourinary damage presenting incontinence or urethritis, pulmonary symptoms of asthma and the development of fibro masses or nodules in the lungs etc.), this multi-faceted symtomatology is causing a medical merry-go-round in the medical profession starting with a… 230 more words

April 18: Snakebite

Does the snakebite sting

from fangs in the flesh,

the burn automatic

simply somatic?

Or is pain received wisdom

a tale spread through the kingdom… 30 more words


Miracle cures and short-sightedness

I’m in my second day without wearing glasses, because I want to cure my myopia.

If that sounds bizarre, let me explain.

The miracle ‘cure’ 1,225 more words


Prof Howard Hendricks told of his behaviour in Primary School. He used to be an unruly pupil. When a new year started, the class teacher called his name and he identified himself. 439 more words

A Better You

Weltschmerz [Journal 3-17-17]

Akira – Kaneda.

My mood is following a consistent and comprehensible pattern. Every day, I wake up, remember humanity sucks, and am demotivated for a few hours by weltschmerz; then I force myself to start working, and continue til around sundown; afterwhich I shower, cook, then relax the rest of the night – only occasionally being brought down by depression. 385 more words

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(Probably) All In The Mind

I have a lot of problems with my throat, chest, and stomach. Mysterious shooting pains; long-lived scratchinesses and nauseas; difficulty swallowing. Occasionally, one or more of these symptoms will cause me enough distress to go to a GP. 1,261 more words


Psychosomatic symptoms are sort of barometric feedback tools provided for us to gauge the level of contraction & resistance we enact in the moment. They are tools to navigate the process of surrender. 117 more words