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Soul Confession - Part 2 (On Meeting a Soulmate)

“Soul is the incorporeal and immortal essence of a person, living thing or object”

You came like a divine soul to lift and liberate me from the chains of hypocrisy, ‘maya’ to complete the journey of life with me, paired with whom I would reach the ultimatum fulfilling all karmic bonds. 328 more words



I use the word energy in ways that would drive a physicist nuts. Even starting to consider this subject makes me realise how little I’ve consciously thought about it. 1,627 more words


Sharp spasms in the back of my neck, the Trapezius to be exact

Low back pain, Lumbar region

Butt ache, Glutei

Hands, pain in the Thenar eminence… 19 more words


When Soul Meets Body

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Psychosomatic union is a necessary concept in Christian theology that is severely downplayed or altogether disregarded with crippling consequences. What is psychosomatic union? 2,166 more words

Theological Thoughts

I'm Vibrating!

Psychosomatic disorder: A disorder characterized by physical symptoms resulting from psychological factors, usually involving a system of the body such as the gastrointestinal orgenitourinary system. (dictionary.com) 883 more words


Mi Amigo Placebo.

It works!  I’m fixed!  No interest in food…less obsession… even-keeled mood.  This is awesome!  The only problem is the drug needs at least a week to work. 548 more words

Alternative Perspective on Mild Depression

I have struggled with mild depression on and off in my life and have noticed something interesting within the last ten years. I find that there are time periods, especially in the colder months, where my body and my mind slow down. 354 more words