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Are myths anything more than superstitious beliefs?

Today we are discovering or, to be more exact, rediscovering that the inner and outer worlds of our experience are closely related to each other. What we see in the images and experiences of the outer world is in some sense dependent on what elements are currently active within our psyche. 949 more words

Tathagata in Mind

Methods are like maps,

helping travelers along their way.

There are many ways to wake up.

Do not forget,

The map is not the territory 1,802 more words


5 to Shadowless Light: PyschoSpiritual Poetry

PsychoSpiritual Poetry is a phrase I invented to mask my laziness. These posts are what happens when I step from peak to peak– only those with long, crazy, hairy spider legs will follow me. 1,388 more words

Misc. Thoughts

🗣How to speak to your inner selves🗣

Voice Dialogue

Recently, I attended a 2 day workshop on Voice Dialogue with Rufus May and Elizabeth Svanholmer in the Wellness Centre in Dublin City University. 673 more words

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