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Were we mere blank slates?

In a tale of human progress and a defence of progress, people learn from their parents and their parents’ parents, and who, after trials and tribulations, wind up committed to each other. 1,649 more words

Real Beauty Of Islam

GnoTruth Adventures

Sharing for the benefit of beings everywhere. Beautifying this Buddha realm with Dhamma. Enjoy. 874 more words


Eat your Books

Source awareness is walking through various orientations to various teachings. 652 more words


Pull out the Rug

How did this happen? How did the teachings of Yeshua devolve into the insane stuttering of modern Christianity? It was always going to be this way. 816 more words


Occultist Idiots

Those that come closest to GnoTruth, but turn away in favor of greed, anger and delusion– they are worse than those who have never trod the path. 158 more words

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