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Transformation - counterbalancing the negativities in our soul

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

To turn into a good person with a good conduct. Healing is essential. One must turn his back towards negative companies. That is the outward pulling out. 707 more words


Are we capable of trusting others?

via Daily Prompt: Trust

Trust? What is trust?

Is trust the person you could share about your fears and insecurities to without feeling they are not being receptive of it? 345 more words

Real Beauty Of Islam

🗣How to speak to your inner selves🗣

Voice Dialogue

Recently, I attended a 2 day workshop on Voice Dialogue with Rufus May and Elizabeth Svanholmer in the Wellness Centre in Dublin City University. 673 more words

Mental Health

6 Ways Contemplation has Helped Me Focus My Rage. 

In 2014, the public execution of Michael Brown left me pissed. The grotesque display of in-affection towards his humanized Blackness left me ineffably pissed. I start here and not in 2012, in reference to Trayvon Martin, because in 2014 my anger hit a boiling point. 962 more words

Spiritual Diversity: An Exploration of Earth-Based Psychospiritual Healing Practices

ABOUT THE BLOG: Sofia University has been training clinicians, spiritual guides, wellness caregivers, and consultants who choose to apply transpersonal principles and values in a variety of settings for over 40 years. 485 more words

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