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The Six Major Therapies for Complex Psychological Disorders

Psychological ailments are usually characterised by diverse abnormal feelings, thoughts, and etiquettes, which cause significant distress along with personal functional impairment. While home remedies have obviously proven effective, for rapid results, modern-day individuals must go through any of the below-mentioned therapies. 420 more words



This is a man who applied physics to real-life situations. To put this quote into perspective what Einstein is referring to is the scientific term “force” – for example; gravity keeps us on the ground; it is an invisible force and this can be applied to words. 86 more words

Ontario's proposed cuts welcomed by critics of 'boutique psychiatrists' who over-treat wealthy patients

While Ontario doctors have denounced a government proposal to limit funding for psychotherapy, some physicians say they would welcome cuts that “curb boutique psychiatrists” who “over-treat the worried well.” 892 more words


Get Over Yourself: Why You Need to Free Yourself of Self-Importance to Live a Happy Life

I am NOT that important.

The show WILL go on WITH or WITHOUT me….that is fact.

And it liberating to know this. The truth will set you free! 1,127 more words


No more ideas, thank you 

A friend recently told me that she stopped listening to podcasts from a number of self-help gurus because she was fed up of ‘being told what I should do’. 202 more words

Epiphanies and peak experiences

In previous posts I’ve written about the mystery of consciousness and non-ordinary states of consciousness. In this post I’ll examine epiphanies – an ordinary, though not everyday, state of mind – and peak experiences. 921 more words


Transactional Analysis & A.B.I. (Part Two)

Easter may have gone but we’re not yet donning jingle bells around our knees nor skipping around May poles. Hoping you had your fill of buns and chocolate be it milk, dark or diabetic. 688 more words

Brain Injury