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The Flayed Hare

“What should I do?” my friend, Mia, said. Her younger sister is not answering calls from her family nor responding to text messages nor emails. “Does she still see her psychiatrist?” I asked. 492 more words


Session #76: Car Skype

I didn’t want to ask husband whether he’ll be home between 5-5:50pm for Monday’s Skype session because I didn’t want to advertise I have a session with Guy if I don’t have to. 981 more words


what happens when i visit a psychiatrist?

it’s 2020, yet the stigma of mental illness is still strong. it is one of the hindrances in seeking professional help. in other cases, people don’t know what to expect when they visit a psychiatrist. 236 more words

Mental Health Tips

Understanding and Treating Criminal Behaviour, continued

Treatment Components, continued.

6. “Time Line” (paraphrasing Andreas and Andreas, 1987; James and Woodsmall, 1987): Everything exists in your mind, in images of the past, present and future.   198 more words

School disagreement

In my Skype session on Monday, I discussed with Guy a couple of major evens that took place in the few days between my sessions. One was where my sister was reported to say I brought MS upon myself because of the way I lived, as a living warning to her children to not me like me! 1,549 more words


Understanding and Treating Criminal Behaviour, continued.

Treatment Compoments, continued.

5. The “Swish” (Bandler, 1985; Andreas and Andreas, 1987): Picture a common situation in which someone tries to “lay a guilt-trip on you.” Set that picture aside for the moment. 287 more words


Trigger warning: discussion about restricted eating.

I said to Guy, “One of the things though, last week, I do remember that I felt badly and blamed myself when we fell out about me coming here, and I felt like: that I wanted to suddenly drink heavily that day that we were…” 2,760 more words