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એક સાઈકોથેરૅપિસ્ટ તરીકે, હું ક્યારેય ખતનાની ભલામણ નહિં કરું

(This article was first published in English on December 10, 2016. Read the English version here.)

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Combat The Conflict of Opinions

Opinions determine our experience of life. More than anything else, our opinions provide us with who we think we are and how we see the world. 450 more words


Family as a Bootcamp

“It sounds like you were brought up by a pack of wolves,” the teacher said.  “I guess I was,” I said.  I took a semi-private class to explore family dynamics.   1,160 more words


This is such a journey

I had such a sense of what a huge journey this therapy is. It’s immense. You know that whole experience of packing for a holiday, planning destinations and tickets and insurance, and checking you’ve got passports and money before you set off. 2,030 more words


Are You Driven By Trauma?

: Are You The Joker? https://anchor.fm/disreeshaw/episodes/Are-You-The-Joker-e7p0ud

I watched The Joker movie recently and I was really caught up in how traumatised he had been and how driven by trauma he was.

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What a mug

I feel like such an idiot. Guy called me today and apologised profusely for having not messaged me back last Friday. He said he had read it and meant to text me the following day but totally forgot. 436 more words


The Double-Edged Sword

When a person considers and analyzes the functions of the brain, the brain is analyzing itself. As far as the human brain is concerned, it is the only thing on planet earth to have the ability to become self-aware of its own existence. 400 more words