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Ep. 5 - "Where The Hell Is Jess?!"

It was around this time that I started to get concerned about how much of a psychotic bitch Jess might be. Had she really just blatantly lied about removing the ballast or was there some anomaly in Jas’ numbers? 366 more words


I am not an expert on human behavior nor have  I ever claimed to be. The following post is my personal opinion based on my personal experiences. 354 more words

Sex & Dating

Dumb Fxck

I’m a dumb fxck.

Last night I did something stupid, and this has almost cost me my fiancée.

I got irrationally jealous, and became that psychotic bitch, exactly the way I feared I’d get. 826 more words

That Psychotic Bitch....

I’m in love.

This is not a secret. I smile stupidly at the slice of bread I’m buttering in the morning, or zone out when I’m supposed to be listening to someone, because I’m thinking about my woman. 905 more words

Woman in Black and Man on a Ledge

Just got back from watching The Woman in Black – Daniel Radcliffe’s post-Harry Potter movie.  (It was a consensus between me and my 13 year old that he is undoubtedly a “hottie”  especially with his sideburns.)  Honestly, I do not like scary movies.  407 more words

Mama Jones Vs. Frankie!

With all of the reality show coming out I think Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie and Jim Jones mother Mama Jones should get a show together. Yeah that would be a code 10 situation. 33 more words

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