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Some Perspective on Air Travel

In a couple of weeks I’m finally going to finish off another part of my odd and twisted pilgrimage. Five years ago, I made the trip to Washington D.C. 802 more words

Psychotic Ramblings

Regarding the Dents

I feel that, this evening, I have some explaining to do. I’ve had to do it for more than two years now, and I think I’ve finally collected my thoughts on the matter to sufficiently justify – if to no one else but me – why most prized possession still bears the scars of Alberta’s meteorological scourge. 1,512 more words


it only makes sense to me

I’ve gotten lost in the concrete jungle and the wires of the palm trees have tied me up like a bad remake of the evil dead. 293 more words


"Run to the Hills, Run For Your Lives", People Behind Me.

Now that I’ve relocated to Calgary – a glorious city of riches and wonders such as Olive Garden, Cinnzeo, and the passport office – I can turn my attention to something I’ve been meaning to do since July: exact furious, righteous vengeance on this city. 1,660 more words

Psychotic Ramblings

A Violent Game, Does Not A Violent Person Make

Once again, an unspeakably horrible act has forced the backs of those who value the idea of the ‘Muricans’ First Amendment over the Second against the wall; and this time I am compelled to respond. 1,563 more words

Psychotic Ramblings

Short Number 45 - Ouch Random Button, You're Bad for My Ego ;)

“Hey author, I just read 5 of your posts and I have no idea what they were about”

“Hey reader, I am aware of the posts in question. 60 more words


What Does Canada Have Against Lightness?

Canada is – at least compared to the USA – a pretty liberal place as far as what you’re allowed to drive is concerned. Pretty much any car you want can be legally imported, registered and driven if it’s 15 or more years old. 932 more words