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Loose Thread

Questions. So much. Too much. Product of over thinking, Argh! I hate you now! You’ll pay! This is your doing! I can’t take it anymore! Hate is spewing out of my body, anger is consuming my insides. 109 more words


Is my face getting ugly ?

Uglier than usual

That is.

I have sinned

I am a monster indeed

I take full responsibility

Of my sins. 41 more words



Walking down the ally, I knew I was being followed. This entity walked close to me, stopped when I stopped, paced as I paced yet the separation between us grew closer day by day. 525 more words


Oh... My...

That moment… when after 25 years and 8 months, you suddenly realise that the person who gave birth to you is, psychotic, bipolar and sociopathic. 8 more words

That Life Commentary - Chapter Eleven

What else can I say? This is a great reprieve. In spite of the fact that I have no idea how many people regularly view this, doing this does at least distract me from the world at large, and the uncomfortable truths that libertarian reactionaries do exist… 1,771 more words

Opinion Piece

This Will Not Be A Draft

I’ve wrote well I don’t even know how many drafts I am up to over the past few days. That’s not even counting the ones that got completely deleted. 742 more words

Invest In Drone Production Today

Another fothermucking alarm clock!

I wake believing that I’m underground. Way underground. I can tell because of the map on my wall showing emergency exit routes from the “you are here” star. 975 more words

Science Fiction