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Tie A Knot In It

I’m extremely emotional right now. Frustrated, angry, hurt, upset, borderline depressed. I was pseudo fired from my job and placed in a purgatory of sorts, apparently as a punishment. 151 more words


Le Hoax

I had good intentions
But I made bad decisions
Especially this one If I live through, I’d surely regret

I thought I could save you from yourself  191 more words


Reverberation of the mad clamour

I hear noises

When it’s dark and lonely.

I fear voices

When it’s tender and quiet.

I see you there, waiting for me

at the break of the day, 266 more words

Life And Experience

Bloody Homecoming (Video Review)

It’s the final posting day of the month, which means it’s time once again for me talk about a Slasher. This month it’s Bloody Homecoming, a B Slasher from 2012 and one that has some rather dubious messages. 89 more words


Valentines Day Hot Psychotic Girlfriend Funny Military Adult TShirt Required

Valentines Day 2010 is approaching fast with loads of love and happiness on its shoulder and is ready to spread sacred feeling of love among the people across the world. 191 more words

The Wingman

Written by Thomas Stark.

Horror movies are one of the best ways to get a girl to trust you.

At least, that was Tom’s logic.

3,149 more words

Too much face on ugly.

Stuck in the middle of a torrential downpour of human excrement can be exclusively excruciating for everything and everyone involved in the creative process of said shit storm. 316 more words