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The Importance Of Being Gail

The importance of being Gail is to develop a website where your prove that you called your wife a cunt on her death bed and that you told her to hurry up and die so you could collect on the insurance.  13 more words

Bill Schmalfeldt

my mom

my mom didn’t raise a fool. a crazy psychotic bitch…but not a fool. wednesday quote


642 Things to Write About

Put yourself or your character in a place where you feel vulnerable and uneasy.

I’d begun to wonder if I was ever going to get out. 353 more words

Red flags got me like...

A few weeks ago, my favorite radio show, “Johnjay and Rich,” got to talking about red flags in dating. Now, red flags are nothing new, but a lot of the red flags they were talking about were silly — like, don’t date a guy if he wears cargo pants. 346 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Killers Among Us Part 4 of 4

This is a series of posts that is a temporary digression from this blog, normally an art blog. The topic is killers in my life. 201 more words

Mental Illness

Help fund the Bushwick bloodbath ‘Psychotic!’ in final stages of Kickstarter

One of the staff picks for Kickstarter is the Uber slaying hipster slasher from Destruction Inc. PSYCHOTIC!. The feature comes from duo filmmakers  Maxwell Frey and Derek Gibbons who looks to scare the social media out of you with this insane sounding project. 567 more words

Horror News

Check Out the First Scene of This "Psychotic!" New Slasher

There are few faster ways to excite me than by using the words “psychedelic slasher,” so the announcement of the upcoming independent horror film Psychotic! 157 more words