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On second thought I need not have worried this much. Although this is getting a little too far. I’m going mad, trying to find the motives behind what I do. 510 more words

How God Blessed The Broken Road..

Structural Dissociation - Psychotic 'part'

ANP s, EP s, if you don t really get it about those this thread may not make a ton of sense – but if you feel like it bear with me. 86 more words

don't understand

I don’t understand. How many times has Matthew Berdyck threatened lawsuits, or getting the police involved, or the FBI or having the entire government come after people? 238 more words

Amanda Lollar continues to stalk me 24 hours a day She's emailed every person in the world who ever heard my name

Amanda Lollar continues to send the same insane email to every person who has ever had anything to do with me. I received ten today. Who is stalking whom? 257 more words

Butterfly effect

He lay on his side, eyes closed and listening to the wind hum outside. As his eyes slowly slid shut for the last time for the day, in that last moment, in that soft, dark space that tips the sleeper over to the nether side, he heard it. 426 more words