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Powerful paranoia.

i talked to someone about my schizoaffective disorder today. its not something i do a lot, in fact i do it very rarely. i talked about how this illness seems to want to take it to the next level, how it changes things from ‘maybe it’ll happen to me’ to ‘i am being targeted, and it will happen to me’. 561 more words

Do NOT Call Donald Trump Stupid

Do NOT mistake or underestimate Donald Trump. He realizes damned well that informed Americans know this kind of tweet, and all the ones like it are bullshit. 405 more words


The fear of getting hurt makes me behave psychotically. And seriously, I hate this side of me.

My Life

'Un'creepy-uppy schizophrenia. Tell-tail signs.

its 10.30AM and im already away with the fairies today. i have a feeling today will be one of those days. when im away with the fairies its not always bad, in fact today is a bit fairy-tailish. 962 more words

Bad Samaritan - USA, 2018

Bad Samaritan is a 2018 American horror thriller film directed by Dean Devlin from a screenplay by Brandon Boyce; it stars David Tennant, Robert Sheehan, Kerry Condon, Jacqueline Byers, Carlito Olivero, and Lisa Brenner. 247 more words


photography ~ I'd kill for some company

“If you have never lost your sanity, then you have never been in love.”

My week 11 of 52 self portrait.  I decided to partake in this weeks… 374 more words

Everything, Not Poetry

Mental illness and demonic possession

During my first manic episode I experienced no hallucinations. I did not lose touch with reality. I was elated and going at 100mph but that is about it. 308 more words