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A hundred and twenty muscles - Rachel Heng

Lea, a school kid, kills Betty’s rabbit on the show-and-tell day at school. This story is an access to the mind of a sociopath-in-making.

Thoughts. 274 more words

Writing Tips

An Open Letter To My Stepfather

When I was just a little girl, my mom met you and fell in love. She told you she had children, and you even had your own. 793 more words

Sound waves

The air is breaking with sound waves,

they only come to me,

telling me secrets of ancient souls,

secrets of ruined lives.

What do you want from me? 120 more words


Thinking Too Much

Mutated cellular
Networks; disconnected
Rotating pulsars.
Novel perceptions
Within alternative
Timelines; withheld.

The wise
Warn away
Psychotic crazes;
Caffeinated paranoias,
Measured, counted, timed,
Noisily direct static arrays. 33 more words


Why My Mother's Story Matters

This is my job now.  It is a full time responsibility.  I sleep well, but when I awake at 6:00, the first thing I think of is my mother’s story. 1,048 more words

Life In Texas

My Boyfriend the Alien

So I had something really strange thing happen to me a while ago that I haven’t talked about it at all. Me an my boyfriend have rarely brought it up and I was uncomfortable when it did come up. 1,195 more words


note to self

Remember that you’re not like them, not in the slightest. Comfortable ignorance or oblivion but when you sit down and think, you realize the truth and the more you think they can empathize, the worse it will be in the end. 222 more words