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Five Movies That Prove Engineers Are Heroes

To be an engineer is to be underappreciated and misunderstood. You’ve experienced it, I’m sure. You come up with breakthrough solutions to intractable problems every day, only to have friends and family glaze over when you share your excitement. 642 more words

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A productivity enhancing Unified Interface has been included in CADverter V.18!

As part of the CADverter V.18 release, Theorem Solutions have developed a new Unified Interface (UI) to be used as a productivity tool for existing users, and as a publishing tool for new users. 361 more words

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3DPrint.com: Sketchfab Talks 3D Printable Ties

SketchFab recently spoke to one of their community members working on 3D printable neckties about his interesting design and what went into it. Boris Rabinovich… 163 more words

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Did You Know? Create Sweeps with Open Trajectories in PTC Creo

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When many of us began creating 3D models in… 209 more words

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3DPrint.com: Danish Dynamos: Students Make 3D Printed, Manually Powered Lights

“We’ve reported on many student 3D printed projects, from engineering to architecture, and many in the area of design. Teachers and professors have reported that students are apt to become so excited about 3D printing that they become obsessed with the technology, wanting to 3D print everything, even when it’s not truly cost-effective or necessary—it’s just become so fascinating that they jump at every opportunity to 3D print something–anything. 139 more words

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Did You Know? Link PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 Output to PTC Creo Parametric

With the release of PTC Creo Parametric 3.0 M030 , we enhanced the integration with PTC Creo Mathcad Prime 3.1 so that you can embed a PTC Mathcad worksheet directly in the CAD model. 476 more words


Designing Carbon Fiber Propulsion Shafts with PTC Creo

Power plant generators. Agricultural and mining equipment. Refrigeration appliances. Ships sailing on every sea in the world. These are some of the many places you’ll find products made by… 527 more words

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