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At last! Two pterosaur specimens that may be conspecific!

Phylogenetic lumpers
like to consider several closely related specimens conspecific and/or congeneric.

Phylogenetic splitters
do the opposite. Rarely are specimens conspecific and/or congeneric in their eyes. 346 more words

Reptile Family Tree


There is said to be a creature reminiscent of a Pterosaur seen by the people who live in as well as explorers of the Mwinilunga district’s Jiundu swamps of Western Zambia, Angola and Congo. 150 more words

A new Rhamphorhynchus from England

Rhamphorhynchus specimens come from the Solnhofen limestones of southern Germany. A few questionable scraps have been reported from elsewhere around the world.

A recent paper… 829 more words

Reptile Family Tree


Pteranodon was a pterosaur that lived 85 million years ago.  Pteranodon was probably the most famous pterosaur of all time.  I don’t know why, but more people know about him.  165 more words


Pterosaur flight, an engineer's perspective

This video is called Largest flying creature ever – Pterosaurs Documentary HQ.

From Palaeocast today:

Episode 42: Pterosaur aerodynamics

Palaeontology is more than just going out into the field, digging up bones, and putting them back together.

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Pterosaur, Not Dinosaur

The largest pterosaur had a wing span of 36-39 feet (11-11.9 meters) and weighed 190-250 pounds (86-113.5 kilograms).  In comparison, the wandering albatross (which has the largest wingspan of a bird alive today) has a wingspan of up to 11.5 feet.  24 more words


Explore UT - Texas Memorial Museum

Ok. Yes. Things are bigger in Texas. The Texas Memorial Museum has a Great Hall with the “Quetzalcoatalus northropi, the Texas Pterosaur, a flying reptile unearthed in West Texas by The University of Texas at Austin scientists. 31 more words