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'A Pterosaur Drinking Water'

He is always asking for drawings of Tyrannosaurs eating meat. Yesterday I told him to think of something else, something completely different. Here it is. Different.

Colouring Pencils

Ephemeral skull in Solnhofen sediments

The holotype
of Pterodactylus miicronyx, aka the Pester specimen  (Meyer 1856) ELTE V 256, is a small, apparently headless. but otherwise complete and articulated pterosaur specimen (Fig. 232 more words


Hamipterus - a closer look at gender and ontogeny

Wang et al. 2014 introduced us
two years ago to a new collection of pterosaur parts from a monotypic population that was swept together and disarticulated by a flood event. 1,619 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Another flightless pterosaur: the anurognathid PIN 2585/4

This is one of those fossils
I had heard about a long time ago, but never saw until today. I read once, (not sure where, but perhaps in Bakhurina 1988?), that there was a second specimen of… 909 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Dimorphodon Video

Here’s a video about the flying reptile or pterosaur called Dimorphodon. Watch the video and find out why I really find him interesting:

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Over the Heads of Dinosaurs – Pterosaurs!

Speaker Series 2016: “Over the Heads of Dinosaurs – Pterosaurs!”

Pterosaurs (“winged reptiles”) appeared at the same time as the first dinosaurs, about 230 million years ago, and went extinct with the last of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. 197 more words

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