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This 2015 video is called Flying Sky Monsters – Pterosaur Documentary.

From Brown University in the USA:

Study casts doubt on traditional view of pterosaur…

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Quail hip joints are not good models for pterosaur hip joints

Manafzadeh and Padian 2018 tell us:
“Studies of soft tissue effects on joint mobility in extant animals can help to constrain hypotheses about joint mobility in extinct animals. 1,038 more words

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Rotten and Rascal The Two Terrible Pterosaur Twins by Paul Geraghty

Do you have kids that love to argue with each other? Well this might be a good book for you. It is about two pterosaurs that argue ALL the time. 809 more words

Ages 3-5

A Brazilian stem pteranodontid, and Brazil wants its fossils back!

cf.Tupuxuara (SMNK??? Elgin 2014, Early Cretaceous). Originally considered close to Tupuxuara, here this specimen nests between Eopteranodon and the base of the Pteranodontia… 645 more words

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Help fix 'Dracula' the giant Romanian pterosaur

This comes from a press release with photos,
not an academic paper. Evidently there is a new giant azhdarchid pterosaur named Dracula, known from ‘a majority of bones’, from which the following museum mount was created (Fig. 239 more words

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First Post!

Hello there! This is the first post of my first blog and I feel like a complete blog newb but I’m going to post this anyway. 532 more words


Pteranodon quad hopping water takeoff, according to the AMNH

Hopefully this is going to be the last time
the American Museum of Natural History embarrasses itself with bogus pterosaur tricks. We looked at problems from the original 2014 AMNH pterosaur display  735 more words

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