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Pterosaur Exhibit & special Tours at Natural History Museum

If you haven’t seen this exhibit, don’t wait. If you like flying things, you’ll love this. The 125 known species of pterosaurs are not ancestors of birds, but they had the same evolutionary problems to solve. 286 more words


Critter of the Week: Pterodactylus

Meet Terry. He’s a chipper little guy who would love to scramble up onto your shoulder and nibble your ear (just a little nibble, it tickles).   544 more words

Progress Posts

Time to Get Wild! (how we can guess about behavior, and how crazy it can get!)

Now we’ve put all the pieces together and figured out what they mean (sort of).  We’ve done our best to cloth the muscle and bone with fatty tissue, skin, and maybe even feathers.   813 more words


Crease Pattern Challenge 015

Origami Tanteidan’s 15th Crease Pattern Challenge in issue #69 is Satoshi Kamiya’s Archaeopteryx. It’s a fun model to fold, and another I like to make a lot. 376 more words


P-Terry, The Sweet Rapping Pterodactyl

I put out an open call for suggestions on the social medias…this was what I got back as a response; “P-Terry. The sweet rapping pterodactyl.” So….this is what came of it. 16 more words


It looks A LOT like Gladocephaloideus, but it's not one

Among the long-necked ctenochasmatids
close to Gegepterus, is Gladocephaloideus (Lü et al. 2012), a taxon originally considered a cycnorhamphid. A new, smaller specimen with an equally impressive set of long cervicals was recently assigned to the same genus (Lü et al. 968 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Thoughts on Writing - Referencing Other Books For Writing Style

One of the things I’ve found helpful when writing specific scenes, especially if I’m aiming for a certain tone or voice, is to read a book with a similar style. 1,065 more words

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