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Pteranodon was a pterosaur that lived 85 million years ago.  Pteranodon was probably the most famous pterosaur of all time.  I don’t know why, but more people know about him.  165 more words


Pterosaur flight, an engineer's perspective

This video is called Largest flying creature ever – Pterosaurs Documentary HQ.

From Palaeocast today:

Episode 42: Pterosaur aerodynamics

Palaeontology is more than just going out into the field, digging up bones, and putting them back together.

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Pterosaur, Not Dinosaur

The largest pterosaur had a wing span of 36-39 feet (11-11.9 meters) and weighed 190-250 pounds (86-113.5 kilograms).  In comparison, the wandering albatross (which has the largest wingspan of a bird alive today) has a wingspan of up to 11.5 feet.  24 more words


Explore UT - Texas Memorial Museum

Ok. Yes. Things are bigger in Texas. The Texas Memorial Museum has a Great Hall with the “Quetzalcoatalus northropi, the Texas Pterosaur, a flying reptile unearthed in West Texas by The University of Texas at Austin scientists. 31 more words


The AMNH animated Jeholopterus

Updated March 3, 2015 with the addition of a dorsal view of Jeholopterus.

About a year ago
the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City (NYC) put on a… 963 more words


TIme to Flip Plataleorhynchus (a spoonbill pterosaur)

Howse and Milner (1995)
described a spoonbill rostrum lacking teeth in place. They correctly compared it to the much smaller pterosaur Gnathosaurus and called their English find  558 more words