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Pterosaur fossil with poop discovery

From Smithsonian.com in the USA:

Fossilized Poop is Rare, Fossilized Poop Inside a Fossilized Dinosaur is Even Rarer

This title is a bit misleading; as the article is about a…

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The Kongamato: Destroyer of Boats, Soiler of Underwear

You might remember our visit a few weeks ago to the billabongs of Australia, when we encountered everyone’s favorite dog/sheep/serpent/flippery thing.  Now we travel to the Jiundu backwaters of Zambia, Angola, and the Congo, where something else waits to burst from the murk–a prehistoric monster that should have went extinct, but never did. 867 more words

Raeticodactylus skull

Raeticodactylus (Fröbisch and Fröbisch 2006, Stecher 2008, Fig.1) is a skinny, nose–crested, Triassic pterosaur that nests with the holotype of Austriadactylus (Fig. 3), also a Triassic nose-crested pterosaur. 599 more words

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Uncanny Georgia: Pterosaurs

Yes, pterosaurs. Apparently, there have been several sightings of large flying creatures in north Georgia that strongly resemble pterosaurs, prehistoric flying reptiles believed extinct for 65 million years. 293 more words


What lies beneath: Solnhofen fossil before and after preparation

Solnhofen formation fossils
(Latest Jurassic, Germany) are famous for their detail and for the variety of animals found within the hundreds of layers that make up the formation. 233 more words

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At last! Two pterosaur specimens that may be conspecific!

Phylogenetic lumpers
like to consider several closely related specimens conspecific and/or congeneric.

Phylogenetic splitters
do the opposite. Rarely are specimens conspecific and/or congeneric in their eyes. 346 more words

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