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Tough Love has been scorned as a dangerous technique in handling teens or adults struggling with addictions, such as those who engage in substance abuse. Some treatment centres use the term tough love to refer to a harsh approach that breaks down the will of the person.

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Well. I had therapy today except it was more like a complete venting session. I basically explained everything that has happened with Jack, my family, and going back to work. 15 more words

Validation and severity ~in trauma and mental health~

I think of ‘trauma’ as a massive umbrella term used to describe an event or events that have occurred in your life, and what you experienced was unpleasant and/or distressing and has been hard to cope with and had an impact on your life in some way. 287 more words

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Wondering how my day is going? Well I started the day at midnight by not sleeping so Kiley and I stayed up til like 4am watching Netflix before we fell asleep and woke up at 1pm to two kids, two dogs, and on adult in addition to me and Kiley in the bed. 984 more words

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The world eventually broke Hemingway to the point that he took his own life. Many have speculated about the reason(s) why the greatest American author of his time took his own life, even I discussed it in One Day I Was. 192 more words

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