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Thank You For Cooking My Children : Adventures in Therapeutic Strategies for Traumatized Children and Their Stinky Parents!

The whole family has been “cooked”. We are wildly flopping our noodle arms around the room and bobbing along on freshly noodled legs. My family of spaghetti is dancing around the therapist in a freshly cooked state with their therapist. 868 more words


The STUPID medical system in America

okay. I just need to bitch here for a minute. America has to have one of the WORST medical care systems/ health care systems ever!! (Don’t get me started too much on this, cuz I could go on forever) I mean in no other country (with the exception of 2 or 3, in which case it’s very rare) does medical debt even EXIST. 580 more words


Today…I’m pretty much just winging it.  Had no real plan for a blog post, it just came to me as I was doing my thing, and trying to De-Stress.   560 more words


Tuesday Motivation

Part of recovery is helping others with no expectation of anything in return. There is no greater gift than helping someone who can never pay you back. 26 more words

Mental Health

An Apology To Polite Society

If you took the time to read my previous post, you would have seen the end, I lashed out at someone unnecessarily. This is why I, and other people like me, those that suffer from debilitating PTSD, anxiety, and other social phobias are kept from living life like normal people. 838 more words


Every Sunrise Matters

I’ve written before about my struggles with depression and suicidal ideations. It’s once of the reasons I’m rather obsessed with photographing the sunrise. I don’t manage it every day, but I try to do it as often as possible. 64 more words


Study Details Prevalence Of Ptsd In Vietnam War Women Vets

Women who served in Vietnam have higher odds of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than women stationed during that era in the United States, and this effect appears to be associated with wartime exposures including sexual discrimination or harassment and job performance pressures, according to a new article. 9 more words