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"Goodbye, My Friend" and "In Memoriam: Porthos, 1985-2013" (Encore)

On the evening of Monday, March 25, 2013, I was leaving a dinner meeting w aith colleagues, a group with whom I had been meeting for just under twenty years, once a month during the school year, to eat together and to support each other in our work. 1,187 more words



She rides a wave of blackest night
Her anger a passion of newest delight
Long has she held her mask of purest peace.
Now anger is her newest embrace… 45 more words


The Revenant (the novel and the movie) and PTSD

First things first, I won’t spoil either the novel version or the movie version of The Revenant.  Second, The Revenant is not exactly my type of book or movie, but this was for one of my book clubs.   479 more words


The underlying truth

Do you ever think about what having PTSD can do to a person physically, mentally, emotionally, or all around?  Some people can cope with this disorder a little better then others.  240 more words



No, its not a medication used to treat PTSD but being on it for other conditions can seriously increase PTSD symptoms. I just want to give people the heads up. 70 more words

yesterdays stuff: progress

The shrinks appointments aren’t as frequent as last year…think that’s called progress ;)

But we kicked off the sesh with the usual catch up, and I got to tell her I’ve dropped the ‘walking stick’; dropped the benzos; and dropped taking the pillow and blanky everywhere with me :) … it’s all progress… 357 more words



I feel raw.

I feel raw and surprisingly, I am okay with this. I decided today to share my blog with my counselor. I thought that I could be brave, again. 360 more words