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Clickbait Article About Mental Illnesses and Why You Should Read This In the Title

Trigger warning: rape, mental illness, mention of Ted Cruz

I have never been more beat up by anything in the way mental disorders have swung a bat straight into my skull and sent it flying off my neck into the world’s most poetic home run; these fractures, though fragmentations of my mind, are so real the very mush of my brain is infused with muck. 833 more words


I'm Still Here Fighting

I cut a total of thirty times since last post. I’m feeling down feeling the cut and burn. I’m tired and need something else to take off my mind about the children being removed. 315 more words

Looking For Some Blogging Help...

I’ve gone over and over Word Press and I’m obviously missing something but then again, I always joke and say that I need to see the instructional DVD on anything. 297 more words


The Kids

I grew up in the church. I was part of the “True Love Waits” generation. I remember when my church youth group talked about sex. My youth leader stood in front of us and talked about a sacred covenant between a man and a woman that was blessed by God. 862 more words



On days like today I want to blame someone for all of the pain. I want to lash out and destroy something perfect, something beautiful. But mostly, I just don’t want to feel so alone. 527 more words

Don't look at me.

One of my clearest memories of the abuse with X, is also one of the memories which triggers the most flashbacks.

It’s the reason I don’t like to be looked at, why I sometimes wish I was invisible, why I have hated my body for 20 years, and linked to why I started down the road to anorexia. 788 more words


I feel very unsafe at the moment. Not sure whats going on. Just know I feel anxious and triggered. There is also a lot of internal stuff going on, its kind of chaotic inside right now. 67 more words