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On 'anti-slut defence' tactics, 'slut-shaming', and their critics

ASD, or anti-slut defence is a term used in the PUA or Red Pill space. It refers to behavioural and psychological tendencies of women to resist seduction by men they really want to have sex with, in order to maintain their non-slutty reputation and self-image. 1,848 more words


Sex and happiness

I responded to a thread on The Red Pill subreddit.

Does a sex abundant lifestyle, being a player an alpha male actually lead to happiness?

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Valor sexual de mercado: Por que razão os looks e o dinheiro não são o mais importante?

Ao contrário do que acontece em outros espaços supostamente masculinos como o Men’s Health  ou o Reddit, onde feministas e paladinos da justiça social juntam esforços para obstruir a verdadeira narrativa da redpill, o fórum… 2,490 more words


Sexual immorality in the Bible

Just a reminder for the PUAs lurking. You are not traditional and certainly not Christian. You’re not even cucks, you’re not right-wing at all, let alone Alt Right. 262 more words

My Skype Coaching Session with Tom Torero

Audio recording of my Skype coaching session with the Legendary Tom Torero. Enjoy ;)

– Himalaya


The Road to 300 Daygame Approaches [Part 3]

This chapter of my Daygame journey covers sets 251 – 275. It’s pretty much a string of blowouts. Listen if you want to feel the reality of the Daygame grind.

– Himalaya


The Right

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