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Thoracolumbar Syndrome: The Great Mimic (1)

Thoracolumbar Syndrome (TLS) is the “great mimic” due to its similar presentation as sacroiliac syndrome, hip pain and pubic pain. The most obvious cause of TLS is lack of diaphragmatic breathing. 199 more words


One problem that many pregnant women complain about is pubic pain. Yet doctors and midwives often dismiss this pain as either “inconsequential,” “unfixable,” or “just one of those pregnancy discomforts that have to be endured.” 836 more words


5 Months

Hitting the 5 month point is pretty exciting.  It’s ridiculous that it is not until now that I really feel okay telling people I’m pregnant and being open about it.   460 more words

The weird pains of healing.

It’s been four weeks since my operation to remove my ovary, and on the whole I’m feeling ok. I am allowed to do light house work, but still no lifting, hoovering, driving or sexing. 475 more words

Ovarian Cysts

28 Weeks Today

So it has been busy with the holidays and my cramping pelvis and gym visits. DH wanted to return this computer and finally he said that I should just keep it and we will use it till it dies. 297 more words


Okay, ladies, not sure if you’ve all experienced this, or none of you, but I’ll share my experience.  Today I thought my pubic area was going to explode.   306 more words


13-14 Months Post-Op - My Life One Year After SI Surgery

One year post-op came and went on June 28th. I celebrated by bringing a puppy into my home. Little did I know how much he would change my life! 636 more words

SI Surgery