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Breathe in..now breathe out

Okay guys, this is your warning. This post will be long. This post will be stressful to read. Honestly, writing it was just as stressful as going through it but I’m going to try and make it easier on you guys. 993 more words

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Procrastination: a battle or a war?

The countdown had begun. It was officially five days until Midterm. Students were now like crazed animals in a zoo, banging at the glass barriers attempting to break free. 502 more words

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The one with the Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas

Quarter past seven in the morning and I am woken by the sounds of my phone alarm ringing. It was Monday morning of week five and I had a sub-editing and design lab starting in less than two hours. 645 more words

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And so the story begins..

Four weeks ago, I began to question what possibilities this semester would bring; which modules I would be attending, would I enjoy the material I would be learning and also what tasks would be asked of me from those modules. 407 more words

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Home in ColoRADo

I’ve been back home in Colorado since Sunday. I left Bloomington at around 4pm on Saturday and just drove Gertie and I all night on I-70 and arrived at my cousin’s around 8am. 816 more words