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I say vicar…it’s a farce.

To say that the current state of play over TV debates before the General Election is a complete farce is an under-statement. No one has come out of this slow-motion disaster with any real credit. 466 more words

News And Politics

Gov. Walker's budget would cut funding for public broadcasting

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Leaders of Wisconsin’s public broadcasting system say budget cuts proposed by Gov. Scott Walker could put some shows on the chopping block. 150 more words


Woe is the CBC

When shots rang on Parliament Hill, a nation sat rapt to its screens.

On television sets and computer screens, in the earbuds of a nation, Peter Mansbridge’s baritone allayed their fears. 1,930 more words


Every Picture Tells a Story

The following is a guest post by Producer/Writer Elizabeth Deane.

Every Picture Tells a Story had its premiere in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress in February, 2014, at the launch of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB). 417 more words

American Archive

New project for the new year: AAPB awarded a grant from CLIR

WGBH, in collaboration with the Library of Congress, has been awarded a grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) to lead the National Educational Television (NET) Collection Catalog Project, the first project to build upon the American Archive of Public Broadcasting initiative. 501 more words


1967 Public Broadcasting Act

1967 Public Broadcasting Act of 1967

An Act to amend the Communications Act of 1934 by extending and improving the provisions thereof relating to grants for construction of educational television broadcasting facilities, by authorizing assistance in the construction of non-commercial educational radio broadcasting facilities, by establishing a nonprofit corporation to assist in establishing innovative educational programs, to facilitate educational program availability, and to aid the operation of educational broadcasting facilities; and to authorize a comprehensive study of instructional television and radio; and for other purposes.


A Case for Defunding Public Broadcasting

(Re-Blogged from Cato Institute, by Trevor Burrus)

Public broadcasting has been in critics’ crosshairs since its creation in 1967. Assailed from all sides with allegations of bias, charges of political influence, and threats to defund their operations, public broadcasters have responded with everything from outright denial to personnel changes, but never have they squarely faced the fundamental problem: government-funded media companies are inherently problematic and impossible to reconcile with either the First Amendment or a government of constitutionally limited powers. 146 more words