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Viewers Like Q & A

Way back in the dark recesses of time, before I worked at UNC-TV, I was a viewer like you. I still am, of course, but back then I was just a young lad with a typewriter and a passion for public television programming. 301 more words

Getting the (Big) Bird

One day, in my youth, a teacher took me to a room where just about everything was removed except for a TV and a chair. My instructions were simple: At a certain time the teacher was to turn on the TV and leave me to watch a program. 733 more words


Here's why people are upset about Sesame Street moving to HBO

Twitter and other social-news outlets were filled with images of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Thursday, and mashups that blended Sesame Street characters with those from Game of Thrones and True Detective. 862 more words


Why Sesame Street Going To HBO Is A Very Big Deal For PBS And Public Broadcasting

This episode of Sesame Street is now brought to you by the letters H, B, O, and $.  Yep, Sesame Street is taking their new episodes from PBS to HBO starting this Fall.  877 more words

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The Big TPP Push in Hawai'i

Right now, in Hawai’i, a huge push is on to ratify the Worst Trade Deal Ever.

The CBC and Canada Post and so many other sacred ways we used to do things will be victims. 124 more words


The BBC can save itself by embracing freedom

Recently there has been much talk and some hysteria about the UK government’s alleged plans to significantly cut the BBC’s funding and weaken its highly beneficial bond with the coercive apparatus of the State. 595 more words