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Verizon: Using the cloud is now just "table stakes"

Everyone’s doing it

This, according to Verizon’s State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016 report (no signup required). 84% of Verizon’s enterprise-level cloud customers said their use of the cloud increased in the past year. 431 more words


Multiple Secured Sites in One Web Role on Windows Azure | Mukul K Gupta | LinkedIn

Great hands-on post by DynApt’s CTO Mukul on how to securely host multiple websites in a single web role… Azure PaaS is something that Mukul has been leveraging since Microsoft came out with it in 2009. 161 more words

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Benifit of Hybrid cloud computing

Hybrid cloud-an infrastructural arrangement combining client cloud–identified as private cloud and at least one cloud which is the third party service provider .the interfaces or touch points existing between two clouds creates a computing environment which is conducive. 593 more words


Computing is going in one direction – towards the Cloud

Came across this article in Ars Technica UK (Warning: it’s a bit of an Infomercial with content sponsored by HP Enterprise), the basic premise is valid. 297 more words


Google Has a More Flexible Way to Buy Its Cloud

Google on Wednesday announced a set of new custom cloud capabilities that should make it easier for customers to select the cloud resources that best meet their needs, while cutting down on a common problem—buying more capability than needed. 372 more words


Netflix Open Sources Spinnaker - another blow to self created complexity of public cloud vendors

This is great news ! Another cool step in taking the complexity out of deployments across multiple clouds… software developers need to focus on business logic rather than having to worry about deployment & manageability aspects once the application is on a public cloud platform. 155 more words

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If You Thought Cloud Consolidation Was Over, Think Again

Cloud consolidation has been running fast and furious over the past 12 months or so, possibly equaling or even surpassing the frenetic M&A activity of the previous year. 624 more words