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Deploying Software Defined Storage with Cloud Containers

Over at The Virtualization Guy blog, Gaston Pantana wrote a great post on how to integrate SoftLayer’s Object Storage with QuantaStor using Cloud Containers. Cloud Containers let you back up storage volumes to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and IBM/SoftLayer Object Storage. 29 more words

Software Defined Storage

Automating Business Operations with Private Cloud Technology

By Christian Lappin, TierPoint Sr. Sales Engineer

When it comes to business and technology, the main objective has long been automate, automate and automate some more. 328 more words


If you thought cloud competition couldn't get hotter, think again

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has opened a data center hub in Silicon Valley, adding yet another gigantic player to a growing, but already hotly-contested cloud computing market. 201 more words

IBM & aPersona partner to Secure Public Cloud

IBM has partnered with aPersona to create an incredibly secure, Bluemix-hosted authentication solution. aPersona’s frictionless Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication platform (aP-aMFA) provides developers using Bluemix instant login and transaction protection for their applications. 323 more words


Cloud options mean decisions, decisions for IT buyers

Much has been written about cloud consolidation, with M&A roiling the cloudscape over the past few months: Cisco bought Metacloud, EMC bought Cloudscaling280 more words

Dropbox users get another 100GB of extra Microsoft OneDrive storage for free for 1 year

For those looking to get 100GB of extra Microsoft OneDrive (prevously named Skydrive) storage for 1 year, click the following link:

For those who missed it, you can also get an additional 100GB for 2 years. 9 more words


Pluralsight is offering free access to 13 courses

Pluralsight is offering free access to selected courses. The offer is only available through April 30, 2015 and can be found here: https://offers.pluralsight.com/technet

There are 13 Pluralsight courses included with the TechNet benefit and I’m personally very interested in the ones about Azure. 111 more words