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Legislative Update #5

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update
28 May 2016

This week the focus was still on the budget.  The Senate has not yet released its proposed budget; however, it is expected to do so on Tuesday.  228 more words

Ncga Interference

Celebrating the Elimination of Provincial Exams?

If I wasn’t so familiar with the Ministry of Education’s Jekyll-and-Hyde character, I’d be thrilled with the new Graduation Program. After decades of frustration about the limits to student learning experiences that provincial exams set, I’d love to pop a champagne cork now that I am free of the fetters they placed on my lessons.   591 more words

Education For The 21st Century

Conference Call

We have more conferences than you can shake a stick at. By and large these confabs don’t take place in the big beautiful churches we build and are on the hook for the mortgages. 537 more words

3 Negatives Do Not Make a Positive - Senator Berger's Hiding in the Details

This past week Sen. Phil Berger and other GOP leaders announced a skeletal proposal to raise teacher salaries this summer session. Yet, while it appears to be a great gain on the outside, it lacks enough explanation to remove doubt. 651 more words

Letter to Premier of BC and Ministry of Education

Today, I e-mailed the Premier of BC, Christy Clark, and Ministry of Education, Mike Bernier reminding them their responsibility as elected officials.

As much as I want to remain quiet about what is happening in Vancouver public system, I am addressing it on this platform to raise public awareness on severe budget shortfall that will result in school closures, program cuts, and job losses. 40 more words


When Monsters Attack Your School...

This video illustrates one of the very few problems that do not plague public schools, these days–invasion by huge and deadly prehistoric predators.

In this case we have a rather nasty creature, a Gorgonopsid from the Triassic, rampaging through a public school building and, incidentally, demonstrating its somewhat shoddy construction. 73 more words


Feminist Math-O-Matics!

Wel, i has had my Moth Hormoans shot for today and than i had a wash rag for breckfast (not bad with mapple sirup!) and now i has got my self “into” a contemptaplative mood wich is somthing us interrlecturals hear at the collidge we doo it al the time! 174 more words

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