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Tommy Boy and the Class Size Crisis - Concerning Sen. John Alexander's Empty Words

I miss Chris Farley.

His stint on Saturday Night Live is still memorable. There’s that opening number with Patrick Swayze where he and Swayze were competing for a spot in the Chippendale dancers. 628 more words

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Ohio State... vs. 'White Hetero Masculinity'

If you despise your children and enjoy wasting money, send them to Ohio State and encourage them to take a new “course” that seeks to batter down “white heterosexual masculinity,” presuming they can still find any on the campus ( 171 more words

Culture Rot

A Quality, State-Run Education

State owned primary and secondary schools in Scotland are idolatrous indoctrination academies, not institutions of fine education. Yes, I know that makes me sound all fundy. 328 more words


3 Self-Care Tips for Teachers

You’re a teacher. You know the immense demands that the profession requires. You are committed to your students as if they were your own flesh and blood. 1,326 more words


Hallelujah, and Pass the Lard! - Sen Joyce Krawiec's Uneducated Assertion on the Class Size Mandate

“If brains were lard, you couldn’t grease a small skillet.”

– Sen. Joyce Krawiec, Jan. 20, 2017 in reference to the people participating in the Women’s March. 479 more words

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Please Tell Me They Were Kidding...

In 1997, at the National Governors Assn. Winter Meeting, Hollywood director Rob “Meat-Head” Reiner, who is not a governor, introduced a scheme for government “experts” to intervene in the development of every child from birth to age three, so as to ensure that everyone “develops” properly. 296 more words

Public Education

A Chilling Tale: Addressing the Inequality in Our Schools

The cold streak that just blasted the Northeast closed dozens of schools in Baltimore City because of outdated heating and cooling systems. There are squabbles over who or what lays at fault; is it mismanagement or a lack of funds? 578 more words