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Connecting Dots

Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Lesley University Professor Emerita, recently stated the following during an acceptance speech for the Deborah Meier award. Dr. Carlsson-Paige cites a statistic from the DOE Department of Civil Rights which reports that 8,000… 364 more words


Questions raised about school obesity programs

In evaluating approaches to addressing obesity, the 85th Legislature may consider one study’s findings that a state-funded fitness program did not achieve its goal of reducing obesity among Texas middle school students.  730 more words

Public Education

The Agony of Reading Books by the Wrong Color People

Every time you think America’s university system has hit bottom, it lurches down another notch. You’re gonna just love this story from Columbia University–under Herbert Marcuse in the 1960s, one of the original hatcheries of American Stalinism. 252 more words


Susan Robertson on private interests and public education

When private interests into public education simply do not go was the theme of this year’s excellent Caroline Benn Memorial lecture given by Professor Susan Robertson of the University of Bristol on 10th November at the House of Commons. 601 more words


NYTimes: Urban Charter Schools Often Succeed. Suburban Ones Often Don’t.

Charters work for urban poor non white populations, but not in suburban white middle class areas.

So clearly charters have a role and place in education, just not everywhere. 50 more words


College Day

There are lots of things about my job that I love. Even though I haven’t had my own set of kids for over a year and a half, I do get to interact with students across the district on at least a weekly basis, albeit for only a few minutes at a time. 1,032 more words


Collidge Morons Demand Control of News Reporting

What happens when two dysfunctional institutions come together? Twice as much idiocy!

Recently a bunch of “students” at Smith College–tuition, $63,950 a year: so how badly oppressed could they be?–staged a big fat protest over imaginary “racial discrimination.” When the noozies showed up to cover it, the “students” said no media would be allowed in unless they swore to “articulate their solidarity with black students” and promised that their news reports would be favorable to the alleged students ( … 102 more words