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Need another reminder to ALWAYS Vote?

“What were they thinking?”

Oklahoma Committee Votes to End Public Education SB1187 via Daily Kos

Currently making its inglorious way through the rancid pile of poop that is the Oklahoma State Legislature is a little doozy innocuously entitled Senate Bill 1187. 411 more words

Public Education

The Sports Defener Part Deux: Sports and "Disruptors"

Listen: I’ve written about sports before. That was coming from a personal angle, obviously, but I feel like it needs revisiting because, a) it’s much deeper than I initially discussed, and b) some of you assholes are still asshol-ing. 728 more words

Administrative Law 101: Administrators Must Implement the Law as Written

The New Jersey State Board of Education is currently considering regulations that would make passing PARCC ELA 10 and PARCC Algebra I high school graduation requirements for all New Jersey public school students starting with the Class of 2021. 1,797 more words

Summer Pay, Explained

How would you like it if your employer said “you absolutely have done the work, but I’m not going to be able to be able to finish paying you?” Basically, that is what is happening to teachers in the Detroit Public Schools this week. 374 more words


Why Teachers Can't Win

Detroit City school teachers called for a sick-out and closed 94 schools in the beleaguered city today. The sick-out is the result of the teachers learning over the weekend that Detroit Public Schools will not be paying them after June 30th unless the legislature comes to the rescue with additional funding. 411 more words

Public Education

Silicon Valley to Congress: Time to Pay Up for Coding in Schools

Microsoft and Apple finally found something they can agree on: School technology—specifically, more funding to teach the next generation of computer coders.

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined dozens of other big-name technology executives, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, … 310 more words

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