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Map Orkney Month Week 4: Winding the clock, drawing Stromness and imaginary journeys from elsewhere

Lara, Leah, Sally, Maria, Lizzie, Kyle, Mary, Saini and James: Imaginary tours of Orkney from elsewhere in the UK 01, 07, 08/03

In response to the idea to create imaginary sites to add to the Map Orkney Month archive, blurring the distinction between fact and fiction as the archive moves into the future, we mapped a group journey around Orkney, using prompts from the real Orkney, but in the landscapes around where we each live. 1,575 more words


Do you want to work for me?

I need to recruit an assistant for the public engagement project I’m just starting: Nappy Science Gang.

Could suit someone just starting out in their career in science communication or similar. 648 more words


Participation Now and 21st Century Public Engagement 3/3: Being Public-centric in Practice

When it comes to considering the versions of the public that will (and will not) be supported by a particular engagement initiative, there are choices you will… 696 more words


Re-Thinking the 'War on Science'

I have always liked the National Geographic. As a child, its glossy images were a window into new and fascinating worlds. I still love reading the dusty copies found on the shelves of old hotels and collected in suitcases in second-hand shops. 912 more words

Scientists, solar eclipses, and smartphones

‘Interdisciplinary collaboration’ is a phrase familiar to many scientists. It is tied into funding applications, policy decisions, and teaching. But sometimes, it is the wonder of science and science alone that brings people from all different walks of life together, and that’s what happened on Friday March 20th when, briefly, the moon eclipsed the sun and the earth was plunged into darkness. 592 more words

Public Engagement

Life After the PhD: Sarah Holland

In anticipation of our upcoming event on ‘Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane: Life After the PhD’, we are continuing our series of reflective posts on early-career life with a guest post from Dr Sarah Holland. 963 more words

Early Career Researchers

Early birds and worms: Why engaging with your comms team at the start of your project really is the tastiest option

“I’m not psychic!” is the clarion call of many an in-house comms pro. And, oh, if we were – wouldn’t the world be a better place? 677 more words