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San Francisco Exhibitionist Facial

I was just emailed these three pictures with a great story and asked if I would post them. Are you kidding, of course I will and am.

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Erect In Public

Marc is just walking down the street. He even tips his as he passes a photographer rather than using his hands like others might, to cover their raging boner. 15 more words

Erect In Public

Showing Off What He Has and Hasn't Got

I love the face that Marc seems happy being naked – even when everyone can see what he has and hasn’t got. Size does not equal happiness. 14 more words

Erect In Public

Losing It at the Golden Gate Bridge

I copied the story behind these pictures from another site –

“I had seen some of this guys photos taken erect at this park with the Golden Gate Bridge but thought he didn’t go far enough. 363 more words

Erect In Public

Showing Off at Full Strength

Marc is standing around totally in the buff. I guess if you don’t havea big endowment the best way to be seen is at full strength. 35 more words

Erect In Public

The Difference Between a Nudist and a Exhibitionist

Two guys naked in public.

Lloyd, the one on the right is a nudist. He’s just happy to be naked and is relaxed about it. 69 more words

Erect In Public

Erect in Public

Marc looks a little lost. Well he lost his way, his clothes and his modesty. He has balls though. The balls of a true exhibitionist. 11 more words

Erect In Public