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Senate Tweaks Doomed Program

Well, huzzah. The State Senate has approved a change in the public financing law. Currently, a candidate who wants public financing has to wait until February 15 to say or do anything campaign-related. 523 more words

Seven Days

Time to get serious about public campaign financing

So a federal judge has upheld the constitutionality of Vermont’s public financing law. Too bad he couldn’t rule on the ridiculousness of the law, because that decision would have gone very differently. 433 more words

Dean Corren

Should DeKalb Schools Participate in the Assembly TAD? (Part 1)

This post is the first in a two-part series examining the use of a tax allocation district (TAD) in the Doraville Assembly redevelopment. This might not seem to be related to education, but I believe the school system and its families could potentially benefit financially from participation in the TAD. 1,069 more words

DeKalb Schools

Further thoughts on the Lite-Gov race

My recent post on Sen. David Zuckerman’s candidacy for lieutenant governor drew a couple of intelligent comments, which prompted this return to the subject. But I’ll begin with another reminder from the archives, which creates some doubt about Rep. 741 more words

2016 Election

The Progressives are kinda screwed

Whiter the Progressive Party? I don’t know; there isn’t a clear path forward, and obstacles litter the landscape. They’ve gained strength in the legislature, mainly by running candidates on the P/D or D/P tickets; but they’ve just about reached the limits of that tactic, and may have hit a glass ceiling. 959 more words

2016 Election

Episode 4: Stadium Funding


On this episode, Mark and George talk about their cities’ respective NFL stadiums currently under development. Atlanta and Minnesota are both using public financing for the development of these professional sports teams. 33 more words