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Impacts of the competitive democracy in the allocation of public resources in a poorer society

Increasing the consumption of private goods among the ruled majority (through the intervention of state in a competitive democracy) would gradually increase their demand for public goods. 202 more words

Economics Of Governance

Bezahlbarer Wohnraum ist die halbe Miete

Dirk Löhr

Anbei ein Vortrag, gehalten von mir am 21.03.2019 bei ATTAC in Augsburg.

Bezahlbarer Wohnraum ist die halbe Miete

Toll, dass ATTAC das Thema angeht! 8 more words


Elite-controlled governments may not have the incentive to provide private goods to the majority, especially when there is not enough competition in politics

There could be an `elite capture’ of governance. Here a greater part of the resources (including public resources like minerals, etc.) are kept under the custody of the elites. 324 more words

Economics Of Governance

Poor people demand more of private goods

Private goods are excludable and divisible. For example, food or drinking water is one such private goods. One persons’ consumption of a particular food would reduce its availability to others. 333 more words

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What is wrong with privatizing roads compared to the privatization of buses?

Author: Sheri (email: shaharban79@gmail.com)

Roads are `public goods’. This is so since the marginal cost of allowing one more person to use it is near zero when there is no congestion in the road. 181 more words

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Free Immigration is not a Classical Liberal Right

My eye caught this article, which stands in a long tradition among libertarians.

It is the kind of fairy tale theory that gives liberal thought a bad name in general, and classical liberal thought in particular, as… 388 more words


Defending yourself defends others

Mar 10 JDN 2458553

There’s a meme going around the feminist community that is very well-intentioned, but dangerously misguided. I first encountered it as a tweet… 1,612 more words