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Micro Chapter 7 Review (Mateer & Coppock)

The Kahoot provides 16 end-of-chapter questions on externalities, public goods, the Coase Theorem and the tragedy of the commons.

This Kahoot! is not publicly available because the author uses it as an assessment. 27 more words


Understanding "Public Goods"

I wrote last month about “anarcho-capitalists” who think we don’t need any government because markets can provide everything.

Most people, though, think that there are certain things (such as national defense and the… 649 more words

Big Government

There Isn't Such Thing as "Free Lunch"

1. Introduction

Public goods have grabbed the attention of policy makers by occupying a prominent place in the consumers’ lives. Questions about the optimal level of public good, mechanism of providing public goods, how the income diversity should be reflected in the contribution of the public goods, etc. 9,068 more words

Experiemental Evidence

The Private Production of Defense

Lucas’ post reminded me of a piece that I wrote for his website ThinkIR, in 2013. Most of it I re-used in my book… 1,131 more words

Current Events

About Ocean Reef Community Foundation and Supporting Existing Funds

With over two decades of experience in the private air travel industry, Justin Firestone leverages his extensive knowledge about private jets to manage Wheels Up. Engaged with his community and industry partners, Justin Firestone is a member of the Florida Council of 100 and a trustee of the… 154 more words

Public Goods

Different Types of Goods in Economy

Normal Goods –

A normal good is a good whose demand increases with increase in income, and demand decreases when income decreases. It has a direct relationship with income. 927 more words