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Accountability the PAP way

“Your definition of accountability is to push this on your low-level employees. This is gutless leadership.”Senator Elizabeth Warren NYT Dealbook

She was castigating the CEO and chairman of Wells Fargo at a recent hearing on the bank’s abuse of customers’ trust. 139 more words

Political Governance

This is what happens when you bareback!

A middle-aged man who had just suffered a heart attack was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Once there and upon examination, the doctors discovered that the man was also suffering from numerous sexually transmitted infections. 340 more words

Harm Reduction

Racial and Ethnic Healthcare Disparities: Is Complete Equity Attainable

Practicing medicine in underprivileged communities in Kenya, I was exposed to healthcare disparities on a daily basis- Poor access to antiretroviral medication, HIV stigma, rising rates of maternal and infant mortality to name a few. 663 more words

Health Disparities

Record rains are sending untreated sewage into U.S. cities

Record rainstorms across the U.S. in the past year have continued to make national news, causing billions of dollars of flood damage and killing dozens. But what has barely made headlines is that these floods often cause massive overflows of untreated sewage into streams, rivers, bays, canals, and even streets and homes. 399 more words

Climate & Energy

Rash and Allergies in the San Francisco Bay Area

Have you noticed many people in the peninsula areas with a pink/reddish face lately?  Are you currently suffering from it and feel embarrassed walking around?  Is your scalp itchy, your face warm?   686 more words