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Fatties and smokers should not be demonised

They are demonised by govts round the world because of the costs they impose on society.

It is the long-living healthy (non-smoking, non-obese) who ultimately generate the highest lifetime medical costs… 112 more words

Atul Gawande

Ok, so I am admittedly running a bit behind on my blogs. I’ve been battling a cold, and am finally past the feverish, body aches bit and on to the runny nose phase… Anyhow, I’m finally feeling well enough to sit down with my computer and continue my writing! 453 more words


Fatal Illness Contracted From Bagpipes


Musicians who play wind instruments are at risk for a potentially fatal inflammatory lung condition that is being called “bagpipe lung,” researchers suggested.

Writing in the journal… 148 more words

Researchers report new Zika complication

If zika didn’t seem scary enough in the media, there is new data showing that there could be a new neurological complication of infection with the Zika virus. 487 more words


August 27, 1914: Providence, Rhode Island Water Supply

August 27, 1914: Municipal Journal article. Experts Chosen for Providence Water Supply. “Providence, R.I.-Prof. William P. Mason, head of the department of chemistry at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, and X. 199 more words


Ruth Sidel, appreciated

I just learned that sociologist Ruth Sidel has died. These are a few scattered notes on the influence of some of her work. I always wanted to meet her but never did. 840 more words

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