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Public Health in the News - May 24, 2015


Public Health News

Over 600 persons signed petition against leslie ramsammy speaking at #harvard

 See it here

Dear Deans Frenk, Hunter, and all others,
Having not gotten even the courtesy of an acknowledgement of my previous email to you, dated May 18, 2015, I nonetheless wish to attach here, for your review, a file of over 650 Guyanese signatories to a petition asking that the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health sever all ties with Mr. 264 more words


Referring back to public health,

A mob of bikers are riding on the streets to create awareness to promote a healthy lifestyle and enforce a need for bike lanes.

On a side note, check out the street art in San Jóse in the background of this picture. Bonito.

May 24, 1911: Common Cup Banned

May 24, 1911: Municipal Journal articles.

Drinking Cup Outlawed. “Chicago, Ill.-Chicago physicians are united in praising the action of the Council in outlawing the common drinking cup. 193 more words


In Ireland we are all born equal; but some it seems in 2015, have become more equal than others.

Something quite profound occurred in Ireland on Friday 22nd May 2015.

Our population was given the opportunity of going to the polls in a national Referendum which sought the approval of the electorate for a change in the law which would  permit same-sex marriage; thus ensuring, if passed, that all of our citizens, irrespective of sexual orientation, would be granted equality under Irish laws, pertaining to marriage. 984 more words


Micky's Big Gay Liberal Agenda

The following is a work in progress. Additional points are welcome, as well as suggestions for organization.

Because familial boundaries, values, demands and function are rapidly shifting in our culture, I dare put forth, 830 more words


Cluj-Napoca, Romania ... Nine years on.

I have lifted my pen – or rather opened up my laptop – with the intent of blogging more times than I can say, but have stopped; or rather, stalled. 1,256 more words