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A visit to the local witchdoctor: treating snakebites in Kwale, Kenya

Humans have had to deal with the threat of snakebites as long as humans have existed. While deaths from snakebites are rare, the outcomes are so severe and the nature of the animal so mysterious, that humans have developed all sorts of ways of dealing with them. 981 more words


'Gun Accidents KILL a Child EVERY OTHER DAY'

I capitalized a few words in the title.  What a profound and sad fact culled from a USA Today article from October 14, 2016 (a link to the original article appears below).  224 more words


Pigs at Fairs Gave More than a Dozen Children Swine Flu, CDC Says

Pigs are to blame for more than a dozen children falling ill with a new type of swine flu earlier this year, federal health officials said Thursday. 77 more words

Biography of a Hospital

Book review: Bellevue, by David Oshinsky

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist David Oshinsky writes a comprehensive, readable history of New York City’s legendary public hospital, which along the way becomes a slice of social history of the city itself and an outline of the development of American medical practices as well. 605 more words

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Patient Zero: Scientific Research Vindicates Man Wrongly Blamed for AIDS Epidemic

Scientific sleuthing proves that a gay airline employee had been unjustly demonized for bringing AIDS to the United States.

A labeling error and reckless media hype in the 1980s led to unjustly branding a gay airline employee as “Patient Zero” in the US AIDS epidemic, scientific and historical sleuthing detailed Wednesday. 615 more words

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Dirty Hands Can Be Scary!!!

Sometimes the scariest monsters are the ones you can’t see! Disease causing microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, may be lurking on your hands or the hands of others, but all you need is twenty seconds worth soap, water, and friction to stop these microscopic monsters in their tracks! 75 more words

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