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Warwickshire's #DomesticAbuse Support Service is #Recruiting - Advocate Educators (IRIS Scheme x2)

Warwickshire’s Domestic Abuse Support Service are recruiting for 2 Advocate Educators to deliver the new IRIS Scheme in Warwickshire as not all posts were filled during the previous recruitment round. 246 more words


In the press: Adoption chiefs' U-turn over ban on placing young children with parents who use e-cigarettes

Adoption chiefs have ended a ban on young children being placed with e-cigarette users after The Mail on Sunday highlighted the ‘misguided’ policy. Last week, this newspaper told how a professional, middle-aged couple had been barred from adopting after a social worker spotted the would-be father ‘smoking’ an e-cigarette.  61 more words

The Dawn of a New Epidemic: Ebola and Global Disparities In Healthcare

By: Tiago Palmisano Edited By: Aishwarya Raja

The second-most popular topic on Facebook in 2014, according to the company’s “Year in Review”, was the Ebola epidemic. 779 more words

Tiago Palmisano

Public Health in the News - March 1, 2015


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A Timeline Example With The GMLA On The Conformed Head Turns Useless. Conformed Heads Do Not Achieve. You Must Have The Ask GMLA Feature For This One.

My Whistle-blowing fiasco started with an event only the ASK GMLA  feature will disclose. That happen at the end of June 2004. My case today is still not resolved more then 10 years later. 488 more words

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Five Pawns Sets New Standard for Vapor Liquid Manufacturing

Hear the Five Pawns executive team discuss their manufacturing process to ensure the utmost in quality for every bottle of Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid.

March 1, 1993: Milwaukee Crypto Outbreak; 1930: Death of Clemens Herschel

March 1, 1993: Outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in Milwaukee, WI. From this date until April 28 is generally regarded as the duration of the outbreak of the disease. 831 more words