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Communities of Opportunity

Research in Chicago has shown that incentives to not have a significant impact in allowing low income households with vouchers to move to non traditional neighborhoods. 736 more words

Affordable Housing

A sociologist goes to the Urban History Association meetings, Part Two

I posted several observations yesterday from my time at the Urban History Association meetings. I turn today to the three most interesting ideas or debates I heard when attending sessions and panels: 493 more words


Are PAPpies and cybernuts related?/ Andrew Loh's bill dissected

Maybe the u/m from FT will explain why Queen Jos and Andrew Loh sound so alike in their whackiness? The former appears to believe that sex is meant for procreation only and the other seems to swallow, hook ‘line and sinker the PAP spin that public healthcare is cheap*. 406 more words

National Housing Conference

The National Housing Conference is hosting a seminar on combining housing, education, and healthcare. Here are the details:


How Housing Matters 2016 Conference | Where Sectors Meet – Change Happens | December 13, 2016 | Reagan Center | Washington, DC… 205 more words

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Levy might increase, 99-year lease shorten for future HDB flats in city

To mitigate any windfall effect from the resale profits, the Government will look at potentially selling future public housing within the city under a different model, be it implementing a longer MOP from the current five years, or a shortened lease from the 99 years now. 53 more words


Buyer's Remorse

Part of getting old is looking back on your career. I am proud of my accomplishments but still unsatisfied. Deep down in my heart I am discouraged that for all the billions of dollars we have spent on affordable housing, it seems to me we rarely have transformed anyone’s life or significantly improved communities. 31 more words

Affordable Housing

Updating the last few years of (private sector) history of Chicago's public housing

By now, a number of scholars have effectively explained the problematic history of Chicago’s public housing. But, as this new piece from Curbed Chicago suggests, the most recent years have involved a lot of change. 406 more words