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An Open Reply to "Crossing the Imaginary Line" - Initial Thoughts

My professional friend, David Sedlak has recently published an editorial on “Crossing the Imaginary Line” in Environmental Science & Technology – a highly reputed journal of which he is editor in chief.   823 more words


The Rebirth of the Public Intellectual

It’s 2002, jurist and economist, Richard Posner has published a study of what he claims to be the decline of the public intellectual.

The public intellectual, as Posner sees him, is a specialist steeped in discontent. 2,124 more words

Public Intellectual

Bertrand Russell: in our time

Bertrand Russell: in our time (2012)

Bertrand Russell was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, and writer.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License 12 more words

Social Media Lessons for Aspiring Public Intellectuals

I attended several fascinating panels at the 2016 OAH Annual Meeting here in Providence this past weekend (check out #OAH2016 on Twitter), and also learned some very helpful lessons from “Navigating Social Media and Traditional Media,” organized and chaired by seasoned publicist… 1,102 more words


Beyond public intellectualism: moving from 'matters of fact' to 'matters of concern' in research

Last week I posted on being a public intellectual, or someone who engages with communities and society outside of academia, communicating research directly and also being influenced by communities in choosing research topics. 1,018 more words


A guide: 20,000 talking education #AERA2016

20,000 people are talking education this weekend in Washington D.C. If you are interested in student success, attending the AERA conference each year is a MUST. 1,335 more words


Being a Public Intellectual

Today I was interviewed by a PhD scholar  researching ‘public’ geographers and public intellectuals more generally. I’m not sure if I was being researched as an actual public geographer, or as a group of people with views about public geography, but it did get me thinking about what we do and who we are aiming to talk to. 1,219 more words