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Cyber Pamphleteer: Imagined Stations, A Poem

They insert their hands in my mouth,

these passerby pedestrians in the in-between

electric places that simultaneously

exist but do not exist,

(much like a deceased living cat in a physics experiment), 737 more words

Cyber Pamphleteer: Imagined Stations

Welcome to my world (or, "words are hard")

Words are hard.

Words are hard for everyone at some point in time, but they’re especially difficult when you’re someone whose professional life (and, more often than not, personal life) is lived on the page – print or digitized versions need apply. 1,729 more words


Benjamin Barber, a Brilliant Thinker Who Saw the Future | The Nation

***Rest In Peace: Benjamin Barber, A Giant Has Fallen***

The Cities of the World Were In Your Heart!

Benjamin Barber was a giant among the few public intellectuals among us, alas a breed whose ranks are all too thin. 63 more words

Triumph Of The Thought Leader … And The Eclipse Of The Public Intellectual

Both Public Intellectuals and Thought Leaders engage in acts of intellectual creation, but their style and purpose are different. To adopt the language of Isaiah Berlin, Public Intellectuals are foxes who know many things, while Thought Leaders are hedgehogs who know one big thing. 47 more words


The Public Intellectual: Susan Jacoby

What is a Public Intellectual?

That pestering, provocative, biggest critic of every political, social, and cultural issue or individual who some cannot stand because their free conscience inevitably leads them to logically question and reason with public discourses are some descriptions of a Public Intellectual. 1,888 more words


Jon Stewart: The Modern Public Intellectual. No Kidding.

The term public intellectual has a rather antiquated sound to it, conjuring up images of a bygone era, where men sat around parlors wearing vests, smoking pipes and sipping beverages out of tiny cups whilst waxing philosophically and debating the politics of the day. 1,405 more words

The Intellectual Coach: Kerr, Popovich, and the Culture of Coaching

By Andrew McGregor

Editor’s Note: The bulk of this post first appeared at the Society for U.S. Intellectual History (S-USIH) Blog on January 25th. It has undergone slight revision and is being cross-posted here with permission. 2,824 more words

Andrew McGregor