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Ignorance and bigotry are father and son

A friend recently sent me the attached article because he figured I would have something to say. He was right. I can usually let this kind of ignorance slide but this one really irritated me 😤. 209 more words


(re)framing "public engagement"

This is from something I wrote a long time ago, but it still seems to have relevance. My writing ‘voice’ betrays its origin in a formal academic publication. 759 more words

Pat Thomson

Voltaire on being a public intellectual

I’ve been obsessing about Voltaire recently. I’m interested in the public sphere as a space within which rational progress happens, and I think Voltaire had some interesting insights into the idea of a public discourse before we’d even defined what we mean properly by this term. 274 more words

Food For Thought

a W88 (475 kt) thermonuclear warhead is a tool

The second definition for tool in the OED is “A weapon of war.”
An issue this complex is never just one thing. However, we might lay significant blame at the feet of “education.” Education, as an institution, is, like every institution in society, designed to reproduce society (within narrow ideological constraints). 209 more words


Give me Certainty or Give me Depth

Tell it to me straight, doc. I can take it.

I can tell you that there is no reason to believe in God. That God provides no explanation that cannot be otherwise explained with evidence.

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On Gun Nuts & God Botherers

Something’s happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there telling me I’ve got to beware.

– B.S.

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What Did C.S. Lewis do on his Birthdays? An Eleventy-Sixth Birthday Inquiry that Failed

On the occasion of his eleventy-seventh birthday, I thought I would replay a post I did on a previous birthday. Partly, it’s a way to capture this great thinker and writer on his birthday. 1,320 more words

C.S. Lewis