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Am I a Public Intellectual?

What does it mean to be a public intellectual?  Well if an intellectual is someone who engages in critical study, thought, and reflection about society, then I am definitely one of those.   699 more words

Middle Years

Who Shall I Educate?

I think that I have always seen myself as an intelligent person, and an eager learner. From a young age I was an “over-achiever” and someone who always went above and beyond the scope of any school assignment, not for the extra marks, but because I was truly interested in learning more about whatever I was tasked to research or report on. 811 more words


Girl Crushes in the Dreaded 30s

As I walked into my freshman writing class, a group of young women in the class were having an engaged conversation about their fears of turning 30. 820 more words

Could museums in India be Public Intellectuals?

I read an excerpt from ‘The Public Intellectual in India’ by Romila Thapar et al, Aleph Book Company via Scroll.in and was immediately struck by how much it resonates with concerns regarding the current state and future of museums and museum education in India . 709 more words

Museum Studies

A Public Intellectual Profile: Daniel Dennett

As I consciously walk down corridors of the public intellectual sphere for the first time, rather than trying to make sense of how the term is defined, I allow those at the forefront of the ‘public intellectual’ community to give their perspectives on what it means to hold such a title.  3,061 more words

Public Square

Public Intellectual Profile

“Public intellectual” isn’t a phrase that is commonly tossed around in 2015. Perhaps, during the time when Greek philosophers spent hours of their time seated in a round circle discussing the meaning of anything and everything, it was. 2,461 more words