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Public Intellectuals? Intelligentsia? Hmmm...

Excerpt from Academia in Support of the Public Intellectual: Advancing Human Freedom and Knowledge

In his essay “The American Scholar,” Emerson noted that a public intellectual is one who is enriched by the past yet not bound by books. 169 more words


Using Twitter to engage in public scholarship

Are you trying to learn more about what it means to engage in public scholarship? Whether you are thinking of engaging as an individual, an institution, or an organization, you might find inspiration on Twitter. 356 more words


For Hire: In-House Media Theorist

It began as a somewhat offhand comment when considering my qualifications to work at a tech company but upon reflection, the idea of an in-house media theorist seems like a pretty sound idea. 197 more words


Concerning the drift: the separation of evangelicalism

At what point does American evangelicalism become recognized as a wholly separate religion, as different from early Christianity (even post-Nicean Roman Christianity) as early Christianity was from Second Temple Judaism? 362 more words


Powering Down: towards equalization

Knowledge only becomes power in the absence of power.

Power, as exercised through force be it violence, coercion, ideology, money, or influence, is not an exercise in ignorance, is not without knowledge. 643 more words


a brief thought on ethics and the inanimate/unhuman

My thoughts on justice revolve around juxtaposition: rights as justified by force vs. responsibilities demanded by ethics.

Rights are not innate or inherent. Whether basic rights, expanded rights, universal rights, they must all be backed by and maintained through force. 335 more words


On not being special: privilege, flags, religion

You are not special.


My thought is a wide ranging mélange of conflicting, contradictory, dissonant ideas juxtaposed to bring out the beauty of noise. There are reasons I study what I do in the ways I do it. 935 more words