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Camille Paglia on patriarchy

Camille Anna Paglia (born April 2, 1947) is an American academic and social critic. Paglia has been a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1984. 73 more words


On the Role of the Public Intellectual in Guiding Away from Populism

Allow me to expand upon the subject of Mr William Kristol, whom I mentioned last week. There’s an interesting discussion to be had in defining the role of the public intellectual in modernity. 1,541 more words


Noam Chomsky: The Dissenting Rebel & Public Intellectual

Public intellectual is a combination of two words; while the word, ‘public’ means ‘of or concerning to people or done in open’ while the word ‘intellectual’ refers to the degree of a person’s ability to understand ideas and information. 2,012 more words


Creative Careers: Public Intellectual

Public intellectual. A what? How many people have ever heard of one? My guess is probably not many.  A public intellectual (PI) is an expert of sorts.  679 more words


Will Malcolm Gladwell Be Part of the Popular Front? - Episode 13

Malcolm Gladwell sells books with capitalist gusto, but how would he fare as part of a socialist political bloc? Sean and Paul consider whether, if the Popular Front were revived, Gladwell would be a comrade (along with co-belligerent Matthew Yglesias). 21 more words


On the Necessity of Highbrowism

THE FIRST TIME I meet Adam Gopnik, he is reading aloud from Swann’s Way at 192 Books, a bookstore in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. He is there as part of a night-to-morning marathon reading, celebrating the… 2,391 more words