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Intersectionality...What the heck is that?

When I first heard the word “intersectionality,” I kept getting it confused with intersectoral. I’ve come to realize, they are very different; however, both are very important to what I do and who I am. 160 more words


"Derridean Area Spooks Anonymous?" Intrusive China Scholars and Ibn Warraq's Alleged "Saidians"

A fascinating article by Pattberg has lead me to an interesting train of thought:

I used to be more open to the critical term Pattberg uses, “social justice warrior,” although I’m not keen on it now, as it is not always so easy to determine who might count as one, or what criteria one might use. 1,568 more words


Talk by Bill Gates about Feedback

Interesting video about how teachers can receive feedback from videos of their own teaching. However, it’s interesting to see how just doing this isn’t enough. Teachers need to ask the right questions about their own teaching to get real feedback.

Whence the public intellectual?

O dusky days of yore

when homines were men

and reading public

meant eloquating muse-bedeviled peers!

Why can I not subsist on essayists alone,

as once I did… 13 more words

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Public Intellectual

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: a scholar, author, leader, activist, and public intellectual. Adichie is a groundbreaking novelist who has a lot to say beyond her accredited past. 1,849 more words

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