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The Feds and Your Money

Too often we hear about how our federal government is spending money foolishly — i.e., our tax dollars!  The average American hasn’t the inclination to dream up such crazy ways of spending… 111 more words


New Test for High School Students -- Rewrite of History

The dumbing down of America is real!!  The progressives in this country have made sure of it by instituting numerous programs to insure our kids are dumber than a rock.  161 more words


Human Freedom Index

America has always been known as “the home of the brave and the land of the free“.  But it doesn’t seem that way any longer..?  190 more words


10 facts about religion in America

Anyone who watches the news on TV or reads a newspaper knows that Christians today are being persecuted daily.  It should be clear that Christianity is one target of the evil in this world that requires it to be stamped out — by… 28 more words

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Last Phase of The New World Order?

The article (link) below is worth reading.  If you think that all the things happening today are just coincidences, think again.  There isn’t just one person… 108 more words


Excuse me, your ideology is showing

When conservative politicians run out of meaningful things to say about Alberta’s NDP government they whip out the “ideology” card and last week’s debate featuring candidates vying for the seat left vacant by Jim “all-or-nothing” Prentice was no exception. 747 more words

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Middle class may need housing subsidies if property sector not reformed, say researchers

Middle-class Malaysians may end up needing government subsidies for housing if current property prices continue to increase, a report by the Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) said, calling for immediate intervention by all stakeholders to transform the housing sector in Malaysia. 631 more words

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