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Public Key Cryptography for 3 Year Olds (Part 1 of 3)

Or: The Knight of Esprenevestos and the Magic Keys

Once there two countries, Esprenevestos and Ios, which were separated by a great ocean.

In this ocean there were small hollowed-out logs adrift, called packets, with lids on them that floated back and forth from one land to the other with the tide. 730 more words


Of sharks and other fish: a talk about (in)security of Block Ciphers

For the last installment of this week for The Information Age I decided to post a last talk and paper featured at CCS 2016 – the 23rd ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (Hofburg Palace Vienna, Austria / October 24-28, 2016). 1,577 more words

Computer Science

Information security is a hard economic issue

Ross Anderson is reputed information security and cryptanalysis expert. He is the author of today’s paper review, with an interesting paper that was written in 2001, and as it is mentioned in a postscript right at around the time of the attack to the twin towers in New York, at the 11th September of that year. 1,877 more words

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List of "Plain Text Offenders"; hopefully someone publishes a list of https offenders too

This Plain Text Offenders site lists email screenshots of organisations sending back plain-text passwords they kept on file (According to Robert Love, Idera/Embarcadero should be on the list as well). 632 more words


Using GPG for Public-Key Cryptography

Wikipedia has an accessible introduction of the subject. The GNU Privacy Manual is a good resource for detailed documentation.

Export Public Keys

To allow us to encrypt files with the public key of our correspondent, we first need to have access to their public key. 286 more words

Best Practices

Creating a GPG Keypair for Public-Key Encryption

GPG may be used to encrypt data and protect it from prying eyes. To use the public-key encryption method, we first need to generate a private-public keypair. 1,194 more words

Best Practices

Blog Post Shout Out: Securing Internet of Things and WiFi

With Internet of Things (IoT) devices becoming part of everyday life properly implementing public key encryption (defined) within them is a critical step that should not be overlooked. 128 more words

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