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D-Link Leaks Key - Daily Security Byte EP.146

A curious netizen found more than he expected while checking out his D-link webcam’s firmware. Learn how D-link accidentally leaked some sensitive digital keys, and what that means to the world at large. 40 more words

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NSA; Prepare for the coming Crypto Apocolypse...

From arstechnica;
“The National Security Agency is advising US agencies and businesses to prepare for a time in the not-too-distant future when the cryptography protecting virtually all e-mail, medical and financial records, and online transactions is rendered obsolete by quantum computing. 153 more words

A case study on SSL/TLS

I decided to write this post after a project I participated in, which required a web service to connect to a remote machine over SSL. Although I had already encountered the term “SSL” a lot of times, I soon realized that I had never fully understood how it really works and how it could be implemented in Java, so I started collecting information from the internet to make things clear. 2,936 more words

Public-key Cryptography

Time to upgrade: SHAAAAAAAAAAAAA | Check your site for weak SHA-1 certificates.

They days of SHA-1 are quickly coming to an end. Chrome has already marked SHA-1 signed TLS/SSL certificates for having an expiration > 2015-12-31 as insecure… 129 more words

Power User

Encrypting OS X and iOS email with public keys

”In recent weeks, I’ve written about protecting data stored locally on a hard drive, against both people with physical access and potential remote attacks,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. 173 more words


A simple method of key verification for multi-device key exchange

There are tons of devices around with practically no user faced interface at all, which need to communicate securely with other devices. This includes devices such as a wireless thermometer communicating with a HVAC unit or a wireless lock on your door communicating with your phone when you tell it what keys to accept. 1,213 more words

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Question about public key cryptography with chemlambda

In this post Alice and Bob will communicate through #chemlambda computations.

Alice and Bob have each a mol file: Alice has A.mol and Bob has B.mol. 535 more words