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Ciphering and Deschipering using RSA

Nowadays, along with technology development, new security necessities have arrived. For instance 30 years ago, common bank transactions, such as deposits in your personal account, required your presence in the bank and there were actual interactions between you and the clerk. 603 more words

Prime Integer Factorization

ransomware again, really?

Malware logo Crystal 128. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some days ago a friend of mine reported me that his company has been affected by a ransomware… 1,878 more words

AI Tech Update

D-Link Leaks Key - Daily Security Byte EP.146

A curious netizen found more than he expected while checking out his D-link webcam’s firmware. Learn how D-link accidentally leaked some sensitive digital keys, and what that means to the world at large. 40 more words

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NSA; Prepare for the coming Crypto Apocolypse...

From arstechnica;
“The National Security Agency is advising US agencies and businesses to prepare for a time in the not-too-distant future when the cryptography protecting virtually all e-mail, medical and financial records, and online transactions is rendered obsolete by quantum computing. 153 more words

A case study on SSL/TLS

I decided to write this post after a project I participated in, which required a web service to connect to a remote machine over SSL. Although I had already encountered the term “SSL” a lot of times, I soon realized that I had never fully understood how it really works and how it could be implemented in Java, so I started collecting information from the internet to make things clear. 2,936 more words

Public-key Cryptography

Time to upgrade: SHAAAAAAAAAAAAA | Check your site for weak SHA-1 certificates.

They days of SHA-1 are quickly coming to an end. Chrome has already marked SHA-1 signed TLS/SSL certificates for having an expiration > 2015-12-31 as insecure… 129 more words

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