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Entry 14

Today was a tripleheader of Equity, Public and Land Law. However, more important than all three, Tottenham played Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, so as an avid Spurs fan that has eaten up into my time to write this blog post. 479 more words


Trade and Protectionism

There were some thought-provoking posts from Pierre Lemieux, a Canadian economist from Universite du Quebec en Outaouais. I took some ideas from his writes international trade and protectionism. 260 more words


Entry 10

Today I had my first tutorial in Tort law. As I have already noted about my lecture, there is a massive focus on the number of cases I need to know. 501 more words


Entry 9

Criminal Law was back on the agenda today, and it tied in Tort Law quite well as the main topic of the lecture was omission and commission regarding the duty of care. 375 more words


Entry 6

Today marked the beginning of tutorials for me. Today’s class was in Equity, like the lecture, it was more of an introductory class, and thus we didn’t actually discuss anything of importance or of much interest. 580 more words


Entick v Carrington (1765) 19 St. Tr. 1029

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Case detail (full title)
  • Entick v Carrington (1765) 19 Howell’s State Trial 1029
  • Court: Westminster Hall
  • Judge: Lord Camden, Lord Chief Justice…
  • 338 more words
Judicial Review

Entry 4

It started off with the public law a lecture where we had an excellent introduction into constitutions and what the purpose of constitutions are for regarding a democratic society. 588 more words