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Packing & Cracking ~~ a repost and reminder


Time for the DOJ to deal with this nonsense! old outdated complicit relationships that need to change

It is time to take Republicans onto the floor of Congress and wipe up the floor with their ideologies. 1,258 more words

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30 Australian law blogs to follow

Law blogs are a useful way to access high quality legal analysis, supplementing more established scholarly resources; in this list you will find blogs that regularly post case summaries, news and legal analysis. 954 more words


Was the Reyaad Khan drone attack lawful? The jury's not yet in

So who are they, the urbane, sophisticated sharp-suited types with a licence to kill, drafted in to the front line in the battle against Islamic terror? 1,443 more words


Eviction without court order: irrational answer to the wrong question

First they came for the squatters. Then they came for the illegal immigrants. Soon they will come for everyone in rented accommodation. The Government’s apparent intention in the forthcoming Immigration Bill to allow landlords (in England) to throw illegal immigrants out without a court order matters less in practical legal terms (arguably it doesn’t make that much practical difference) than in terms of incursions into the principle that courts should oversee the relationships between landlord and tenant because of their inherent inequality.  1,058 more words


Significant changes to merits tests from Monday

On the last day that Parliament sat before the summer recess, the Lord Chancellor laid a set of regulations making significant changes to the merits tests for civil legal aid. 534 more words


(Medical Law and Ethics) Handout 1.4 Public Law and the American Court System

I apologize for the delay everyone.  It’s been a little hectic for the past few weeks, but now that things have settled down a bit, I can return to my routine of transferring my notes and handouts.  3,237 more words