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Ruth – Information Librarian

Welcome back to 23 Librarians! Ruth Gould, Information Librarian with Aberdeen City Libraries, is the blog’s 50th participant.

I’ll level with you: I never intended to become a librarian. 1,133 more words

Public Libraries

What Should Be on Every Public Library’s Desktop

Visitors to public libraries often doodle on computers, though library computers could serve a number of constructive purposes. Those purposes should be magnified via placement of shortcuts to important websites on library computer desktops. 199 more words

Public Libraries

Borrowing e-books from the library

Most public libraries offer a free e-book borrowing service. It’s available to everyone of course, but this service can be especially valuable to seniors  who are home bound and those with visual handicaps. 254 more words

Public Libraries

The Literary Drover No. 194

And more than a few of them offer my books. Support your public library:




A yon Polish lad yearning for a beter life decides to immigrate to American When he arrives in New York City he realizes how much he sticks out in public how lost he is So he begins to study English He enrolls in a  night class in basic English He tries reading the newspapers listening to the news casts to the Sunday talk shows He goes to the public library to study words from the dictionary every day At last he feels confident he can fit easily into American society But now he needs new clothes new American clothes He can’t get anywhere wearing his immigrant rags So he goes into a nearby store  “Yes sir ‘says the clerk   “May I be of assistance ” “Why yes” replies the young Polish lad in perfect English “I am in need of some new clothes ” “I see” remarks the clerk crisply “I would likes a nice white oxford shirt with a button down collar  A well tailored light grey suit a matching silk tie a nice par of loafers some socks and some underwear would be good too “Tell me something” interrupts the clerk” You’re not from here are you You are a Polish immigrant aren’t you ” In shock the young lad says “Yes Yes I am but how did you know I have studied so hard to learn English to fit into America ” This sir” replies the clerk ” Is a hardware store “

Hardware Stores.new Clothes

Dynamic DuBois

Driving home from New England in November we stayed in a pleasant hamlet, bigger than expected considering it’s in the “Pennsylvania Wilds.”

The lower doors to  946 more words

Eclipse 2017 Resources for Public Libraries

Have any plans to celebrate the eclipse in your community? Here are some resources that might be helpful!

  • Though here in Texas we will only see a partial eclipse, …
249 more words

Public Libraries