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#92: Fresh Air and Homegrown Produce

“Growing up in NYC, I was accustomed to the hectic pace that comes with big-city living. I came to Rochester for college (which was my first time here) and instantly fell in love. 132 more words

Reasons We Love Rochester

Sleepless in Seattle

Have you seen the movie? No? Oh good, neither have I! For those of you who have seen it, I’m sorry to break your romantic heart, but Cupid won’t be casting his arrow in this blog. 1,241 more words

Travel Destinations

Pike Place Market - Part 1

The first place I visited on my road trip from Seattle to San Francisco was Pike Place Market, the most popular tourist destination located in the heart of Seattle overlooking Elliott Bay waterfront. 147 more words


Hey Seattle!

Thanks for having some awesome weather for our off day!


Seattle and The Forests

Sunday Morning Magazine


So it appears our choices for the presidency is a man who it is said, screws a few and a woman who screws everyone. 1,311 more words

Public Market 

This weekend I had the pleasure of exploring the Public Market in Emeryville! I was extremely excited for this because I had no idea that there was one in the bay area! 141 more words


From Houston to Vancouver

要坐6:50am的機, 我們這天4:50am左右便要坐shuttle去機場了. 起機時天還未全光!

又見到這隻Texas 升空牛牛…

5:30的機場, 只有Starbucks是剛開可買早餐(但燈都未開, 應該是staff提早開賣)!

上機了! 由Houston飛去Dallas, 只係1個小時多少少~ 這程機還好. 由Dallas 去Vancouver的那程, 機舊到不得了, 一點entertainment也沒有! 連幾行先share一部的電視仔也沒有!! 2程機亦沒有任何小食! My god… 所以只好瞓了…

中午12時左右, 便到Vancouver. 很多很多人在入境, 但最surprise 是90%是亞洲人臉孔!! 37 more words

遊歷 - 美國