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Cuban-Americans Support U.S.-Cuba Normalization

U.S.-Cubans living in Miami-Dade County in Florida now support U.S.-Cuba normalization.[1]

This was the result of a survey recently conducted by the International University of Florida. 322 more words


Presidential Preference Polls Are Like Reality TV—Fiction

2016-09-19 – As frightening as they are, I pay no attention to recent polls showing Donald Trump catching or passing Hillary Clinton. By the same token, I don’t pay attention when the polls show Hillary up. 455 more words

HGov: Public Opinion Polls

Public opinion can be defined as those opinions held by ordinary citizens that they openly express. Public officials have many ways of assessing public opinion, such as the outcomes of elections, but they have increasingly come to rely on public opinion polls.  143 more words

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Voters divide on issues mostly along party lines

I think the current crisis of American politics is the inability to fit three radically different political movements—for change in our capitalist system (Bernie Sanders), for change in our democratic system (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz) and defenders of the status quo (Hillary Clinton, John Kasich). 481 more words


Republican Opinion.

In late March 2016, 52 percent of Republicans opposed the party trying to prevent Donald Trump from getting the nomination, while 36 percent favored such an effort. 645 more words

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