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The Research Project - Week Seven, Connecticut Connections

Ever wonder about the latest public opinions on a particular topic? Ever wonder what previous generations thought about a particular topic? Ever wonder what happens to all the public opinion research results after they have been published? 306 more words

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Don Macpherson: Pierre Karl Péladeau's honeymoon with Quebec voters may be ending prematurely

It was already clear that as leader of the Parti Québécois, Pierre Karl Péladeau would not be another René Lévesque or Lucien Bouchard. Now he may not even be another André Boisclair. 606 more words


The utilities' war on solar won't work. Because Americans already have decided the outcome.

Last week, we published the tale of two public opinion polls, one from Gallup and one from the Nuclear Energy Institute, that asked the same question but came up with radically different numbers. 1,621 more words

Energy Future

Spiral of Silence

Greg Yudin
April 3, 2015

Let me tell you a story about opinion polls.

The so-called spiral of silence has often been recalled recently in Russia in connection with public opinion polls. 689 more words


What to think about Canadians being told what they think?

Discussion on Bill C-51, Anti-terrorism Act, 2015

On January 29, one day before the Harper government introduced its new anti-terror act in the parliament an article appeared in the Globe and Mail entitled “Canadians support increased security powers, poll suggests.” It is worth asking why such a dramatic headline would be used before the contents of the bill were revealed. 576 more words

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New anti-terrorism act: Irresponsible polling and media coverage

Polling firm Angus-Reid released a story on February 19 which claims overwhelming support among Canadians for the government’s new anti-terror legislation.

It goes so far as to say “Canadians are firmly supportive of Bill C-51” and that “ [n]early half of Canadians say draft law ‘strikes right balance,’” while “fully one-third say it doesn’t go far enough.” It says that “less than one in five (19 per cent) worried that it (the legislation) goes too far, compromising freedom and privacy.” 223 more words

Media, Journalism & Disinformation

"Obama Resurgent: What His Popularity Says about Us," By Bruce Frohnen

After a politically disastrous 2014, President Obama appears to be enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity. Press reports indicate that his approval ratings have gone up, and he certainly seems to have regained confidence and energy. 1,167 more words

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