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Nuclear Energy: Public Opinion and Distance

by Francis Sugita

Opposition to the usage of nuclear power plants continues to grow in Japan despite government officials and private investors pushing to reinstate Japan’s nuclear power plants. 393 more words

Nuclear Power

Hillary Drugged Up on Campaign Trail?

Unnerving Questions on Exiled Candidate’s Health 

No Press Conference in 250 Days!

‘Barry Soetoro’

Why have corporate media suppressed medical observations on Hillary Clinton’s apparent maladies? 86 more words


Using R to Create Ternary Diagrams: An Example Using 2016 Presidential Polling Data

An R Tutorial by D. M. Wiig

In previous tutorials I have discussed the basics of creating a ternary plot using the ggtern package using a simple hypothetical data frame containing five values. 964 more words


Why not vote for Deez Nuts?

Last Thursday the Federal Election Commission instituted new policy cracking down on fake presidential candidates. The statement released by the FEC reads, in part: 471 more words


What Happens to Mass Shooting Sites?

The New Zealand Herald

Sandy Hook, Columbine High School and Pulse nightclub share a shocking history.

On the night of June 12 2016, a gunman shot and killed 49 clubgoers in the Orlando club, injuring many more in massacre. 1,109 more words


Updates on Presidential Election 2016

Here’s the thing: political campaigns are inherently stupid. Not meaningless, just stupid. The candidates lie and their supporters don’t care while their detractors scream foul play. 200 more words


Why Hasn't ISIS Blown Up Rome?

By Dr. Michael Ledeen ~

At lunch the other day, a smart man asked me how come there hadn’t been terrorism in Italy, even though Islamic State keeps promising to attack the Vatican. 745 more words

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