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Robert Mueller's Valentine Writers

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~

A cascade of embarrassing details have poured out over the last few weeks on how special counsel Robert Mueller’s staff is a gang of Democratic partisans with a rooting interest in Hillary Clinton in 2016. 634 more words

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How The Left Became So Intolerant

By Kim Holmes ~

When most people think of intolerance, they imagine a racist taunting a black person. Or they think of the white supremacist who killed a demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia. 1,103 more words

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The Promise and Perils of Cleaning House: Lessons from Italy

In countries beset by endemic corruption, efforts to expose and root out corrupt networks, and to punish the participants, can and should be celebrated. There are, of course, always legitimate concerns about the role that political power struggles may play in anticorruption crackdowns (think China and Saudi Arabia), an issue we’ve discussed on this blog before (see… 1,356 more words


In The Pronoun Wars, Be Thankful for The Founding Fathers

By Jarrett Stepman ~

It is sometimes astounding the kind of foresight the Founding Fathers had in protecting future generations from tyranny.

The current international push to criminalize free speech in the name of various social movements should make us thankful that we have the First Amendment. 734 more words

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Gay Marriage Australia - Will Gay Divorce Happen Sooner?

By Anton Lang ~

Oh, the bitter irony!

It seems that here in Australia, there may be a same sex divorce before any same sex marriages can be formalised. 954 more words

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New Season Of The Crown Blasts ‘Scheming’ ‘Conniving’ ‘Jerk’ JFK

By Scott Whitlock ~

Aging, liberal fans of “Camelot” won’t be happy with the portrayal of John F. Kennedy in the new season of Netflix’s… 396 more words

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