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Alternative Energy Is Likely To See A Big Boost In Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies During Lame-Duck Session

By Nicolas Loris ~

Members of Congress are preparing to be quite active during the lame-duck session. That’s good news for cronies who want to use the political system to secure handouts but bad news for taxpayers and the economy. 629 more words

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Not-too-racist Whites of America: Do you want to be that person?

Everyone is at least a little racist. But hardly any Whites really actively want to hate Blacks and people from other racial-ethnic minority groups. And I bet that includes a lot of people who are thinking of voting for Trump. 243 more words


Are We Fuckin’ or Nah?

Making love? Fucking? Is there a difference? I personally believe that there is, but I wanted to see what others thought.  I decided to asked a bunch of different people (like 40 & I got back 34 responses) to see what they had to say. 1,851 more words


Transparency And Truth In Charlotte

Wednesday evening, and into the wee hours of Thursday morning, I watched the news from Charlotte, mostly on MSNBC, occasionally clicking over to CNN.

A couple of criticisms of the cable TV news coverage come to mind: 431 more words


E and E Legal: New Proof EPA Officials Used Private Email To Talk With Media, Green Group

By Julia A Seymour ~

Energy & Environmental Legal Institute released new documents showing what it called “collusion” between the Environmental Protection Agency, environmentalist groups and even reporters. 595 more words

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Re: Yet another riot.

Charlotte is in a State of Emergency.

Yet again, people are up in arms about another “white cop black man” incident. Yes, I wrote this in Tarzan’s voice. 1,055 more words