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An Attack On Our Democracy

By Daniel Hannan ~

When terrorists struck at the United States in 2001, they targeted the stock exchange, symbol of that country’s merchant success. Today, in the United Kingdom, they targeted Parliament. 626 more words

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State Department Gives Long Overdue Approval To Keystone XL Pipeline

By Nicolas Loris and Katie Tubb ~

If you had a child when TransCanada first submitted its application to build the Keystone XL pipeline, he would be halfway through the first grade by now. 736 more words

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Trump Surveillance: The Deep State Attempts A Head Fake

By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~

Let the diversions and parsing of words begin.

Take note of this British non-denial denial because you will see the same species of obfuscation being regularly produced at the U.S. 717 more words

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Corporate media busy convincing US public that the Deep State does not exist


Caitlin Johnstone in Newslogue:

The Daily Beast, whose corporate owner is co-directed by Chelsea Clinton, has made another contribution to the steadily mounting gaslighting campaign to convince the American public that the deep state is not a thing.

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How do politicians use Twitter? Applying social media principles to politics

As a political science and advertising/PR double major, I am particularly interested in how my two chosen fields of study intersect. So, when I was given the opportunity to choose a research topic for a paper in my Research in Advertising and Public Relations Class (CAP 115), I decided to research how, if at all, the Twitter presence of candidates for political office impacts how the public perceives their personality. 636 more words

CAP 105

The Idiot-in-Chief is Not Having Fun

“Why is Trump so out of sorts? It could be that he’s simply found, in fire-and-brimstone Donald, his latest role. Yet it seems equally likely that Trump has stumbled into an Aesop’s fable of his own making. 151 more words


A wealth of ideas about wealth funds

There are many ways of designing a wealth fund based on revenues from carbon pricing.  Debate about these is necessary, but should not distract from the merits of the broader proposal.  1,168 more words

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