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The Alien and Sedition Acts According to Prudence

After many years, I am now of the opinion that the Alien and Sedition Acts were good and sensible, and moreover are to be preferred to the situation that now obtains: a surveillance state coupled with a professedly liberal want of prejudice and a corresponding support for abstract individual rights. 83 more words


INAUGURAL LECTURE MARCH 2015: "Turning the world upside down and televising the tarpaulin revolution: what might ‘Protest Studies’ look like?”

I delivered my inaugural lecture at UEA on 3rd March. I didn’t have a script but some scribbles and bullet points. The following is thus not quite a transcript but is in effect what I said – with some points added that I simply forgot to make, or where some expansion would assist, and the introductory thanks to my friends and family omitted. 9,884 more words


Turning the world upside down and televising the tarpaulin revolution: what might 'protest studies' look like?

Tomorrow night, Tues 3rd March, I’ll be giving my inaugural professorial lecture at UEA. It is, in broad terms, a whistle stop tour through various disciplines to see what lawyers interested in protest, dissent and political participation can learn from the ideas and theories of others, and in reverse what they might learn from us. 273 more words


Research point: documentary as art - 'Public Order'

Sarah Pickering’s ‘Public Order’ series is one of number of projects she has done around the fake environments that emergency services and armed forces use as training grounds to prepare for real conflicts and disasters. 575 more words

1. The Photograph As Document


Two news items caught my eye over the weekend, both on the same topic but each identifying very different outcomes. The Midlands Express and Star… 1,285 more words

Human Rights Act

Process Matters: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Lethal Force

On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was approached by an officer of the New York Police Department on suspicion of selling single cigarettes without paying any tax. 1,997 more words


The photograph as document - Project 4: Documentary as art - Exercise


Look at some more images from this series on the artist’s website.

• How do Pickering’s images make you feel?

• Is Public Order an effective use of documentary or is it misleading?

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