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The Dog That Barked Rather Quietly: The Role of Law in Social Movement Studies

On Wednesday this week (27th) I gave a talk at a symposium organised by UEA’s School of Politics, Philosophy and Language. The theme of the day was media, activism and politics. 1,551 more words


The Least of the Doorkeepers at MUMA

Amy and Catherine will present a new performance work, The Least of the Doorkeepers (It is Possible but Not at the Moment), as part of the exhibition  258 more words

Amy And Catherine's Work

The American Dream: Detroit’s resuscitation

April 4, 2016

The American Dream: Detroit’s resuscitation

by Shrey Srivastava

If one could epitomise the phrase “could have been” in one simple image, it would indubitably be the image of Detroit. 1,003 more words


Royal Malaysian Police: The Guardians who stole our Freedom and Rights

March 16, 2016

Royal Malaysian Police: The Guardians who stole our Freedom and Rights

by S. Thayaparan


The Failed Custodian

“To paraphrase several sages: Nobody can think and hit someone at the same time.” 1,177 more words


EC, NRM, CEON-U, FDC, should upload Original Signed Results Forms

There are very many unanswered questions on the validity of results that are coming in as read by Electoral Commission (EC). Chairman Dr. Kiggundu. The order in which they are coming in is another issue altogether that some commentators have linked to a psychological preparation of the electorate but that is an argument for another day. 722 more words


C.O.P. Civilian Spies - You Can't Beat Them, So Expose Them

If you are a target victim of Gang Stalking, you will get to know your persecutors. At least one of these low life scum will approach you and try to get to know your weaknesses and how best they might attack you. 228 more words

Gang Stalking

My Thoughts on Being a Subject Victim of COP-Gang Stalking

Thoughts on Being a Subject/Victim of COP or Gang Stalking

Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, individuals are flagged and placed on community notification lists. … 361 more words