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C.O.P. Civilian Spies - You Can't Beat Them, So Expose Them

If you are a target victim of Gang Stalking, you will get to know your persecutors. At least one of these low life scum will approach you and try to get to know your weaknesses and how best they might attack you. 228 more words

Gang Stalking

My Thoughts on Being a Subject Victim of COP-Gang Stalking

Thoughts on Being a Subject/Victim of COP or Gang Stalking

Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, individuals are flagged and placed on community notification lists. … 361 more words

The Real Objective of the MarXPacE Blog

The Real Objective of the MarXPacE Blog
When I became aware of the situation I was embroiled in, in regards to being Gang Stalked by citizen spies, who were, inadvertently, working for the government, and in many ways were as controlled as I, myself, was, I panicked. 1,222 more words

Come celebrate the triumph of public order this Sunday

An important announcement regarding our upcoming parade around Salamanca Place in Hobart, Australia.

We are pleased to be able to announce that public order has triumphed over public space. 263 more words

Amy And Catherine's Work

No More Public Space, Only Public Order at Salamanca Arts Centre and MONA FOMA

Amy and I are currently in Hobart about to present No More Public Space, Only Public Order (Water Cannon) at Salamanca Arts Centre. The work celebrates the triumph of public order over public space with an absurd, mobile sculpture of a water cannon made out of materials, such as safety cones, used to control the movement of people in urban spaces. 156 more words

Amy And Catherine's Work

Exercise - Public Order

Between 2002 and 2005 Sarah Pickering took a series of images of deserted streets and buildings, the final series was titled Public Order (1).  In isolation and without the benefit of any prior knowledge the images seem somewhat intimidating. 520 more words


Exercise: Documentary as Art

In this exercise we are asked to look at Sarah Pickering’s images from the series Public Order.

The series begin with photographs of buildings and structures that appear convincing at first, despite of the fact that there are no people and only some signs of previous riots and disorder. 217 more words