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Malaysian Civil Service: Can they think, raise the right issues, and do things right?

May 20, 2016

Malaysian Civil Service: Can they think, raise the right issues, and do things right?


No one of substance in government is bold enough to raise the right issues as most prefer wallowing in self-consolation hoping things will eventually self-correct. 914 more words


"Special protection" - the Sheriff's flawed hurricane re-entry program (first article in a series of three)

A review of the Pinellas Sheriff’s program for post-hurricane reentry found multiple security weaknesses, including allowing entry of people with arrest warrants while denying entry to most law-abiding Pinellas County residents.   2,588 more words

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"The Normalization Of Trump": The Big, Big Problem With How The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Is Being Covered

By now it should not be surprising that the latest development in the Clinton email “scandal,” a critical report from the State Department inspector general that adds little to what we know, was greeted with shouts from some people and yawns from others. 686 more words


Australia's Impending Election (10)

The Future of Christian Faith in Politics


In the two previous posts, I have republished two editions of NJ from late in 2006. My aim is to alert readers to the shifts that have taken place since then as the movement for “gay marriage” has morphed into “marriage equality”. 2,936 more words

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Australia's Impending Election (8)

In this and the next edition of Nurturing Justice [“Australia’s Impending Election (9)”] we republish what we wrote and published a full decade ago. We do this to explain the kind of argumentation assumed in more recent contributions. 1,504 more words

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Mastering Public Administration

A few decades ago
I learned a Master of Public Health v Pathology Administration
recognizes best opportunities emerge
by co-evolving cooperative mastery of private-public nonduality, 177 more words

Brexit - are there any economists left in favour?

I have just finished reading the OECD’s report on the the economic consequences of Brexit (see http://goo.gl/mezune). It’s a damning piece of work for anyone who believes Brexit won’t damage the economy or who follows the line ‘well, we can just negotiate our own trade deals can’t we?’ Not surprisingly, it chimes in closely with what the head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has said about the difficulties of the UK trying to ‘go it alone’ in seeking new trade agreements (see https://goo.gl/YfW21F). 202 more words