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Some thoughts on the history and future of European public health policy

In plotting the ‘arc of history’ of public health policy and practice at a European level in recent decades one can see an accrual of power, resource and legislative influence for the cause of public health as policy makers accepted that “comparatively few of the major determinants of health can be controlled at the nation state level in the world”.(1) 1,289 more words

The Tragedy of Success

Germany’s Parliament agreed to continue to bailout Greece for the next four months. However, in this process, the socioeconomic tone-deafness of Berlin became, well, deafening. From accusations that Greece is trying to dictate the Eurozone’s future, to calling Greece a “success story,” it’s hard to know where the most noise is coming from when Berlin is deciding the fate of Athens. 498 more words


Early Prison Release

As a result of legislative and court cases, many California prisoners have been released early, and, according to this story in the New York Times… 459 more words

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Phil Davison: A Politician's Lament

A while back, former Minerva Councilman and Deputy Mayor Phil Davison (“America’s Councilman“) wrote the following in a Facebook message.  As he discusses his political prospects, Davison makes a short but profound statement about American politics. 191 more words