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The Vaccine Controversy That Won’t Go Away

(Part 1 of 2)
Yesterday (Monday) the California State Senate passed a bill that would require all school-age children to have received a comprehensive vaccination regimen by the time they begin attending school or day care, whether public or private. 324 more words

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Veteran denied access to transportation

Outrage is spreading over the story of the veteran who was denied access to transportation by a Detroit bus driver. “I have PTSD and he helps me cope with people and situations”, said Tyrone Washington, a decorated ex-marine, pictured here with his beloved therapy dog, “punisher”. 76 more words


The Supreme Court Is Still Conservative and Michigan vs. EPA Showcases How

The Supreme Court undeniably tilted left this term.  It was impossible not to note how the court that ruled that money was speech in 2010, significantly weakened the Obamacare contraception mandate in 2011 and eliminated Section IV of the VRA in 2013 and further weakened campaign finance in 2014 suddenly lurched left (upholding state subsidies and supporting gay marriage).   780 more words


Government urged to invest £5.2bn in preventative health and social care

OPAAL welcomes this new report commissioned by the LGA calling for an increased investment in preventative health and social care.

The government urgently needs to invest £5.2 billion over the next four years to overhaul the health and social care system, according to a report commissioned by the Local Government Association. 316 more words


Mass distraction - the loss of reason in Australian politics

In his introductory note to Common Sense, Thomas Paine made the simple yet imperishable observation that ‘Time takes more converts than Reason.’ Paine, who played an influential role in both the French and American Revolutions, made this remark in the context of an outline and critique of the origins of government and the irreparable flaws of monarchic rule. 556 more words

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A right royal freedom of speech confusion

It was a little over a year ago our esteemed Attorney-General, George Brandis, was defending the right of Australians to be bigots.

People do have a right to be bigots, you know.

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