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What the US needs is more older workers, but a Fed study says employers refuse to hire them

As the US population ages, policymakers are eager to keep seniors in the work force longer. Delaying retirement means more income generating taxpayers, and fewer workers drawing social security. 357 more words

From The Manure Pile Of A Cover-Up

I apologize to my readers for the large number of posts today and probably for the week…..I have 30 drafts in waiting and need to get them cleared out for events will start spiraling soon and I need the space….enjoy. 422 more words


Time Warner Shares Rise As FCC Chief Says He Probably Won't Review AT&T Deal

Time Warner shares jumped late this morning after FCC chairman Ajit Pai said that his agency probably won’t review its $85 billion deal to sell itself to AT&T. 206 more words

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GOP: Yes Irene We Have A Plan!

Repeal and Replace…..repeal and replace……the chants of the Right and of course few have any idea of what they protest…..

But we were promised that as soon as we elected Trump as the leader of the free world then everything would change around Obamacare…after a month of his constant Tweeting we may have an idea of what their dynamite plan will be….. 511 more words


American voters overwhelmingly support school choice

March 1, 2016 by Andrea Dillon

American voters overwhelmingly support school choice programs, including younger voters and minority groups, a new poll has found. 402 more words


The Problem with Diversity in Policy and Academia

Anna-Kay Russell

I recently came across a timely article published in the University of Toronto‚Äôs Bulletin Report. In the lead up to Black History Month, … 1,066 more words

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