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Federal court holds that under Minnesota law, a release signed at a ski area did not violate MN Public Policy

Public policy probably cannot be used to defeat a release used by a ski area, because a ski area does not provide a necessity to the public. 1,515 more words

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Populisme dan Nasionalisme sebagai Kedok Pemburuan Rente

Sentimen populisme dan nasionalisme yang melanda dunia juga menerpa Indonesia. Bedanya, di Indonesia masih berkutat pada persoalan kepemilikan negara. Kedaulatan ekonomi seolah-olah terampas jika kepemilikan tidak sepenuhnya atau 100 persen di tangan badan usaha milik negara (BUMN). 627 more words

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Criticising SNP policy should not be viewed as treason by Yes supporters

IT’S a terrible time to be a policy nerd. Or a thrilling one, depending on your perspective. In normal circumstances, people’s eyes tend to glaze over when you start talking about things like sample sizes, third-variable problems and the difference between correlation and causation. 964 more words

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"Why do the birds keep on singing?...Don't they know it's the end of the world"

While the focus in DC these days is on health care reform (and the failure of Obama Care replacement bill), building walls with Mexico, travel bans on several majority Muslim countries, FBI investigation of Russian hacking/ attempted influence on the US elections, etc.. 1,423 more words

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Mau Tumbuh Lebih Tinggi? Jangan "Grusa-grusu"

Pertumbuhan ekonomi berdasarkan pendekatan pengeluaran dipengaruhi oleh konsumsi masyarakat, belanja pemerintah, pembentukan modal tetap bruto, serta ekspor dan impor. Porsi terbesar dari produk domestik bruto (PDB) Indonesia adalah konsumsi masyarakat. 525 more words

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Foucault and Identity Politics: Strange Bedfellows

You don’t have to look far to find critiques regarding recent trends in ‘identity politics’. Whether it is resisting calls to sanitise curriculums, questioning… 916 more words


STOP SAYING THAT! "Increased regulation hinders economic growth."

At best this is a half-truth. For example, consider a new regulation on industrial air pollution. This would certainly add a fi´╗┐nancial burden to industries that produce air pollution, e.g., factories, refineries, etc. 82 more words