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I'm not sure environmentalists understand what the word "consumption" means to economists.

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Several times now I’ve heard environmentalists repeat variants of this line: “Capitalist economies depend on consumption; therefore capitalism is incompatible with environmental sustainability.” 1,185 more words

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A Pro-Environment Form Of Apartheid

Jonathan Watts, over at the Guardian, has this news:

Britain and Europe must ban palm oil in biofuel to save forests, EU parliament told

Forest peoples affected by plantations urge EU to enact ban despite diplomatic opposition…

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Growth of Digital Economy – A Challenge for Competition Regulators


Competition policy is a public policy which is aimed at ensuring that competition in the marketplace is not restricted in any manner that is detrimental to the society. 2,425 more words

Competition Commission Of India

How Can Dashcams and Drones be a Part of the Solution to the Problem of Reckless Drivers?


The UAE is a fantastic place if you love to drive, with excellent roads, professional police forces, a competent RTA as well as plenty of things to see. 124 more words

Arming Teachers?

Let’s see one idea floated by the NRA or was it Trump or who the Hell was it?  Is to arm teachers…in other words put guns in classrooms…..what moron thinks this is a good idea? 857 more words


Gun Rights as White Rights

In this essay, I will make the case that gun rights are a way of reasserting (at least) cultural power over non-white peoples.

In his book The Second Amendment: A Biography, Waldman makes the case that whether one is a textualist, an originalist, or a living constitutionalist (all of which are different ways to view the Constitution), the history and precedent are clear: the second amendment is not what the current climate war thinks it is. 1,856 more words