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Cause of Death: Dismemberment

Kansas and Oklahoma made waves these past two weeks by passing dismemberment abortion bans. Naturally, abortion advocates have been very angry about this.

“Immediately, when I heard the title of these bills, I had to take a deep breath and calm down,” Dr.

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What's Wrong with Compassionate Conservatism?

In 2000, candidate George W. Bush campaigned on a domestic agenda of “compassionate conservatism,” which he said would not “balance the budge on the backs of the poor.” This sounds good, doesn’t it? 222 more words


Comcast, TWC Shares Drop After Report That Justice Department Might Nix Merger

Time Warner Cable’s shares are down 5.4% and Comcast is off 2.7% after Bloomberg reported that Justice Department officials are “nearing a recommendation to block” the… 214 more words

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A Conservative Replacement: Fixing the Affordable Care Act

One of the most hotly debated issues in the American political landscape today centers around the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, colloquially referred to as both the ACA and Obamacare. 807 more words

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USCCB Continues Failed Discussion about Criminal Justice Issues

In two recent letters to the US Senate, on sentencing and corrections, Catholic leaders continue promoting ideas which have already proven to be failures—reduced time in prison for drug dealers and more money for traditional rehabilitation programs—to the continued harm of the public who will witness increased crime rates if either or both of these strategies become law. 119 more words

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