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State, Market and Institutions: Changing Roles and Relationships in Economic Development Since 1950

Mohan Kumar reviews the work of leading Development Economists to understand the role of the market and the state and how the evolution of the field of Development Economics has contributed to our understanding of these institutions. 2,459 more words

Politics And Institutions

Unearthing Development Dilemmas of Climate Change

A review of Handbook of Climate Change and India: Development, politics and governance

The Chennai floods placed the Modi delegation at the Paris conference in an uncomfortable position. 777 more words


What would I look like in an orange jumpsuit?

The title is a question that I ask myself when I think about what life would look like if a young 2LT Obenhaus had treated his Secret clearance knowledge of U.S. 427 more words

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The Fall of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the New Decade of Republican Dominance

One observer noted in regard to the New Hampshire Democratic debate on MSNBC: “The debate was revealing, but the questions were even more so; arguments about how to arrange the deck chairs gave way to the realization that the Titanic is sinking… 888 more words

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Hillary and Bernie

I woke up this morning to pundits talking about the debate last night as if it had been a boxing match.  As a friend posted on Facebook that is not what he saw.   834 more words


Great Leaders Erect Their Outfit on Some Elevated Locus

Great Leaders Erect Their Outfit on Some Elevated Locus
Public Lecture – XCV, MMXV
Addressing Leadership and Public Policy impasse in African ‘Developmental States’
Costantinos Berhutesfa Costantinos, PhD… 171 more words

New York City Stopping Broken Windows Policing

Which will bring back the bad old days; liberals never learn from history, as this story from City Journal reports.

An excerpt.

The New York City Council is preparing to pass a package of bills that will radically change the way the city enforces and prosecutes “low-level” offenses, such as public consumption of alcohol, littering, and public urination. 615 more words

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