Jindal's appointment to corporate board member last September appears to be more than mere coincidence

The news release by last September said that former Gov. Bobby Jindal had been appointed to the board of directors of by Wellcare Health Plans, Inc., of Tampa, Florida. 691 more words

Governor's Office

Gov. Brown signs bill that would fine agencies for undue public records request delays

Government agencies could be fined up to $200 if they ignore or improperly delay the release of legally-requested public records under a bill signed by Gov. 72 more words

Oregon Legislature

Cultures of secrecy and transparent archives?

In April 2019, during  a panel discussion at Australia’s Parliament House, Anne Twomey, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Sydney, declared that the National Archives of Australia (NAA) have become ‘ 1,085 more words

Historical Research

Elizabeth Teel Obituary - One of My Favorites

I read a lot of obituaries. So far this one is my all time favorite!

Elizabeth Teel (1814-1833)
5th Great Aunt.

Departed this life, on the 23rd of September in the 19th year of her age, Miss Elizabeth, only daughter of Captain Lewis and Malinda Martin Teel, near Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia. 927 more words


Sunshine vs. secrecy: The battle never ends

It’s spring, and in America’s state capitals legislatures are winding up their business and, too often, bringing out the padlocks.

All 50 states give the public the right to see government records and documents, but many legislatures are weighing changes in their open-records laws. 42 more words

Guest Opinion

Formal Charges for Saline County

The following people were formally charged in Saline County April 19-May 2:
Criminal Felony
Nathan K. Ande on a charge of possession of meth.
Victoria M. 3,401 more words

Public Records

Land Transfers for Franklin, Gallatin, Massac, Saline and Williamson Counties

The following land transfers, either Warranty Deed (WD), Quit Claim Deed
(QCD), Agreement for Deed, Contract, Trustees QCD, Cemetery Deed, Trustees
Min Deed, Judicial Sale Deed or Spec WD, were filed in Franklin County from… 8,475 more words

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